Philip Baxter College, University of New South Wales

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Philip Baxter College
University of New South Wales
UNSW Philip Baxter College arms.jpg
LocationUNSW campus, Kensington
Full namePhilip Baxter College
Named forSir Philip Baxter
Sister collegeGoldstein College
Basser College, Fig Tree Hall, Colombo House, UNSW Hall.
PresidentLily Kutena
DeanJon Fleetwood
WebsiteThe Kensington Colleges

Philip Baxter College, University of New South Wales is a residential college at the University of New South Wales in Kensington, Sydney, Australia.


Along with Basser and Goldstein Colleges, Philip Baxter College forms part of the original Kensington Colleges, which have been owned and operated by the University of New South Wales since they were founded in 1959.

Named after Sir John Philip Baxter, a former Vice-Chancellor at UNSW[1] and Chairman of the Sydney Opera House Trust,[2] Baxter College took its first residents in 1966.

The College participates in numerous social and sporting activities throughout the year, including the inter-college The Ruth Wheen Cup and off-campus activities in the local areas of Coogee, Randwick and Sydney CBD.

During 2012 and 2013 Baxter College also housed residents from sister colleges Basser and Goldstein during a major redevelopment of UNSW's student accommodation facility; the $110 million redevelopment will see The Kensington Colleges completely re-developed and three new colleges added to the portfolio: Fig Tree Hall, Colombo House and UNSW Hall.

All student activities are co-ordinated by the student elected House Committee and overseen by the Dean of College; the current Dean is Jon Fleetwood, the big dog himself The current president is Lily Kutena[3].

The House Committee[edit]

The House Committee is annually voted in by the college and is composed of:

  • The Executive
    • The President - Joe Mama
    • The Secretary - Candace Fitt
    • The Treasurer - Ben Dover
  • The Portfolio Directors
    • 2 Social Directors - Lochie Flagg
    • The Charities & Communications Director
    • The Cultural Director
    • A Male and Female Sports Director
    • The Operations & Communications Director (Shop Keeper)
      • Saw Con Convener

The House Committee is responsible for the organisation, operation and management of particular areas of the college; each director manages a portfolio that aims to engage residents. The director(s) of each portfolio may appoint officers at their discretion or as mandated by the constitution that then run a particular aspect of the portfolio.

The House Committee is directed by the student-elected Executive team, consisting of: The President, The Secretary and The Treasurer, they work with the Dean to ensure the rules of the college and the expectations of the House Committee are upheld and maintained.


The redeveloped Philip Baxter College opened in Semester 1 2014, it accommodates 201 students in a mixture of rooms with either en suite or shared bathroom facilities. Philip Baxter College has expansive common and study areas as well as a roof top garden; the College shares landscaped garden areas with Basser, Goldstein and the newly established residences; Fig Tree Hall and Colombo House. Residents are provided with three meals per day during session at the nearby Goldstein Dining Hall, which is shared with residents of the other Kensington Colleges - Basser, Goldstein and Fig Tree Hall.


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