2009 2. divisjon

The 2009 2. Divisjon season was the third highest football league for men in Norway. 26 games were played with 3 points given for wins and 1 for draws. Strømmen, Sandnes Ulf and Ranheim were promoted to the 2010 Norwegian First Division. Number twelve and fourteen were relegated to the 3. Divisjon, except for the two number twelve teams with the most points; the winning teams from each of the 24 groups in the 3. Divisjon each faced a winning team from another group in a playoff match, resulting in 12 playoff winners which were promoted to the 2. Divisjon. 28 goals: Morten Eriksen, Sandnes Ulf 21 goals: Eirik Markegård, FK Tønsberg Trond Haugstad, Strømmen Remond Macougne Mendy, Raufoss Mato Grubisic, Valdres 20 goals: Christian Østli, FK Tønsberg 19 goals: Christopher Joyce, Pors Grenland 18 goals: Øyvind L. Gausdal, Vindbjart Joakim Rudolfsen, Mo 17 goals: Vebjørn Svensson, FF Lillehammer Tables: Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4 Goalscorers

2005 Macanese legislative election

Elections for the Assembleia Legislativa were held in Macau on September 25, 2005. Twelve candidates are elected directly using the highest averages method on party lists with divisors of 1,2,4,8 etc. There are 18 party lists, the highest with a total of 125 candidates the highest ever. 5 of the lists are related to gambling. 10 candidates are elected by the functional constituencies. The seats are distributed like the directly elected seats. There is one list for each category. There are: 4 seats for employers 2 seats for labour 2 seats for special interests and 2 seats for charity, culture and sport7 seats are appointed by the Chief Executive. A candidate was bashed on the head. Police arrested 3 suspects. A reporter was beaten up while investigating a corrupt candidate; the Macao CCAC received 93 complaints. With a typhoon signal no. 3 issued, the turnout for the direct election was a historic 58.39%. 128,830 people voted out of 220,653. The turnout for the functional constituencies was 61.95%. 2704 people voted.

Voting System: Closed party-list proportional representation with the Highest averages method. Members appointed by the Chief Executive Edmund Ho Hau WahLei Pui Lam Sam Chan Io Tsui Wai Kwan "José" Chui Sai Peng Philip Xavier Ieong Tou Hong Lao Pun Lap Official website Official website Official results