Belarus in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019

Belarus participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019, held in Gliwice, Poland on 24 November 2019. The Belarusian entry for the 2019 contest was selected through a national final organised by the Belarusian broadcaster National State Television and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus, it saw ten competing acts participating in a televised production where the winner was determined by a 50/50 combination of votes from a jury made up of music professionals and a public vote. Prior to the 2019 contest, Belarus had participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest sixteen times since its first entry at the inaugural contest in 2003. Belarus have taken part in every edition of the contest since 2003, have won the contest twice: in 2005 with Ksenia Sitnik performing the song "My vmeste"; the country hosted the 2010 contest in Minsk and hosted for a second year in 2018, with Daniel Yastremski representing the country with the song "Time". It ended in 11th place with 114 points; the national final took place on September 20, 2019.

Elizaveta Misnikova is a Belarusian singer. She represented Belarus at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song "Pepelniy". "Pepelniy" is a song by Belarusian singer Elizaveta Misnikova. It represented Belarus at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019. During the opening ceremony and the running order draw which both took place on 18 November 2019, Belarus was drawn to perform seventh on 24 November 2019, following Georgia and preceding Malta; the results of the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be determined by national juries and an online audience vote. Every country will have a national jury that will consist of three music industry professionals and two kids aged between 10 and 15 who are citizens of the country they represent; this jury will be asked to judge each contestant based on: vocal capacity. In addition, no member of a national jury could be related in any way to any of the competing acts in such a way that they cannot vote impartially and independently; the first phase of the online voting will start on 22 November 2019 when a recap of all the rehearsal performances will be shown on before the viewers can vote.

After this, voters will have the option to watch longer one-minute clips from each participant’s rehearsal. This first round of voting will stop on Sunday, 24 November, at 15:59 CET; the second phase of the online voting will take place during the live show and will start right after the last performance and will be open for 15 minutes. International viewers can vote for a maximum of five, they can vote for their own country’s song. These votes will be turned into points which will be determined by the percentage of votes received. For example, if a song receives 20% of the votes, thus it will receive 20% of the available points; the public vote will count for 50% of the final result, while the other 50% will come from the professional juries. Belarus received 48 points from Online voting

Order of the Holy Cross

The Order of the Holy Cross is an international Anglican monastic order that follows the Rule of St. Benedict; the order was founded in 1884 by an Episcopal priest, in New York City. The order moved to Maryland before settling in West Park, New York, in 1902. Today the Order operates four houses: Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, New York Mount Calvary Retreat House and Monastery, Santa Barbara, California Holy Cross Priory, Ontario Mariya uMama weThemba Monastery, South Africa. Mount Calvary House burned to the ground in a wildfire on the morning of November 14, 2008, has since been rebuilt, it is the smallest of the four houses, having only three resident monks, in July 2019 the Order announced that Mount Calvary House would be permanently closed within two years, the brothers relocated to other houses. The Order has announced the closure of Mariya uMama weThemba Monastery in South Africa by August 2019; the Order's school is expanding considerably, the school will take over the monastic enclosure as new classrooms.

The monastic community will relocate to a new monastery, to be named St Benedict’s Priory, at Volmoed, near Hermanus in the Western Cape. St Benedict's Priory will be open by September 2019; the monks of the order engage in various ministries, the chief being that of prayer, as well as hosting guests for individual and group retreats. The order estimates that more than 5,000 guests stay at Holy Cross Monastery, one of the largest monastic retreat centers in the Episcopal Church, each year. Holy Cross Monastery makes and sells incense and religious literature. Mariya uMama weThemba Monastery operates a retreat house and is involved in the education of rural farm children through its scholarship programme. Holy Cross Priory in Toronto is an urban expression of the Benedictine life where, besides the offices and Eucharist, monks are involved in the work of the local church; some members of the order engage in occupations such as being therapists or parish priests. Mt. Calvary is a retreat house. All monasteries of the order offer spiritual counsel.

Monks of the order follow a threefold vow of obedience and conversion to the monastic way of life. In general, monks of the order are encouraged to develop their own ministries within their monastic vocation, they undergo periods of formation when entering the Order. The daily life of the monastery revolves around a balance of prayer, work and rest. Lay people and diocesan clergy may join the Associates of Holy Cross. According to the associates' website, members "intend to love and serve God through a relationship with the Order of the Holy Cross, adapting to their lives the Benedictine principles on which the monks base their common life." Associates live under a rule of life developed with the help of a spiritual director and have an ongoing relationship with the order. Associates are entitled to use the post-nominal initials AHC. Notable associates include the Bishop of the Rt.. Rev. Nathan D. Baxter, the Bishop of Maryland, the Rt. Rev. Robert Ihloff; the order is known for its publishing of the Anglo-Catholic devotional guide Saint Augustine's Prayer Book in 1949.

The order co-published, with the sisters of the Order of St. Helena, A Monastic Breviary, which succeeded A Four Office Breviary. In 1957 the order published Within the Green Wall: The Story of Holy Cross Liberia Mission 1922-1957 by the Rt. Rev. Robert Campbell, O. H. C; the book provides a detailed account of the Order of the Holy Cross's missionary efforts in Liberia. Br. Robert Magliula, OHC, is the current superior of the order; the Rt. Rev. Mark Sisk is bishop visitor and the Rt Rev. Ann Tottenham is deputy bishop visitor. Robert Erskine Campbell Order of the Holy Cross website Holy Cross Monastery Mount Calvary: A Benedictine retreat house and monastery Holy Cross Priory - Toronto Mariya UMama weThemba Monastery