Pest, Hungary

Pest is the eastern flat part of Budapest, comprising about two thirds of the city's territory. It is separated from the western parts of Budapest, by the Danube River. Among its most notable sights are the Inner City, the Hungarian Parliament Building, Heroes' Square and Andrássy Avenue. In colloquial Hungarian, "Pest" is used for the whole capital of Budapest; the three parts of Budapest united in 1873. According to Ptolemy the settlement was called Pession in ancient times. Alternatively, the name Pest may have come from a Slavic word meaning "furnace", "oven", related to the word пещера with reference to a local cave where fire burned; the spelling Pesth was used in English as late as the early 20th century, although it is now considered archaic. Pest was a separate independent city, references to which appear in writings dating back to 1148. In earlier centuries there were ancient Roman settlements there. Pest became an important economic center during 11th–13th centuries, it was rebuilt once again soon thereafter.

In 1838 it was flooded by the Danube. In 1849 the first suspension bridge, the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, was constructed across the Danube connecting Pest with Buda. Subsequently, in 1873, the two cities were unified with Óbuda. Writer and magician László Teleki, Theodor Herzl, Harry Houdini are from Pest. Budapest Inner City Pest County Újpest Kispest Pestszentlőrinc Buda Óbuda Beksics, Gusztáv: Magyarosodás és magyarositás. Különös tekintettel városainkra. Budapest, 1883

Alex Etel

Alexander Nathan Etel is an English actor most known for his lead role in the 2007 film The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep. Etel was born in a hospital on the outskirts of Manchester, the son of Nicholette Etel and Jason Hartley. Etel is the middle child of his family: he has a younger brother, Daniel Etel, an older sister, Rebecca Etel, he attended Lum Head Primary School in Gatley. Etel's film debut was the starring role of Damian Cunningham in Millions, a 2004 family film directed by Danny Boyle, he played the lead in Jay Russell's The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep. The film, based on a Dick King Smith story about a boy who adopts a monster sea creature, opened in North America on Christmas Day 2007 and in other countries in early 2008; the film is set in Scotland during World War II, although all the scenes involving the creature itself were shot in New Zealand. Etel played Harry Gregson in the five-part TV adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's Cranford, transmitted in the autumn of 2007 and co-starred Philip Glenister, Judi Dench, Eileen Atkins, Francesca Annis and Imelda Staunton.

He reprised his role in the two-part second series entitled Return to Cranford. According to his official website, as of February 2016, Etel's acting career is on hold while he attends university. Alex Etel on IMDb

1977 Bangladesh Air Force mutiny

The 1977 Bangladesh Air Force mutiny was a mutiny in Dhaka on 1 October 1977 by members of Bangladesh Air force and the Signal corps of Bangladesh Army. Bangladesh was under a military government headed by President Ziaur Rahman who had come to power through a coup; the government of Bangladesh was busy with the Japan Airlines Flight 472 hijacking and the exchange of hostages for ransom. The Japanese Red Army landed it in Tejgaon Airport in Dhaka; the hijackers were warned of the mutiny and told to take defensive position if they saw armed personnel moving towards the plane by the air control tower. The revolt was carried out by lower ranking soldiers of Bangladesh Army Signals Battalion and Bangladesh Air Force; the mutineers had killed 11 officers in Tejgaon Airport. Ten soldiers were killed from the army; the mutineers took over Dhaka Radio station and attacked the residence of president Ziaur Rahman. After the mutiny was brought under control of the government, hundreds of soldiers from the Air Force, were arrested and tried in military tribunals.

Hundreds were executed in Dhaka Central Jail. The government of President Zia announced the hanging of 561 Air Force personal; the mutiny was led by Sergeant Afsar of Bangladesh Air Force, he was influenced by the ideology of Jatiyo Samajtantrik Dal