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Walkeshwar Jain Temple, Mumbai
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Spouse Dharanendra

Padmāvatī is the protective goddess or shasan devi of Parshvanatha, twenty-third Jain tirthankara complimenting Parshwa yaksha, the shasan dev.[1] There is another pair of souls of a nag and nagin which was saved by Parshwanath while being burnt alive in a log of wood by the tapas kamath, who became indra(dharnendra in particular)and padmavati (different from sashan devi) after their death.[2] According to the tradition, Padmavati and her husband Dharanendra protected Lord Parshvanatha when he was harassed by Meghmali.[3][4]


A snakes hood covers her head, and she sits on a lotus flower. Often a small image of the Lord Parshvanatha is placed in her crown, she often depicted four armed carrying noose/ japa mala, elephant goad, lotus and a fruit

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