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Works of Mercy (To bury the dead), Vatican Museums.

Olivuccio Ceccarello di Ciccarello (died 1439) was an Italian painter. Little is known of his life, he was a native of Camerino and was active from 1388 until his death. In 2002 works formerly attributed to an obscure painter named Carlo da Camerino were re-attributed to Olivuccio di Ciccarello as it had become clear Carlo da Camerino had never existed.[1]

He worked at Ancona, where he was the most important painter of the gothic painting school.


His works have undergone a remarkable dispersion, and are now exhibited in museums in various countries: in Italy: (Ancona, Macerata Feltria, Urbino, Rome, Bergamo and Milan), in other European countries" (Strasbourg, Cambridge, Stockholm, Zagreb) and in America: (Baltimore, Cleveland, Santiago).

Selected works[edit]

The Madonna of Humility with the Temptation of Eve
  • St. Francis of Assisi, Strasbourg, Musée des Beaux-Arts[2]
  • Beheading of St. John the Baptist, Santiago, from Ancona, Misericordia church.
  • Crucifixion, Zagreb, Grossmayer Gallery, already generally attributed to the "School of Ancona"
  • Coronation of the Virgin, Stockholm, National Museum
  • Nine angels and two saints (first board), Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum
  • Nine angels and two saints (second board), Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum
  • Madonna of Humility, three archangels, twelve apostles, and the temptation of Eve, Cleveland, Cleveland Museum of Art
  • Triptych: Madonna nursing the Child with Saints, Taft Museum, Cincinnati [3]
  • Triptych, Walters Art Museum, Baltimore
  • Madonna and Child
  • St. Peter and St. John the Baptist
  • St. Paul and St. Francis
  • Works of Mercy, (six panels), tempera, (1410–1420), Vatican Museums originally from Ancona, Misericordia church
  • Madonna and Child, (tempera), Civic Museum and Pinacoteca, in Mondavio, Province of Pesaro and Urbino. (1400)
  • Crucifix, Church of St. Michael the Archangel, Macerata Feltria, Province of Pesaro and Urbino. (1396)
  • Dormitio Virginis, (tempera) 113x170 cm, Civic Art Gallery, Ancona. (15th century)
  • Madonna dell'Umiltà e angeli, (tempera) 73x51 cm, Civic Art Gallery, Ancona. (15th century)
  • Circumcision, (tempera), Civic Art Gallery, Ancona. (15th century)
  • Crowned Virgin (fresco fragment), Ancona, Civic Art Gallery
  • Our Lady of Mercy with a holy martyr, (1410–1420), Ancona, Diocesan Museum
  • Blessed Filippo from Todi, Ancona, Diocesan Museum
  • St. Primiano bishop blessing and donors, Ancona, Diocesan Museum
  • Enthroned Madonna nursing the Child, with customer, Ancona, Diocesan Museum
  • St. James of Galicia, Ancona, Diocesan Museum


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