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Patrick Bouvier Kennedy

Patrick Bouvier Kennedy was the infant child of United States President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, he was the younger brother of Caroline and John Jr.. Born prematurely, Kennedy lived just over 39 hours before desperate attempts to save him failed, putting the First Family and nation into mourning. Three months his death was eclipsed by his father's assassination, but the Kennedy infant's death brought hyaline membrane disease into the public consciousness and inspired further research. In August 1963, the 34-year-old Jackie Kennedy was in her third year as First Lady and in the third trimester of her fifth pregnancy, she had suffered a miscarriage in 1955, followed the next year by a stillborn baby girl they planned to name Arabella. Two healthy children had followed, Caroline in 1957 and John Jr. in 1960. As John had been premature, she asked her obstetrician, John W. Walsh, to accompany her when she and her children spent the summer in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. Nearby Otis Air Force Base Hospital had prepared a suite for her in case it was necessary.

On the morning of Wednesday, August 7, Jackie Kennedy took Caroline and John Jr for a pony ride in Osterville, Massachusetts. While the children were riding, Kennedy felt labor pains. Walsh was summoned, they were taken by helicopter to the Otis Air Force Base. President Kennedy was at the White House at the time. August 7 was the 20th anniversary of the day the Navy had rescued him in World War II after he had spent five days marooned on an island in the Pacific. Kennedy had been in command of Motor Torpedo Boat PT-109 when it was rammed by a Japanese destroyer, killing two of his crew, his heroics had helped launch his political career. PT-109 and August 7 were never far from his mind. All of which may explain why Kennedy's friend and fellow World War II naval veteran Ben Bradlee is certain that when the president's secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, hurried into the Oval Office at 11:43 a.m. on August 7, a Wednesday, to report that Jackie had gone into premature labor on Cape Cod, there was "no way in God's earth" that he did not think, My child is being born 20 years to the day when I was rescued, a coincidence providing an additional emotional dimension to a day that would be among the most traumatic of his life.

While his father was aboard Air Force One, Kennedy was delivered by emergency caesarean section at 12:52 p.m. on August 7, 1963, at the Otis Air Force Base Hospital in Bourne, five and 1/2 weeks prematurely. The caesarean section was performed by Dr. Walsh, who had delivered John Jr. in 1960. His birth weight was 4 pounds 10 1⁄2 ounces, he was the first baby to be born to a sitting U. S. president and First Lady since the 19th century. Shortly after birth, Kennedy developed symptoms of hyaline membrane disease, now called infant respiratory distress syndrome, it was detected by breathing difficulties within minutes. The president arrived, saw his son in distress, sent for a chaplain; the infant was baptized with the name of Patrick after his grandfather Joseph Patrick Kennedy and great-grandfather Patrick Joseph Kennedy, Bouvier for his mother's maiden name. The president was allowed to wheel the baby in an incubator to the First Lady's bedside. James E. Drorbaught, the pediatric specialist at Boston Children's Hospital, was flown by helicopter from Boston to consult on his case.

Five hours after birth the infant, accompanied by Dr. Drorbaught, was rushed by ambulance to Boston Children's Hospital, 70 miles away in under 90 minutes; the transfer to the hospital in Boston was reported as a "precautionary measure," the White House said. His condition was reported as HMD, but it was reported it would take at least four days to assess his condition, that he was being given medication to assist his condition. At the time, all that could be done for a baby with hyaline membrane disease was to keep the patient's blood chemistry as close to normal as possible. Led by Dr. Drorbaught, who stayed awake the entire time, the hospital tried everything possible to save his life. Kennedy was given hyperbaric oxygen therapy, in which he was placed in a hyperbaric chamber filled with 100 percent oxygen and pressurized to greater than 1 atmosphere. At the time, it was revolutionary. Kennedy died at 4:04 a.m. on August 9—"despite a desperate medical effort to save him"—having lived 39 hours and 12 minutes.

At the time of the infant's death, the president was outside the room with the hyperbaric chamber with his brother, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy; the First Lady 34, remained at Otis Air Force Base Hospital recovering from the caesarean section. She was told of her son's death by Dr. Walsh.. She slept until the president flew from Boston. Little was said about the family's reaction; the president, who had only slept four hours since the birth, was photographed arriving at Otis Air Force Base looking "grave and appearing tired". A small funeral mass was held on August 10, 1963, in the private chapel of Cardinal Richard Cushing in Boston; the president's mother wa

Sagan om konungens årsinkomst

Sagan om konungens årsinkomst, Swedish for "The Saga of the King's Annual Income", is the second full-length album by the Swedish synthpop group Slagsmålsklubben. The name is a pun on the Swedish name for The Return of the King,'Sagan om konungens återkomst', with the word for'return' replaced with the similar word'årsinkomst' meaning annual income; the track list features the Swedish names, translated to English. "Terror Flynn Ok Ok" – 3:48 "Erd ist froh" – 3:12 "Smart drag Mr. Christer" – 2:25 "Djur Don't Love MIR Yet" – 4:12 "Kom igen kommissarien" – 3:25 "Bib" – 5:03 "Rakade ögonbryn skall det vara" – 2:38 "Grovhuggen kepsgubbe" – 4:17 "Spring för livet gottegris" – 2:40 "I hennes majestäts hemliga hatt" – 3:23 "Alfons Dolphins" – 2:52 "1888 Franklin" – 3:12 "His Morning Promenade" – 3:53

