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William Screven

William Screven was a 17th-century Reformed Baptist church planter and preacher from England who founded the first Baptist church in the South. William Augustine Screven was born in the town of Somerton in Somerset, England in 1629, emigrated to New England in the 1640s. In the 1670s, Screven was baptized at the First Baptist Church in Boston by John Myles, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Swansea, serving as pastor of the nearby Boston church during King Philip's War. Screven was ordained in January 1682 by the First Baptist Church of Boston, so that he might establish a church in Kittery, which he did on September 25 of that year. In 1696, the new church moved to Charleston, South Carolina at least because of disagreements between the Rev. Mr. Screven and the New England Baptist authorities. According to family tradition, however and his band of ten followers were escorted to the edge of town by the local Puritans and told to leave and never return, on pain of hanging; the relocated congregation became the First Baptist Church of Charleston, South Carolina, the oldest Baptist church in the South and one of the oldest in the United States.

The Rev. Mr. Screven recommended that any future pastor be "orthodox in faith, of blameless life, does own the confession of faith put forth by our brethren in London in 1689" declaring the church to be Calvinist; the Rev. Mr. Screven was buried on his personal property; the inscription on his grave reads as follows: "A pioneer Baptist Preacher of Sommerton, immigrated to Kittery, forced to leave that state for preaching the gospel, came south with a group of Baptists, organized the First Baptist Church in the South 1693, at Charleston, served First Baptist there until 1706. Died in 1713 and buried in private yard at Georgetown, S. C. A servant of Christ, Pure in Morals, Sound in Doctrine, Abundant in Labors." The Screven Baptist Association, founded in 1950, is named for him. This group is an umbrella group for churches in Dorchester and eastern Orangeburg Counties. Southern Baptist Convention Charleston, South Carolina Baptists in the United States A History of the Baptists. Chapter 6: The Baptists of Maine and South Carolina Google Book Search: The South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine Historical Marker Database Cemetery Inscription First Baptist Church of Charleston, South Carolina The Screven Baptist Association

Heather Bambrick

Heather Bambrick is a Canadian jazz singer and voice-over actress based in Toronto, Ontario. Heather Bambrick was born in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, to parents John and Joan Bambrick, she attended Holy Heart of Mary High School and was active in the music program there, singing with their award-winning Chamber Choir. She went on to study Political Science and English at Memorial University of Newfoundland, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree. During her university studies, Bambrick began performing part-time as a dinner theatre actress in various productions, was singing with a number of community Jazz choirs. In 1993, Bambrick moved to Ontario to study at the University of Toronto as a Voice major in the Jazz Studies Department, she graduated in 1997, with a Bachelor of Music degree and began working as a freelance musician and teacher. She was a founding member of the Beehive Singers, recorded with them on projects for Jaymz Bee and the Royal Jelly Orchestra, Carol Welsman, as well as on their own self-titled album in 1990.

The group disbanded soon after the release of their only recording, at which point Bambrick began a solo career, releasing several solo recordings, including It's About Time, Those Were The Days, You'll Never Know, the latter of which earned her a 2017 JUNO-Award nomination for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year, a 2018 East Coast Music Award nomination for Jazz Recording of the Year. In June, 2019, she released "Fine State", featuring more pop/rock-inspired arrangements, making musical commentary about the world around her. In 2004, Bambrick was named "Jazz Vocalist of the Year" at the Canadian National Jazz Awards. In between solo projects, Bambrick was a guest vocalist on a number of other recordings, including those for The Breithaupt Brothers, the Caliban Bassoon Quartet, Irving Dobbs, the late Peter Appleyard. In 2012, she formed Broadsway with fellow Toronto-based artists Julie Michels. Together, they released two studio recordings: Old Friends, The Most Wonderful Time... Maybe. Beyond music, Bambrick is active as a voice actor on a number of commercial campaigns and television series, including Get Ed, Wild Kratts, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, The Ron James Show, Justin Time.

