Uniform matroid

In mathematics, a uniform matroid is a matroid in which every permutation of the elements is a symmetry. The uniform matroid U n r is defined over a set of n elements. A subset of the elements is only if it contains at most r elements. A subset is a basis if it has r elements, it is a circuit if it has r + 1 elements; the rank of a subset S is min and the rank of the matroid is r. A matroid of rank r is uniform if and only if all of its circuits have r + 1 elements; the matroid U n 2 is called the n -point line. The dual matroid of the uniform matroid U n r is another uniform matroid U n n − r. A uniform matroid is self-dual if and only if r = n / 2; every minor of a uniform matroid is uniform. Restricting a uniform matroid U n r by one element produces the matroid U n − 1 r and contracting it by one element produces the matroid U n − 1 r − 1; the uniform matroid U n r may be represented as the matroid of affinely independent subsets of n points in general position in r -dimensional Euclidean space, or as the matroid of linearly independent subsets of n vectors in general position in an -dimensional real vector space.

Every uniform matroid may be realized in projective spaces and vector spaces over all sufficiently large finite fields. However, the field must be large enough to include enough independent vectors. For instance, the n -point line U n 2 can be realized only over finite fields of n − 1 or more elements: U 4 2 is not a binary matroid, U 5 2 is not a ternary matroid, etc. For this reason, uniform matroids play an important role in Rota's conjecture concerning the forbidden minor characterization of the matroids that can be realized over finite fields; the problem of finding the minimum-weight basis of a weighted uniform matroid is well-studied in computer science as the selection problem. It may be solved in linear time. Any algorithm that tests whether a given matroid is uniform, given access to the matroid via an independence oracle, must perform an exponential number of oracle queries, therefore cannot take polynomial time. Unless r ∈, a uniform matroid U n r is connected: it is not the direct sum of two smaller matroids.

The direct sum of a family of uniform matroids is called a partition matroid. Every uniform matroid is a transversal matroid and a strict gammoid. Not every uniform matroid is graphic, the uniform matroids provide the smallest example of a non-graphic matroid, U 4 2; the uniform matroid U n 1 is the graphic matroid of an n -edge dipole graph, the dual uniform matroid U n n − 1 is the graphic matroid of its dual graph, the n -edge cycle graph. U n 0 is the graphic matroid of a graph with n self-loops, U n n is the graphic matroid of an n -edge forest. Other than these examples, every uniform matroid U n r with 1 < r < n − 1 contains U 4 2 as a minor and therefore is not graphic. The n -point line provides an example of a Sylvester matroid, a matroid in which every line contains three or more points. K-set

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