Pendembu, Sierra Leone

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Pendembu, Sierra Leone
A secondary school class in Pendembu
A secondary school class in Pendembu
Pendembu, Sierra Leone is located in Sierra Leone
Pendembu, Sierra Leone
Pendembu, Sierra Leone
Location in Sierra Leone
Coordinates: 8°6′N 10°42′W / 8.100°N 10.700°W / 8.100; -10.700Coordinates: 8°6′N 10°42′W / 8.100°N 10.700°W / 8.100; -10.700
Country Flag of Sierra Leone.svg Sierra Leone
Province Eastern Province
District Kailahun District
Elevation 518 ft (157 m)
Population (2013)
 • Total 20,502 [1]
Time zone UTC (UTC0)
 • Summer (DST) not observed (UTC)

Pendembu is a town in Kailahun District in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone. The town population was 7,243 at the 2004 census.[1] and a recent estimate of 20,502 [2] . Pendembu lies approximately 36 miles from Kenema and about 235 east of Freetown. Pendembu is a trade center and is one of the main towns in Eastern Sierra Leone.

The vast majority of Pendembu's population are from the Mende ethnic group, the most widely spoken languages are Mende and Krio. The town is the birthplace of former President of Sierra Leone Ahmad Tejan Kabbah.


There are a number of other towns with similar names.


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