She has voiced characters for various other series, including Odd Job Jack, The Dating Guy, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, Atomic Puppet, Hotel Transylvania: The Series, The Three Amigonauts, several others. In 2001, Bambrick began broadcasting at JAZZ. FM91, in Toronto, where she has hosted several shows including "Sing, Sing", "Wake Up... with Heather Bambrick", "Jazzology", "Sunday Afternoon Jazz". She is producer and host of "The Heather Bambrick Show". Heather is one of the founders of JAZZCAST, an internet radio station based in Toronto, ON, she is a three-time nominee and two-time winner of "Broadscaster of the Year" at the National Jazz Awards. Heather Bambrick on IMDb Heather Bambrick from her website

Uvinsky District

Uvinsky District is an administrative and municipal district, one of the twenty-five in the Udmurt Republic, Russia. It is located in the southwestern central part of the republic; the area of the district is 2,445.4 square kilometers. Its administrative center is the rural locality of Uva. Population: 39,671 ; the population of Uva accounts for 50.4% of the district's total population. Верховный Совет Удмуртской Республики. №663-XII 7 декабря 1994 г. «Конституция Удмуртской Республики», в ред. Закона №37-РЗ от 9 октября 2009 г «О внесении поправок к Конституции Удмуртской Республики». Опубликован: "Известия Удмуртской Республики", №№198-199, 27 декабря 1994 г.. Государственный Совет Удмуртской Республики. Закон №72-РЗ от 29 ноября 2004 г. «Об установлении границ муниципальных образований и наделении соответствующим статусом муниципальных образований на территории Увинского района Удмуртской Республики», в ред. Закона №40-РЗ от 12 июля 2005 г. «О внесении изменений в отдельные Законы Удмуртской Республики об установлении границ муниципальных образований и наделении соответствующим статусом муниципальных образований на территории Удмуртской Республики».

Вступил в силу с 1 января 2005 г. Опубликован: "Собрание законодательства Удмуртской Республики", №5, 25 июля 2005 г.. Государственный Совет Удмуртской Республики. Закон №46-РЗ от 19 октября 2006 г. «Об административно-территориальном устройстве Удмуртской Республики», в ред. Закона №60-РЗ от 12 октября 2012 г. «О внесении изменений в отдельные Законы Удмуртской Республики». Вступил в силу через десять дней после официального опубликования. Опубликован: "Известия Удмуртской Республики", №185, 12 декабря 2006 г

Jonathan Rashleigh (1591–1675)

Jonathan I Rashleigh, of Menabilly, near Fowey in Cornwall, was an English shipping-merchant, Member of Parliament for Fowey in 1614, 1621, 1625, April 1640 and November 1640, 1661 and served as Sheriff of Cornwall in 1627. He supported the Royalist cause during the Civil War, he was the second son and heir of John Rashleigh, MP for Fowey in 1588. He married twice, his first marriage was on 17 December 1614, to Anne Basset, eldest daughter of Sir Robert Basset of Umberleigh and Heanton Punchardon in Devon, MP for Plymouth in 1593, by his wife Elizabeth Periam, the second daughter and co-heiress of Sir William Peryam, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer. By Anne he had five children including: John Rashleigh, who pre-deceased his father, whose mural monument exists in Kenton Church. Devon, he married Joan Pollexfen, daughter of John Pollexfen of Mothecombe and was the father of Jonathan Rashleigh II, of Menabilly, many times MP for Fowey and Sheriff of Cornwall in 1687 Alice Rashleigh, wife of Sir Peter Courtney, MP, of Trethurfe, Cornwall.