Zhengxiang Subdistrict

Zhengxiang Subdistrict is a subdistrict and the seat of Zhengxiang District in Hengyang, China. The subdistrict has an area of about 12.53 km2 with a population of 73,800. The subdistrict of Zhengxiang has three villages and 13 communities under its jurisdiction, its administration office is at Taiping Residential Area; the subdistrict of Zhengxiang was formed as a division of the former Chengbei District in May 1978. Before the urban district adjustment of Hengyang in June 2001, the subdistrict of Zhengxiang governed 19 communities. After adjustment of the urban divisions, Chengbei District was dissolved and Zhengxiang Subdistrict was placed under the jurisdiction of Zhengxiang District; the subdistrict administered 10 of the original 19 communities, the remaining nine communities were assigned to Hongxiang Subdistrict, Lianhe Subdistrict and Changhu Township. The township of Changhu was merged to it on November 18, 2015, the newly established subdistrict of Zhengxiang administered four villages of Lixin, Changhu and Songting.

Through the amalgamation of village-level divisions in 2016, its division was reduced to 16 from 17. The newly established subdistrict of Zhengxiang administered four villages and 13 communities in 2015. Through the amalgamation of village-level divisions in 2016, its division was reduced to 16 from 17, the subdistrict has three villages and 13 communities under its jurisdiction.'

The Collected Poems of Freddy the Pig

The Collected Poems of Freddy the Pig is the brief 21st book in the humorous American children's series Freddy the Pig. The entire series, which otherwise comprises 25 novels, was written by Walter R. Brooks, illustrated by Kurt Wiese, published by Alfred A. Knopf; the Collected Poems is a reissue of poems and songs that had appeared in the first 20 novels, although it contains some new poems by Brooks and new illustrations by Wiese. One cover notes, "If it seems a bit hammy in spots, to be expected." It was republished in 1962 by Random House, again in 2001 by the Overlook Press. The original purchase price was $2.50. On release The New York Times commented in part, "gaily decorated with line drawings by Kurt Wiese"

Norwegian Missionary Society

The Norwegian Missionary Society or the Norwegian Mission Society is the first and oldest mission organization in Norway. It was started by a group of 180 people in the town of Stavanger in Norway in August 1842; the goal was to spread the Christian religion to other peoples in Africa. Hans Paludan Smith Schreuder became the first missionary, leaving for Zululand in 1843. NMS is working in the following countries or regions: Estonia, United Kingdom, Cameroon, Ethiopia, South Africa, Brazil, China and Japan; the society works in the Middle East through satellite television. The chairperson of the board is Rev. Helge Gaard. Rev. Jeffrey Huseby has been general secretary since 2011. Official website Reichelt Collection 艾香德紀念圖書館藏書 Preservation for the Documentation of Chinese Christianity by Hong Kong Baptist University Library; the Reichelt Collection was part of the Karl. L. Reichelt Memorial Library Collections held at the Institute of Sino-Christian Studies

Deutscher Tourenwagen Cup

The Deutsche Tourenwagen Cup was a yearly motorsport series in Germany and some surrounding countries. The series has been running since 1995 and was folded in 2017; the DTC is the highest level of German motorsport that runs cars to the Super 2000 regulations used in World Touring Car Championship. To fill up the grid, to promote new, young drivers the few Super 2000 cars are joined by the less advanced Division 2 and 3 series, bringing up the total number of starting drivers to around 20 to 25. Division 1 allows cars of BTCC-spec – the 2005 champion Mathias Schläppi won in a BTCC-built MG ZS; as of 2016 there are 3 different classes in the DTC Superproduction - 1.6 l, turbocharged cars up to 300 Bhp Production 1 - 1.6 l, turbocharged cars up to 230 Bhp Production 2 - 2.0 l, turbocharged cars up to 260 Bhp The DTC have existed since 1995 as a championship for Super Production cars under the name DTC. Ford and Hotfiel Sport had an important presence in the early and middle parts of the history of the series with Thomas Klenke winning the championship in 2002.

The series was called the DMSB Produktionswagen Meisterschaft in 2004 and raced in two rounds of the European Touring Car Championship. The 2005 season saw the introduction of Super 2000 rules for Division 1 and the series changed its name to the DMSB Produktionswagen Meisterschaft. Mathias Schläppi in a MG ZS for Maurer Motorsport was the undisputed champion, winning 12 out of 16 races. 2006 saw Maurer Motorsport swapping their MG's for Chevrolet's and Mathias Schläppi for ex-BTCC driver Vincent Radermecker. Schläppi instead drove for the new TFS-Yaco team running Toyota Corollas. Vincent Radermecker would win Maurer's second title. While arguably having some talented drivers and teams such as Radermecker, Schläppi, Maurer Motorsport and so on the DTC is minor compared to the immensely popular DTM series. Below is the scoring system used for the results of each race during the 2010 season: V8Star Series Formula König ADAC Formel Masters Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup Official ADAC Procar Series website