Häringe-Hammersta Nature Reserve

Häringe-Hammersta Nature Reserve is a nature reserve in Stockholm County in Sweden. The nature reserve consists of several different kinds of landscape types. Häringe Castle is located within the nature reserve, as is castle ruins. South of Häringe Castle, the landscape consists of open, arable land with interspersed groves dominated by maple and sloan. Beneath the trees, flowers such as sweetscented bedstraw, spring vetchling, common toothwort and Viola mirabilis are known to grow. Further south the landscape changes into contiguous old coniferous forest. A small lake as well as the inlets of the sea provide important habitats for birds, who come here to rest during their annual spring migration. Birds such as swans and ducks attract white-tailed eagles; the area is rich in game such as fox, roe deer and badger. The other part of the nature reserve, the Hammersta peninsula, contains some of the richest broad-leaf forest in Stockholm County; the landscape here is characterised by several old oak trees.

Notably, several unusual species of grass grows in the area, including Bromus benekenii, wood melick, Poa remota and Hordelymus europaeus

2001–02 A Group

The 2001–02 A Group was the 54th season of the A Football Group, the top Bulgarian professional league for association football clubs, since its establishment in 1948. Defending champions Levski Sofia won their third consecutive title, 23rd title overall; the format of the league was changed from last season, with the intention of making the league more competitive. This resulted in the league being divided into two groups after the regular season; the top 6 teams from the regular season would continue in the championship round, while the bottom 8 teams would play in the relegation round. It was contested by 14 teams, Levski Sofia won the championship. Fourteen teams competed in the league; the promoted teams from the 2000–01 B Group were Spartak Pleven and Marek Dupnitsa. In the league included Lokomotiv Plovdiv and Belasitsa Petrich after mergers with Velbazhd Kyustendil and Hebar Pazardzhik respectively. Levski Sofia Markov, Nikolov, Barkanichkov and Kolev left the club during a season. Bulgaria - List of final tables 2001–02 Statistics of A Group at