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Prismatic World Tour

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Prismatic World Tour
Tour by Katy Perry
The Prismatic World Tour.png
Associated albumPrism
Start dateMay 7, 2014 (2014-05-07)
End dateOctober 18, 2015 (2015-10-18)
No. of shows
  • 38 in Europe
  • 66 in North America
  • 25 in Oceania
  • 12 in Asia
  • 10 in Latin America
  • 151 in total
Box office$204.3 million
Katy Perry concert chronology

The Prismatic World Tour was the third concert tour by American singer Katy Perry, in support of her fourth studio album, Prism (2013). The tour began on May 7, 2014, in Belfast, Northern Ireland at the Odyssey Arena, concluding on October 18, 2015, in Alajuela, Costa Rica at Parque Viva after six legs;[1] the Prismatic World Tour grossed more than $204.3 million from 149 shows with a total attendance of 1,984,503 between 2014 and 2015 and it is Perry's most successful tour to date.[2][3]


Perry performing "Roar"

Perry first teased the tour during her "We Can Survive" event at the Hollywood Bowl on October 23, 2013, where she encouraged fans to see her on her 2014 tour, stating that it would be "magical",[4] she told Entertainment Weekly that "The tour is going to be fantastic. I always try to take it to the next level. I think people will realize what the tour is going to be like when they listen to the music." She also emphasized that she would be "very close" to the audience during the tour.[5] At the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards, Perry said the show would be "less cartoony" than the California Dreams Tour and would be a "feast for your eyes".[6] Perry told Capital FM in December 2013 that the tour has a less of a storyline than her previous endeavors, saying:

I'm going to bring all the bells and whistles like it was last time but it won't be so highly narrated. I just want a little bit more room to express myself ... I'm just really excited. I just did a big tour meeting yesterday and saw the graphic drawing of the stage and it's unlike anything I've seen for any other artist and it's unlike anything I've ever done. It's different, it's fresh, it's clean and it's actually in the middle of the audience.[7]

Over 275 costumes were designed for the tour, including 80 for the dancers. Perry gave designer Marina Toybina intricate details for each outfit's materials, patterns, and designs. According to Toybina, "[Perry's] creative involvement was daily, down to us deciding together on trims, final prints, specific materials and color spectrum for any and all digital artwork".[8]

During the acoustic set of the tour, Perry was dressed in a butterfly-themed see-through dress with a sparkling cape with the stage props designed with sun flowers (Left). While during the Cat-Oure section, Perry and her dancers were dressed as cats (Right).

Perry announced the tour on November 18, 2013, via Twitter, she announced the first leg taking place in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and England along with Icona Pop as the opening act. According to the official press release, the tour is designed to be a "multi-faceted spectacular" and will include a special standing pit around the stage called "The Reflection Section" that will allow Perry to be "closer than ever to her fans." The first leg took place in May 2014.[9] The second leg was announced on January 15, 2014, consisting of concerts in Canada, United States and Mexico; the leg ran from June to October 2014. Ferras opened for Perry in all of the North American dates with the exception of Mexico.[10] Capital Cities opened from June 22, 2014 through August 8, 2014, Kacey Musgraves opened from August 10, 2014 through September 10, 2014, duo Tegan and Sara opened from September 12, 2014 through October 8, 2014, and Becky G opened from October 10 through 18, 2014;[11] the third leg, consisting of shows in Oceania, was announced in February 2014.[12] Betty Who served as the opening act from November 7 through 28, 2014, while Tove Lo opened from November 30 until the end of the leg; the fourth leg was announced on June 2, 2014.[13] It took place from February to March 2015 through Europe and Charli XCX opened the shows;[14] the fifth leg of the tour, consisting of 12 shows, was announced on January 29, 2015 and has taken place in Asia between April and May 2015. Ferras returned as the opening act for Taipei,[15] while The Dolls opened in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tokyo, Macau, Manila, Jakarta, Singapore, and Bangkok;[15] the sixth and final leg of the tour, consisting of 10 shows, was announced on March 7, 2015 and has taken place in Latin America between September and October 2015. Tinashe served as the opening act in Curitiba, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Bogotá, San Juan, Panama City, and Alajuela.[16] Other opening acts included Gala Brie in Lima, AlunaGeorge in São Paulo, Lali in Buenos Aires, and Durazno in Bogotá. On February 16, 2015, Rock in Rio announced Perry as a main headliner of the festival in Rio de Janeiro.[17]


