Prince Georg Ludwig of Holstein-Gottorp

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Georg Ludwig of Holstein-Gottorp, Portrait in Eutin Castle

Prince Georg Ludwig of Holstein-Gottorp (16 March 1719 – 7 September 1763) was a Prussian lieutenant-general and an Imperial Russian field marshal.

He was the youngest son of Christian August of Holstein-Gottorp, Prince of Eutin and his wife Albertina Frederica of Baden-Durlach. He joined the Prussian army in 1741 and was appointed major general in 1744; in the Seven Years' War, he served under the command of Field Marshal Johann von Lehwaldt where he was promoted to lieutenant-general. In 1760 he fought in the Battle of Torgau after which he was dismissed by Frederick the Great for not being fast enough,[1] he then served for Peter III of Russia, his second cousin once removed, and became field marshal on 21 February 1762. Due to the revolution on 4 June 1762, headed by his niece, Catherine the Great, he lost his position and returned to Kiel where he died soon after.


Portrait of Sophie Charlotte of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck by Dominicus van der Smissen.

Georg Ludwig married Princess Sophie Charlotte of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck in 1750. She was the daughter of Frederick William II, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck. They had three children:

  • Friedrich (1751-1752), died in infancy;
  • Wilhelm (1753-1772), died young, unmarried;
  • Peter (1755-1829), who served as regent for his cousin before ultimately becoming Grand Duke of Oldenburg.

Sophie died on 7 August 1763, exactly one month before her husband.


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