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Pierre Buyoya

Major Pierre Buyoya is a Burundian politician who has ruled Burundi twice, from 1987 to 1993 and from 1996 to 2003. With 13 years combined as Head of State, Buyoya is the longest serving Burundian President. In September 1987, Buyoya led a military coup d'état against the Second Republic of Burundi, led by Jean-Baptiste Bagaza, installed himself as the first president of the Third Republic, he proclaimed an agenda of liberalization and patching relations between Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups, but presided over an oppressive ruling junta consisting of Tutsi. This led to a Hutu uprising in August 1988, which caused 20,000 deaths. After these killings, Buyoya appointed a commission to find a way to mediate the violence; this commission created a new constitution that Buyoya approved in 1992. This constitution called for a nonethnic government with a parliament. Democratic elections were held in June 1993 and were won by the Hutu Melchior Ndadaye who created a balanced Hutu and Tutsi government; the army assassinated Ndadaye in October 1993 and Burundi returned to civil war.

Nearly 150,000 people were killed. There were numerous attempts at government, but the coalition government under Sylvestre Ntibantunganya was unable to stop the fighting. On July 25, 1996 with strong support and backup from the army, Buyoya returned to power in a military coup, ousting interim President Ntibantunganya, contested by the population due to his failure to stop killings perpetrated by rebels; the civil war continued. Economic sanctions were imposed by the international community because of the nature of Buyoya's return to power, but were eased as Buyoya created an ethnically inclusive government. Buyoya selected as a Hutu; the conditions of the governmental agreement required Buyoya to hand over power in 2003, which he did. Ndayizeye became the President of Burundi on April 30. Buyoya is a Senator for life as a former head of state. In his 2007 book From Bloodshed to Hope in Burundi, the former US Ambassador Robert Krueger accuses Pierre Buyoya of orchestrating the 1993 putsch which led to the murder of President Ndadaye.

In 2008, Pierre Buyoya was appointed by the African Union to lead a peace mission in Chad and is still internationally solicited for peacekeeping operations and peace process fora, such as in the Central African Republic, Mauritania, etc. Marie-Louise Sibazuri Burundi Timeline 1858-1995 1996 comments on Burundi and Buyoya at the United Nations Mandela hails peace deal as genocide stalks Burundians at the Wayback Machine

Ledford Senior High School

Ledford High School is a public high school in Thomasville, North Carolina. It is part of the Davidson County Schools system and serves parts of Thomasville, High Point, Winston-Salem, Kernersville, areas; the school's mascot is the panther. Friendship Elementary Hasty Elementary Wallburg Elementary Ledford Middle 1991 Wachovia Cup Winners 1992 2A Men's Basketball Runner-Up State Finals 1995 2A Women's Basketball State Champs; the Ledford Senior High School marching band known as The Panther Regiment, has had many successful marching seasons. Madison Hedgecock – Former professional fullback for the New York Giants and Super Bowl XLII Champion. Erin Hendricks – Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2003 Brad Hoover – Former professional fullback for the Carolina Panthers Steve Videtich – Professional arena league football kicker for the Utah Blaze Jill Wagner – Actress and television show host. Co-host of Wipeout Official website

Jim Ryan (American football coach)

Jim Ryan is an American football coach. He is the head football coach at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, a position he has held since 2016, he was at Washington University in St. Louis from 2008 to 2015, the last four in which he was the defensive coordinator, at Illinois College from 2003 to 2007. In 2015, Ryan was named the AFCA Division III Assistant Coach of the Year, he was interim head coach at Colorado College in 2003 where he served as Defensive Coordinator during the 2002 season. He served as an assistant coach at the University of North Alabama, Delta State University, Fort Lewis College. Rhodes profile

Judy Clay

Judy Clay was an American soul and gospel singer, who achieved greatest success as a member of two recording duos in the 1960s. Born Judith Grace Guions, in St. Pauls, North Carolina, she was raised by her grandmother in Fayetteville and began singing in church. After moving to Brooklyn in the early 1950s, she was taken in by Lee Drinkard Warrick of The Drinkard Singers. From the age of 14, she became a regular performer with the family gospel group, formed in Savannah, Georgia around 1938, which at times included Lee Warrick's sister and daughters Dionne and Delia, she made her recording debut with the Drinkard Singers – who became better known as The Sweet Inspirations – on their 1954 album, The Newport Spiritual Stars. She left the Drinkard Singers in 1960 and made her first solo recording, "More Than You Know", on Ember Records; this was followed by further singles on several record labels, but with little commercial success, although "You Busted My Mind" became successful on the UK's Northern soul nightclub circuit.

In 1967, Jerry Wexler of Atlantic Records teamed her up with white singer-songwriter Billy Vera to make the United States' first racially integrated duo, The Sweet Inspirations, to record "Storybook Children". The record made No. 20 on the US R&B No. 54 pop. It was seen as the first interracial duo recording for a major labelHowever, Vera has stated that television executives denied them appearances together, believing that Vera and Clay were more than just singing partners, and, to add insult to injury, had the song performed on network TV by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood. Judy was pregnant, at the time, with her first child by jazz drummer Leo Gatewood. After another hit duet with Vera, "Country Girl, City Man", which reached No. 41 R&B and No. 36 pop, an album together, she returned to Stax Records. There she had this time with William Bell, their recording of "Private Number" reached No. 17 in the R&B chart and No. 75 on the U. S. pop chart, had greater success in the UK where it reached No. 8 on the UK Singles Chart.

