Kojo Funds

Errol Bellot, better known professionally as Kojo Funds, is a British singer-songwriter and rapper. His music blends West African and Caribbean sounds with road rap and pop. Kojo Funds featured on Yxng Bane's single "Fine Wine" and on Mabel's "Finders Keepers", his own singles include "Check" with Raye. Kojo Funds was born in 1995 in London, he is of mixed Dominican heritage. He was raised by his mother. A number of his songs have been produced by GA, including "Dun Talkin". In early 2017, he had a feature on the Yxng Bane single "Fine Wine", certified silver by the BPI, on Mabel's "Finders Keepers" which reached number 8 in the UK Official Charts Company Singles chart. On 9 February 2018 he released the single "Check" with British singer-songwriter Raye. In 2017 Kojo Funds was nominated for Best Newcomer at the MOBO Awards. In 2018 he played Wireless Festival, he calls his musical style afroswing. It has been called "afro-bashment"; the genre originated in London in late 2000s. Kojo Funds discography at Discogs

Rosette Batarda Fernandes

Rosette Mercedes Saraiva Batarda was a Portuguese botanist and taxonomist, married to Abílio Fernandes, another Portuguese botanist and taxonomist. She enrolled at the Escola Secundária Maria Amália Vaz de Carvalho in 1928 and graduated in 1941 in Biological Sciences from the University of Lisbon. In June of the same year, attending a Congress of Natural Sciences in Lisbon, she met Abilio Fernandes, soon to be her husband, they settled in Coimbra, after Abilio moved there in August 1941 to take up the position of Museum Director at the University of Coimbra. In November 1947 he was appointed Naturalist of that institution, remained there for the rest of his career. Rosette proceeded to reorganise and update the classification of herbarium material and published an index of seeds of the Botanical Garden, she went on numerous botanical collecting trips in Portugal, arranged expeditions to Mozambique with her husband where they made large collections of plants increasing the herbarium material of the Botanical Institute of Coimbra and the Center for Tropical Research.

Between 1944 and 1991, she attended 41 international congresses, held in Spain, France, UK, Sweden and Portugal, while between 1945 and 2000, she published some 250 papers in the field of plant systematics, but in karyology and the history of botany. From her considerable work in plant taxonomy, numerous new combinations, she described more than fifty taxa new to science. Rosette Batarda Fernandes is commemorated including Marsilea batardae Launer, her papers on the karyology of Angiosperms were published between 1945 and 1947 in collaboration with her husband Abilio Fernandes. Her contributions to Macaronesian flora were published in the Bulletin of the Broterian Society and Broterian Iconographia Selecta Azoricae Florae. Noteworthy studies published between 1993 and 1997, were the Flora Ibérica, which include taxonomic treatments of eight genera belonging to the Cruciferae, Crassulaceae and Malvaceae, she contributed to Flora Europaea noteworthy papers published in Volumes II, III and IV, covering the systematic study of 11 genera belonging to the Boraginaceae, Labiatae and Scrophulariaceae.

As for African flora, she published 80 papers in journals between 1954 and 2000 - some were Conspectus Florae Angolensis, Garcia de Orta, Flora Zambeziaca and Flora of Mozambique