South Carolina Highway 329

South Carolina Highway 329 is a primary state highway in the U. S. state of South Carolina. It serves as an eastern bypass to the town of Gaffney. SC 329 is SC 18, located east of Gaffney, it is known as the Victory Trail Road, as it overlaps with the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail. SC 329 was established by 1982 as a new primary route between SC 105 and SC 18; the first SC 329 was established in 1942 as a new primary routing between SC 22 in Glymphville and SC 177. In 1948, it was decommissioned and downgraded to secondary roads S-36-28 and S-40-32. South Carolina Highway 180 was established as a new primary routing between U. S. Route 29 and SC 18 northeast of Gaffney. In 1948, it was decommissioned and downgraded to secondary road S-11-32. Around 1982, most of the former route became part of SC 329; the entire route is in Cherokee County. Media related to South Carolina Highway 329 at Wikimedia Commons Mapmikey's South Carolina Highways Page: SC 320-329

Nuclear C*-algebra

In mathematics, a nuclear C*-algebra is a C*-algebra A such that the injective and projective C*-cross norms on A⊗B are the same for every C*-algebra B. This property was first studied by Takesaki under the name "Property T", not related to Kazhdan's property T. Nuclearity admits the following equivalent characterizations: The identity map, as a positive map factors through matrix algebras. By this equivalence, nuclearity can be considered a noncommutative analogue of the existence of partitions of unity; the enveloping von Neumann algebra is injective. It is amenable as a Banach algebra, it is isomorphic to a C*-subalgebra B of the Cuntz algebra O 2 with the property that there exists a conditional expectation from O 2 to B. This condition is only equivalent to the others for separable C*-algebras. Nuclear space Exact C*-algebra Connes, Alain, "Classification of injective factors.", Annals of Mathematics, Second Series, 104: 73–115, doi:10.2307/1971057, ISSN 0003-486X, JSTOR 1971057, MR 0454659 Effros, Edward G..

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