Elizabeth Rashleigh, who married her cousin from the senior Cornwall line, John Rashleigh of Coombe, Fowey, MP for Fowey in 1661His second marriage was in 1633 to Mary Harris, daughter of John Harris of Radford, near Plymouth, Devon. Rashleigh died on 1 May 1675 and was succeeded by his grandson Jonathan Rashleigh, of Menabilly, many times MP for Fowey and Sheriff of Cornwall in 1687. Rashleigh was elected Member of Parliament for Fowey in 1614, 1621 and 1625. In 1627 he served as Sheriff of Cornwall. In April 1640 he was re-elected MP for Fowey for the Short Parliament and re-elected in November 1640 for the Long Parliament.} He supported the King in the Civil War and was disabled from sitting in parliament in 1644. He was bankrupted by penalties imprisoned in St Mawes castle, his fortunes were repaired at the Restoration in 1660. He was elected once more MP for Fowey to the Cavalier Parliament in 1661 and sat until his death at the age of 83. Willis, Browne. Notitia Parliamentaria, Part II: A Series or Lists of the Representatives in the several Parliaments held from the Reformation 1541, to the Restoration 1660...

London. Pp. onepage&q&f&#61, false 168, 177, 230, 242. Vivian, J. L. ed.. The Visitations of the County of Devon, Comprising the Heralds' Visitations of 1531, 1564, & 1620. With additions by Lieutenant-Colonel J. L. Vivian. Exeter: Henry S. Eland. Brunton, D. Members of the Long Parliament. London: George Allen & Unwin. Vivian's Visitations of Cornwall. Exeter: William Pollard & Co. 1887

CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive

CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co. Ltd. is one of the electric locomotive manufacturers in China. It is one of the subsidiaries of CRRC. Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works was founded in 1936. On 31 August 2005, CSR Group Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co. Ltd. was spin-off from the locomotive works. After the formation of listed company CSR Corporation Limited, the limited company "CSR Group Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive" became part of the listed portion of the group, the intermediate holding company remained unlisted; the limited company renamed to CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co. Ltd. In 2015 the company was renamed into CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co. Ltd.. Siemens Traction Equipment Ltd. is a joint venture between Siemens, Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric and CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive. It produces AC drive AC locomotive traction components. In September 2012, CSR Zhuzhou Locomotive agreed to build a factory at Batu Gajah in Malaysia, it has different joint ventures established with Siemens' Siemens Transportation Systems to build metro cars for the Guangzhou Metro Line 3, to deliver 180 new HXd1 BoBo+BoBo EuroSprinter-based freight locomotives.

Shaoshan series electric locomotives SS1 inspired from USSR and French locomotive 6Y2 SS3 inspired from Japanese locomotive SS4 SS5 SS6 - SS6B SS8 SS9 VVVF control electric locomotives DJ "Gofront" DJ1 DJ2 "Olympic Stars" HXD1 licensed from Siemens HXD1B HXD1C HXD1D HXD1G Export products TM1 TM2 TM3 O'zbekiston KZ4A DJJ1 "Blue Arrow" DJJ2 "China Star" CJ6 Changsha–Zhuzhou–Xiangtan intercity railway KTM Class 92 KTM Class 93 MŽ 411 for Macedonian Railways TFR Class 20E AC/ DC electric locomotives Leo Express East Coast Rail Line Shanghai Metro Guangzhou Metro Shenzhen Metro Wuhan Metro Type B cars. Yangluo line will use the same Type A cars. Ningbo Rail Transit lines 1, 2 & 3 Kunming Rail Transit lines 1, 2, 3 and 6 Zhengzhou Metro lines 1, 2 and 5 Rapid Metro Gurgaon Changsha Metro lines 1, 2, 3 and 4 Wuxi Metro line 1 Lahore Metro Orange Line Nanning Rail Transit lines 1 & 2 Ürümqi Metro line 1 Istanbul Metro Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 Ankara Metro, Turkey Izmir Metro, Turkey Rapid KL Ampang Line & Sri Petaling Line, Malaysia Guangzhou tram, China Huai'an tram, China Shenzhen tram, China Auto City tram T1 LRV in Wuhan - 21 cars with Siemens Changsha Maglev Official website