Perry performing "Legendary Lovers"

Multiple outfits and costumes are featured throughout the tour, her first costume, which is worn during the "Prismatic" act, is a silver, mirrored leather skirt, complete with finger less gloves and matching heels. The neckline, waistline, arms and bottom of the skirt all are installed with lights that glow during the performance. Perry also has light up extensions to match her dress for this section. During the "Egyptian" act, Perry wears a hand-embroidered purple leotard, a hand-embellished collar and an ornate purple and gold skirt, complete with thigh high purple high heel boots, she also wears a blonde wig with black bangs and ends. The "Cat-oure" act has Perry wearing a sparkly, pink, leopard leotard, complete with a tail and a matching pink plastic hat with cat ears and a short black bobbed wig attached to it; the chest and abdomen of the costume are nude colored, and the costume also contains a shimmery belt and collar. For the "Acoustic" act, Perry wears a butterfly inspired dress, a long with a short, silver glittery cape; the dress had a butterfly over the chest, and the bottom of the dress is see through, also containing butterflies imprinted on it. She also adorns a multi-colored wig, featuring pastel blues, pinks and greens; the "Throwback" act has Perry emerge on stage wearing a yellow smiley face push up bra, leggings with yellow piece signs on them, as well as a yellow skirt. For "It Takes Two", Perry wears a Yin-Yang crop top over her smiley face bra, and a large Yin-Yang dress that inflates as she rises on the stage. Following "It Takes Two", the Yin-Yang costume is removed and Perry now wears a yellow leather jacket with a smiley face on the back and sunglasses; the "Hyper Neon" act follows, where Perry wears a green palm tree inspired bra, high waisted underwear containing palm tree decor around it and pink heels with thigh high socks on. After exiting and returning to perform "Birthday", Perry emerges wearing a full body, skin-colored leotard; the leotard features many birthday themed items on it, such as balloons over the breasts, a cake over her pubic region, a bow on the buttocks, confetti and glitter everywhere, as well as 'Happy Birthday' embroidered on the back of it. During the entire "Hyper Neon" act, Perry wears a green ombre wig, that is dark towards the top, and transitions into a more lime green towards the tip; the wig is also pulled down into small buns. For the "Encore", Perry emerges with a long black wig, and a firework inspired dress; the corset and pants and heels are both glittery blue, and the corset features fireworks over the breasts. Perry adorns elbow length blue gloves with fireworks on them, she also wears a dress that straps onto the corset and reveals the front of her body. The dress is orange and features many different fireworks around it.

Costume changes

Performing "Wide Awake" with a new costume in Lima, Peru.

On May 14, 2014, at LG Arena in Birmingham, England, the Eyptian-inspired Lavender bodysuit and thigh-high boots were replaced with a Red bodysuit & Gladiator sandals during the "Ancient Egyptian" Section of the show. [1]

For the Asian Leg of the tour, Perry adorned several new costumes. For the "Prismatic" Act, she wore a metallic, purple cat inspired leotard; the outfit contained metallic, purple thigh high hell boots, a leotard complete with a cat face, with glowing eyes, and little multi-color triangles around the leotard that lit up, similar to her previous outfit. For the "Acoustic" set, Perry now wears a sparkly green dress, that has sunflowers over the breasts, and on other parts of the dress; the wig she adorns is also more vibrant in color, and less pastel. For her shows in China, during the "Throwback" and "Hyper Neon" act, Perry wore a pastel splatter paint inspired mini dress, which was a dress to look as if it had been splattered with paint. After her shows and China, Perry debuted (on tour) a new outfit to replace the splatter paint dress during the same act; this outfit consisted of a leather pink striped crop top bra, which had yellow shoulder pads sticking off of it. She wore leather pink striped cufflets and a pink, yellow and orange striped mini dress, created to look as if it was over lapping on itself – she wore this outfit when performing at the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend.

