Rizovouni, Preveza

Rizovouni is a village of Epirus and belongs to Preveza. Its oldest name, ` Podgoras', is of Slavic origin and means at the root of the mountain; the late modern "Rizovouni" attributes to the Greek content of the Slavic word. The village has a population of 5,653 inhabitants; the area is characterized as semi-mountainous. The climate is Mediterranean type. Rizovouni Nicopolis of Preveza a community, today belongs to the municipality of Thesprotiko with the homonymous village; the Municipality of Thesprotico consists of the following municipal districts and villages: Thesprotiko, Rizovouni and Zervo, Meliana, Nikolitsi and Platania, Polystafylo. Geographically, the municipality is located in a valley called "Little Lakka Souliou", where the amphitheatricality of the villages, the olive groves, the orange groves and the rich vegetation are combined; the valley is formed between the Thesprotian Mountains to the west at an altitude of 1250 meters and Tsuka Podogora-Zarkorachi to the east at an altitude of 1270 meters.

It includes Lake Mavri, dried up around 1960 and part of Lake Ziros. The valley is crossed by a river, called "Ampoulas". Rizovouni extends to the east up to Ziros Lake. Part of the lake area belongs to Rizovouni as well as agricultural land in the surrounding area of Tseropolis. In the eastern part of the village lies Kastri, a hill about 180 m high with archaeological and historical interest: there lie the ruins of the ancient city of Vatia or Vaties, a colony of theIlians from the 8th century BC. as well as the Church of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary a cathedral of the Kastri Monastery of Rizovouni. The present church was built and decorated in, but is based on the central aisle of anEarly Christian basilica, from which several parts are preserved. Rizovouni, according to the 2001 census, has 784 inhabitants. There is a kindergarten and an elementary school in Rizovouni. There is an Education Club, a Women's Club, in the past there was a former Sports Club. Residents' occupations are split between micro-farming andlivestock, technical occupations and few services.

In Rizovouni there are many churches and picturesque chapels, natural springs, orchards with oranges, small olive groves, flower gardens. Rizovouni offers beautiful mountain tours along the amphitheatrical village, at Kastri and Ziros Lake. Winter is snowy, but rainfall is common. Agios Nikolaos and old Agios Nikolaos Ascension Agia Paraskevi Little Agia Paraskevi Agia Sophia Prophet Elias Agios Ioannis Agia Marina Church of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary Agia Eleousa Zirou Municipality Preveza Regional Unit Weather in Rizovouni Preveza Rizovuni Weather - The Weather Now

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