A follow-up, "My Baby Specializes" made the R&B chart, before she returned to Atlantic for one more record with Vera, "Reaching for the Moon" and a final solo hit "Greatest Love". Subsequently, she worked as a backing vocalist with Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison, Donny Hathaway and Wilson Pickett. Stricken with a brain tumour in 1979, she returned to gospel music shortly after her recovery, sang with Cissy Houston's gospel choir in Newark, New Jersey. After being involved in a car accident, she died a few weeks of complications, she was 62 years old. She was survived by two sons and Leo Gatewood, a brother, Raymond Guions, her sister, Mrs. Sylvia Shemwell. Discography

Feras Kilani

Feras Kilani is a Palestinian-British journalist and film maker, BBC Arabic's special correspondent. He started his media career in 1995, in the Syrian State TV in Damascus where he worked as a Director, documentary maker until 2006, when he left to join Al Bayan in United Arab Emirates. Kilani joined BBC World Service in 2009, during his time at the BBC, he was News Editor for 2 of BBC Arabic's flagship programmes, World at One and the Arabic version of Newsnight, Kilani led the teams managerially and editorially, he is best known for his coverage in war-zones in the Middle East, specially reporting from Libya and Syria Kidnapped in Libya On 8 March 2011, while reporting on the Libya uprising for BBC Arabic TV, Kilani was picked up at an army roadblock near Tripoli along with two BBC colleagues, they were imprisoned and subject to mock executions at Khalat al-Farjan farm behind the Yarmouk headquarters just outside Tripoli. After 22 hours they were released Kilani covered the Syrian conflict for the BBC since it started in 2011.

In 2016 he got an exclusive access to Islamic State held city of Manbij, making him the first international journalist to get inside the city since the start of the battle to force IS out. In November 2016, during his coverage for the Battle of Mosul in Iraq, Feras Kilani and cameraman Marek Polaszewski were following soldiers going door to door to clear homes of suspected militants in the city when a car bomb exploded. Video footage showed. Kilani, said. Kilani directed tens of Documentaries during his career, most of his work with Syrian State TV was not archived, but he produced many more for likes of PBS and BBC Awaiting return – Palestinian refugees in Syria – 2003 Exile: Abdul Rahman Munif's life – 2004 The Twins: Beirut and Damascus – 2005 Syyaf Al-Zuhour: Muhammad al-Maghut – 2006 Libya's Torture Farms – 2012 The fight for Justice: Nusra Front in Syria – 2013 The Fight for Benghazi – 2016

Art Brut vs. Satan

Art Brut vs. Satan is the third album by Art Brut, released in Europe on 20 April 2009 and in the US on 21 April; the lead-off single from the album was "Alcoholics Unanimous". The album was produced by Frank Black; the album cover was designed by Canadian cartoonist Jeff Lemire. Explaining the concept behind Art Brut vs Satan, Argos has said. I thought, kind of weird. On the It's A Bit Complicated, we tried to make a pop album and were tracking it individually as well, but we realized we’re a punk band and wanted to do this album live for the first time and went into a room and bashed it out and pressed record and went with the first take. Our songs are true stories and I wanted to do them once or twice and record them because you’ll lose that sincerity if you do that again and again and again"; as such, the decision to work with Frank Black was a simple one. "After we realized we wanted to do that we asked “who is the expert at doing that?” and came up with Frank Black because that's how he did all of the Catholics’ albums.

And he's cool and we wanted to hang out with him. “What excuse could we use to hire Frank Black?” And he said that he liked us, so we signed him up"."It was amazing, I was so glad when he agreed to do it. I thought I would be intimidated, because it’s Black Francis you know? But it wasn’t, it was amazing, he picked us up at the airport in his car, he’s just such a friendly enthusiastic man. It’s hard to be intimidated by him as he’s just a good person.""In the end, he was more like a conductor – we’d rehearse, he’d suggest things and we’d record it in one take". "He saw the recording process as we saw it", Jasper elaborates. "There was little overdubbing and guitar trickery. We recorded it all live with Charles concentrating on song arrangement rather than on specific sounds, he let the whole thing run naturally. As we were playing it all live we got a chance to try and capture some of the energy from the stage show, which for us is important. I can't imagine recording each part individually now, it seems a little contrived.

He was everything we could have expected and more." As a result, the album was completed quickly. "We recorded the album in a punk-as-fuck two weeks. With Black Francis conducting us, we jumped around and played our songs; this is how I always thought albums were made and it’s how we’re doing it from now on". Initial critical response to Art Brut vs. Satan was positive. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album has received an average score of 75, based on 24 reviews. Pitchfork awarded the album a positive 7.7, stating in their review that "Frank Black gets the Art Brut spirit down on record better than anyone has before, with the blazing pop-metal vainglory of Weezer, the scruffy cheekiness of early Rough Trade bands, lots of enthusiastic backing vocals. Fun for them, fun for us". NME's 8/10 review praised Eddie's "Jarvis-like confessional approach" praising'Am I Normal?', saying "the image of a 14-year-old Argos cowering from the object of his affections behind the magazine racks in WH Smith: this is the indiest notion of all time."

Spin gave the album 7/10, said: "In a world where nothing is a metaphor, singer argos still just digs'DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshakes,"The Replacements,' and records that are'Slap Dash for No Cash.' And as long as he does, the band behind him will give him three chords and a wink". Crawdaddy! gave the album a glowing review, praising the group's "unbridled enthusiasm for the genre that they love and pay homage to". They noted that "The Frank Black-helmed production lends Art Brut newfound confidence" An additional track, "Just Desserts" was recorded in the same sessions, not included on the album, but leaked to the internet in advance of the album's release. Two singles were released from the album. "Alcoholics Unanimous" came out two weeks before the album featuring "Just Desserts" as a B-side. "DC Comics & Chocolate Milkshake" was released as the second single in August as a download only featuring "Weird Science" as a B-side. Eddie Argos - vocals Ian Catskilkin - Guitar Jasper Future - Guitar Freddy Feedback - Bass guitar Mike Breyer - drums