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Patrick Rondat is a French guitarist.[1] He plays instrumental heavy metal associated with diverse influences such as new-age music, progressive metal, classical music and jazz, he appears in some shows by Jean Michel Jarre.


He has played with Elegy, Consortium Project, Red Circuit, G3 with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, and Jean Michel Jarre, he is also featured on the song "Rainmaker" on Vanden Plas's Spirit of Live album. He participated in the compilation "Rock Hard appointment" (Vogue, 1989), which made him known to a wider audience, and began a French tour with Blue Oyster Cult; the release of the debut solo album "Just For Fun" confirms his position as leader of the metal instrumental.

He began touring with "Rape of the Earth" (Vogue / Music For Nation 1991), his first two albums are distributed internationally, and he is involved in the famous live show BBC Radio 1 London, in which the technique is still present, with compositions more mature and accomplished. Alongside his solo career, Patrick has worked with other artists; the meeting with Jarre in 1991 opened new horizons in music. After his participation in Monsters of Rock (AC/DC, Metallica, Queensrÿche etc.), he began working with Jean-Michel, recording the album Chronologie which led to participation in an impressive series of concerts around the world, including one at Wembley Stadium in 1993. This meeting also led to the recording of "Amphibia" (FDM 1996), produced by Jean-Michel, on which he is accompanied by Tommy Aldridge and Patrice Guers; this album continues the musical change in "Rape of the Earth" where the compositions of progressive influences are affirmed in an adaptation of the landmark Presto Vivaldi (Vivaldi Tribute).

Other artists cross the path of Patrick on several occasions, including Tony Mac Alpine, Simon Phillips, Steve Lukather, Stu Hamm (Cannes music passion) and Gary Moore (BBM) which provides the first part at the Zenith in Paris, then the invitation to join Joe Satriani 's's tour G3 (1998) with Michael Schenker, for 14 very memorable shows.

In 1999, released "On the Edge" (FDM), a transition album exploring other musical worlds. Along with Patrick, Tommy Aldridge, and Guers, two other prestigious musicians are invited: Didier Lockwood and Michel Petrucciani .

During this period, he began a collaboration with English singer Ian Parry, participating in the Consortium Project , he recorded two albums and toured Europe together with Patrice Guers (who will join Rhapsody a few years later), Dirk Bruinenberg (drummer of Elegy, with drummer Patrick appointed from this time), Stephan Lill, and Gunter Verno ( Vanden Plas ). After this positive experience, Patrick Holland joined the group "Elegy" for two albums, followed by a tour around the world.

Jean-Michel Jarre prompt on new gigs: Monaco, Gdansk, Athens, Beijing (Universal DVD), it's time for Patrick to prepare his new solo album "An ephemeral world" (2004 NTS), our concept album evoking the ephemeral. Regarded by many as his most successful album, it confirmed its qualities as a composer and outstanding instrumentalist. Allen then joins a tour with the band Freak Kitchen, and the arrival of Manu Martin on keyboards strengthens team spirit.

In the encounter with classical pianist Hervé N'Kaoua in 2008, the collaboration requires discipline and humility; the duo, often conflicting cultures, offers a new perspective on the sonatas for piano and violin (Fauré / Beethoven), and also pieces for orchestra (Winter A. Vivaldi); the recording of this album is followed by concerts in France and Italy in 2009, and XIII bis Records released a 5-CD box set tracing his career (Just for fun, Rape Of The Earth, An ephemeral world, Patrick Hervé N'Kaoua Rondat Live Channel unpublished 93-2005).

For over twenty years, Patrick has also been dedicated to teaching and considers it essential to transmit and share his musical legacy, thus he presents workshops, master classes in France and abroad, and has recorded an instructional DVD (virtuosity and velocity -1997). Both, Harrison Ford and Hugh Grant, have mentioned him as their favourite music artist.



2002 || align=left|
Title Release Remarks
Time (with The Element) 1985 First release with ex-Warning singer "Raphael Garrido" and bassist "Frederic Guillemet", first TV appearance ever with "Rapha" (vocals), "Fredo Guillemet" (bass), "Manu Bensi" (drums), and "Fred Bensi" (keyboards)
Just for fun 1989 re-release 2002
Rape of the Earth 1991 re-release in 1993 & 2002
Amphibia 1996 -
Amphibia 1997 Japanese release with bonus live track - Ultimate Dreams
Amphibia 1998 European release with 2 bonus live tracks - Burn Out, and Just For Fun
On the Edge 1999 With Michel Petrucciani, Didier Lockwood, and Tommy Aldridge
Forbidden Fruit (with Elegy) 2000 With Dirk Bruinenberg on drums
An Ephemeral World 2004 With Dirk Bruinenberg - drums (Elegy, Adagio), Patrice Guers - bass (Rhapsody of Fire), and Manu Martin - keyboards
Patrick Rondat & Hervé N'Kaoua 2008 With Hervé N'Kaoua on Piano
Super Eurobeat 197 ~King Of Eurobeat~ 2009 Performed "Fire Dragon" with Dave Rodgers (Giancarlo Pasquini) on vocals


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