Pope Stephen I

Pope Stephen I was the Bishop of Rome of the Catholic Church from 12 May 254 to his death in 257. Of Roman birth but of Greek ancestry, he became bishop after serving as archdeacon of Pope Lucius I, who appointed Stephen his successor. Stephen held that converts, baptized by splinter groups did not need re-baptism, while Cyprian and certain bishops of the Roman province of Africa held rebaptism necessary for admission to the Eucharist. Stephen's view won broad acceptance in the West, However, in the East this issue is still debated. Following the Decian persecution of 250–251, there was disagreement about how to treat those who had lapsed from the faith. Stephen was urged by Faustinus, Bishop of Lyon, to take action against Marcian, the Novatianist Bishop of Arles, who denied penance and communion to the lapsed who repented; the controversy arose in the context of a broad pastoral problem. During the Decian persecution some Christians had purchased certificates attesting that they had made the requisite sacrifices to the Roman gods.

Others had denied. These people were called "lapsi"; the question arose that if they repented, could they be readmitted to communion with the church, if so, under what conditions. Stephen held that converts, baptized by splinter groups did not need re-baptism, while Cyprian and certain bishops of the Roman province of Africa held rebaptism necessary for admission to the Eucharist. Stephen's view won broad acceptance in the Latin Church. However, in the Eastern Churches this issue is still debated, he is mentioned as having insisted on the restoration of the bishops of León and Astorga, deposed for unfaithfulness during the persecution but afterwards had repented. The Depositio episcoporum of 354 does not speak of Pope Stephen I as a martyr and he is not celebrated as such by the Catholic Church, in spite of the account in the Golden Legend that in 257 Emperor Valerian resumed the persecution of Christians, Stephen was sitting on his pontifical throne celebrating Mass for his congregation when the emperor's men came and beheaded him on 2 August 257.

As late as the 18th century, what was said to be the chair was preserved, still stained with blood. Stephen I's feast day in the Catholic Church is celebrated on 2 August. In 1839, when the new feast of St Alphonsus Mary de Liguori was assigned to 2 August, Stephen I was mentioned only as a commemoration within the Mass of Saint Alphonsus; the revision of the calendar in 1969 removed the mention of Stephen I from the General Roman Calendar, according to the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, the 2 August Mass may now everywhere be that of Stephen I, unless in some locality an obligatory celebration is assigned to that day, some continue to use pre-1969 calendars that mention a commemoration of Saint Stephen I on that day. Pope Stephen I is the patron of Hvar and of Modigliana Cathedral. List of Catholic saints List of popes Herbermann, Charles, ed.. "Pope St. Stephen I". Catholic Encyclopedia. New York: Robert Appleton Company. "St. Stephen and Martyr", Butler's Lives of the Saints His writings

Ying'an Airlines

Yunnan Ying'an Airlines, branded as Ying'an Airlines, was a Chinese regional airline based at Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport in Guizhou. It operated flights throughout Yunnan Province as well as in Guizhou Province using a single Xian MA60 aircraft; the airline suspended operations on 1 December 2015, it is unknown when service will resume. The Civil Aviation Administration of China cancelled Ying'an Airlines' air operator's certificate as it was not meeting the certificate's requirements. Ying'an Airlines was founded in 2005 as Yunnan Ying'an General Aviation Co Ltd, a general aviation company, it received its air operator's certificate from the CAAC on 19 January 2005. In 2008 the airline placed orders for Xian MA60 aircraft. On 7 December 2010, Ying'an Airlines was granted preliminary approval from the CAAC to operate regional passenger and cargo flights; the airline conducted a trial charter flight between Pu'er City and Kunming on 17 February 2011. Ying'an Airlines commenced passenger operations on 23 April 2014, flying from Libo to Chongqing via Guiyang with its MA60 aircraft.

On 18 December 2014, Ying'an Airlines signed a cooperation agreement with Joy Air, with the intent of increasing the former's registered capital to CNY 1 billion and expanding its fleet to 30 aircraft. The agreement hopes to transform Ying'an Airlines into a major regional airline in Southeast China. Ying'an Airlines suspended operations on 1 December 2015, the temporary operating permit it had received from the CAAC was invalidated on 4 December; as of January 2017, the airline's profile at ch-aviation indicates that Ying'an Airlines is "restarting". Ying'an Airlines is a joint venture between Guangdong Ying'an Transport Service Co Ltd and CEO Li Guiying; the two invested CNY 80.7 million in the airline. Through a cooperation agreement signed between Ying'an Airlines and Joy Air in December 2014, the registered capital will be raised to CNY 1 billion. Ying'an Airlines flies to the following destinations: The Ying'an Airlines fleet consists of the following aircraft: Official website

Plamen Dimov (musician)

Plamen Dimov is a musician and a music teacher. He is a graduate of the National School of Music and Dance Arts "Dobrin Petkov", where he studied violin under the tutelage of Garo Baltayan, he went on to study Music Education at the Academy of Music and Fine Arts, Plovdiv. He spent the years after his graduation touring Europe with Bulgarian bands Montana Alibi. In 1986, Dimov started a family, his wife, Leena, is Finnish, they have three children, Nikolai and Lidia. Dimov has a philosophy that "you should never be satisfied with what your teachers tell you, you should seek your own truths", he believes in "hard work as a means of gaining experience". He instructed more than 80 bands, he teaches jazz-rock singing, jazz piano, band playing and violin in three schools in Kitee, Finland. He supported one of the most well-known Finnish bands, Nightwish. Many others – Niina Sallinen, Oona Harinen, Sara Kurkola, Vanessa Kautto, Emma Nenonen, Severi Koivuniemi, Joonas Tuuri, Jesse Ojajärvi and others – have reached the finals of various talent shows and competitions such as Idols and The Voice of Finland.

One of Plamen Dimov's many projects is "Kitee International Music and Art Week", a workshop for talented young musicians and artists from all over the world. Dimov support for young musicians, he has produced several albums for charity. He says: "The diamonds of Finland are not lakes landscape and Nokia – the real diamonds are the young people, our hope for tomorrow." Brass BandChameleon Jimmie Lawson and Friends – Play That Funky Humppa Music Nightwish – Oceanborn Heidi Sandström – Night and Day Montun Arkielämää – Kokoelmalevy The Voice – Mie ja sie Niina – "Theme from Swanheart" Kitee 375 v. – Kokoelmalevy Wana – Gone Montun Henki Musiikkia Näytelmästä Pajari Ilman Partaa – Lee Unity-project Oiva Gröhn – Minun laulut Oiva Gröhn – Maininkien matkassa Niina Sallinen – Swanheart Brass Band – Riihivalkea Jazz Burnclear – Eventide Teuvo Pesonen – Timo Hacklin Ironic Jonna Pirinen – Pray Holy Cow – Universal Janis Vanha valokuva Pauli Hiltunen – Songs Pauli Hiltunen – Soittajapoika Sanna Rouvinen – Somewhere over the Rainbow Kaisa Makkonen project Caligor – Valkoisen huonen vanki Anu Pitko project Emma ja Severi - Minun ystäväni