HMS Goldfinch (1910)

HMS Goldfinch was an Acorn-class destroyer of the Royal Navy, built in 1910. She was wrecked in fog on Start Point, one of the northern Orkney Isles, on the night of 18–19 February 1915, she was broken up for scrap in April 1919. Goldfinch was laid down at Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company's Govan, Glasgow shipyard on 23 February 1910 and was launched on 12 July 1910 and was completed in February 1911. On commissioning, Goldfinch joined the Second Destroyer Flotilla. On the night of 11 March 1911, a fire broke out in the radio room of Goldfinch, destroying the radio equipment. Colledge, J. J.. Ships of the Royal Navy: The Complete Record of all Fighting Ships of the Royal Navy. London: Chatham Publishing. ISBN 978-1-86176-281-8. Dittmar, F. J.. J.. British Warships 1914–1919. Shepperton, UK: Ian Allan. ISBN 0-7110-0380-7. Friedman, Norman. British Destroyers: From Earliest Days to the Second World War. Barnsley, UK: Seaforth Publishing. ISBN 978-1-84832-049-9. "Acorn Class". History of the World's Navies.

Retrieved 28 January 2008. Photo of HMS Goldfinch Bow/forefoot of HMS Goldfinch on Start Point

Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound

Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, known in Japan as Dragon Ball Z: The Galaxy's at the Brink!! The Super Incredible Guy, is a 1993 Japanese animated science fantasy martial arts film and the ninth Dragon Ball Z feature movie, it was released in Japan on July 10 at the Toei Anime Fair, where it was shown alongside Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: N-cha! From Penguin Village with Love and the first Yu Yu Hakusho movie; the antagonist Bojack was designed by series creator Akira Toriyama. The film is the last to feature Kōhei Miyauchi as Master Roshi, who died two years after its release. Bojack is the main villain of the movie, his goal is to destroy all those that stand in his way. According to King Kai, he was sealed by all four Kais in a star, but when Goku teleported the devolved, ready to self-destruct Cell to King Kai's planet, killing him, the seal had broken, allowing Bojack to reap destruction upon the Earth; the movie starts with a big martial arts tournament in which 200 elite fighters will compete, including Yamcha, Piccolo, Future Trunks, Krillin.

The winner will get to face Hercule. Goku is shown in Other World; the first round consists of 8 contests - 25 fighters are put on each fighting "stage", the last one standing on each stage will advance to the semi-finals. Tien, Gohan and Future Trunks are among the 8 who advance; as the advancing fighters' names are announced, Hercule is shown getting nervous, as he is aware of the powers of these fighters. He begins looking for a way to back out of the fighting claiming to have a stomach ache. In the meantime, the semis pit Tien against Future Krillin against Piccolo. Future Trunks and Tien fight evenly before Trunks goes Super Saiyan and defeats Tien. Piccolo is disgusted by the lack of a challenge in this "elite" contest and forfeits against Krillin. Gohan and Future Trunks are among the 4 who advance to the finals, in which each of them will compete against a fighter from elsewhere in the galaxy. However, as the alien fighters are revealed, the fight promoter realizes that these are not the fighters that he had recruited for the contest.

Everyone soon begins to realize that there is something wrong as Future Trunks is challenged by Kogu, Krillin is beaten by Zangya, Gohan confronts Bujin, one of the fighters is killed by Bido. During this time, Hercule is in the rest room, thinking about how he got himself in this mess, but after looking at his belt he realizes that the people need him and, in an uncharacteristically brave mood he goes out and gets slammed into a space pod and sent to the fighting. During his fight against Kogu, Trunks transforms into a Super Saiyan, shatters Kogu's sword, shoves his fist right through Kogu's abdomen, thus killing him; as he turns to leave, he is struck down in one blow by an unknown foe. Far away, Vegeta knows something is wrong. Gohan continues his fight with Bujin until he is led out to where Trunks are. After inspecting his fallen friend, Bojack introduces himself and tells Gohan his plans to rule the universe as his revenge. Yamcha and Tien turn up to fight but are defeated by Bujin and Zangya.

Seeing his friends fallen, Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan and fights Bojack's henchmen while Bojack watches on in amusement. Gohan is beaten down and Bojack powers up an attack to finish him off, although it is deflected by Piccolo, who has come to Gohan's aid. Trunks comes back into action and they both challenge Bojack. After a period of fighting Trunks's sword appears. During this, Trunks thinks that Vegeta would only fight when it meant him surpassing Goku's strength, Trunks realizes that Vegeta has changed. While Vegeta fights Bojack, the rest fight against his surviving henchmen. During his fight against Vegeta, Bojack transforms. Gohan rushes to Piccolo's aid. Bojack challenges Gohan to a fight and beats him thanks to the aid of Bido and Zangya's Untrapped ropes, which drains Gohan's energy away, but Gohan is freed when Hercule's incoming pod distracts them all. Annoyed at this, Bojack powers up an attack and blasts Hercule's pod, causing him to fall to the ground. Trying to save him, Gohan is struck down by Bojack's henchmen.

On Snake Way with King Kai, Goku can't watch any more and, using his Instant Transmission, teleports himself to the fight and punches Bojack before he can finish Gohan off. Surprised, Bojack falls to the ground. After a few words of advice, Goku disappears. Gohan, taking in his father's words, turns to Bojack with fire in his eyes. Gohan gets furious and transforms into Super Saiyan 2, turning the table against Bojack and his crew. Gohan beats Bido and Bujin each in one-hit, breaking them both in half, Zangya is killed when Bojack uses her as a shield from Gohan; the angry young Saiyan slams his fist into Bojack's stomach, blowing a hole in his stomach and out through his back. As a last resort, Bojack powers up Gohan prepares a Super Kamehameha; the energies clash together and in the blinding light Bojack is killed. Gohan, falls backwards laughing as Goku praises him from Other World, King Kai jokes that Goku broke the rules of going back to Earth while dead. After the events, everyone is in hospital watching the news that Hercule is a "true hero" who defeated the alien intruders.