Concert synopsis

During the performance of "Part of Me", Perry was dressed in a mirrored-leather skirt with matching crop top with neon-clad dancers dressed in a similar way (Left). while in the performance of "Dark Horse", Perry rose from the stage emerging on a golden horse carried below by her dancers (Right).

The show begins with neon-clad dancers emerging on stage. An area of the stage moves to form a pyramid, from which Perry emerges to perform "Roar", wearing a mirrored leather skirt and crop top with neon lights woven into the seams. Towards the end of the song, she and the dancers skip using light-up ropes while the entire arena goes dark. "Part of Me" is the next track to be performed, where she and her dancers sprint down a 15 meter long treadmill. Following Part of Me, a dubstep version of "Wide Awake", during which a triangular section of the stage rises and rotates in the air, she then performs "This Moment", which features multi colored lasers projected across the stage. This Moment shortly transforms into "Love Me" afterwards, followed by Perry exiting the stage.. After a video interlude displaying Perry's face created out of stars and planets in space, she appears on stage atop a mechanical horse. During this section of the tour, she wears an Egyptian-themed outfit, completed with a hand-embroidered leotard, a hand-embellished collar and an ornate purple and gold skirt. Perry performs "Dark Horse", before moving on to "E.T.". A large diamond-shaped structure descends from the ceiling to lift the singer in the air. "Legendary Lovers" is then performed, followed by "I Kissed a Girl", which features dancers dressed as Rubenesque mummies with large breasts and buttocks. They follow Perry around the stage and after she exits, the mummies proceed with their own dance while guitarists are lifted into the air, with sparks shooting from their guitars.

During the performance of "It Takes Two", Perry wore a ying-yang crop top with a matching huge skirt that rose from the center of the stage and rotated (Left), while during "Birthday, Perry was lifted in the air while holding big balloons and flew all over the arena (Right).

A video interlude shows a cat being transported from the Pyramids of Giza to "Kittywood". Perry emerges on top of a large ball of wool wearing a catsuit, accompanied by her dancers wearing similar cat costumes. A jazz version of "Hot n Cold" is then performed, before Perry begins to perform "International Smile"; the song is intermingled with Madonna's "Vogue"; the dancers enact a short scene in which the cats chase a mouse. Perry re-enters, wearing a butterfly-themed dress and cape and performs multiple songs acoustically, including "By the Grace of God", a mash-up of "The One That Got Away" and "Thinking of You", and "Unconditionally".

At the beginning of this section, there is a "Megamix Dance Party", performed by the dancers and backing singers, which is a mix of a selection of songs. Perry arrives on stage wearing a top, skirt, and leggings featuring smiling faces and peace symbols, she performs "Walking on Air", where she is lifted above the stage and flies from on end to the other. Following this, she changes into a yin-yang dress to sing "It Takes Two". While performing the song, she is lifted off the ground while the bottom half of her dress is inflated and covers the lift, to give the apprentice of her being very tall. To close this section of the tour, a mash-up of "This Is How We Do" and "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" is performed as Perry and her dancers ride an inflatable car on stage. A video interlude is played, which shows Perry as a mental patient in a triangular padded cell, before paint splashes from all areas of the room, she appears on stage wearing a bra and skirt decorated with palm leaves to perform "Teenage Dream". "California Gurls" is then performed with blackout lights and dancers move letters that eventually recreate the Hollywood Sign. Perry exits the stage before re-emerging to sing "Birthday", wearing a one-piece outfit named the "Birthday Suit", decorated with balloons over her breasts, and other birthday themed items. During the performance, Perry brings a member of the audience whose birthday is near the show's date on stage, and they sit on a throne on top of a rotating birthday cake, which emerges from the stage, she soon is trapped into a seat with multiple balloons attached to it and flies around the entire audience as balloons and confetti descend from above. Soon after, she exits the stage once more after thanking everyone for attending and introducing her band members.

For the encore, an interlude called "Prism-Vision" is played, where the audience are encouraged to wear special rainbow-star diffraction glasses picked up before the show to magnify the visual effects of the performance. Perry enters the stage wearing a firework-themed dress to perform "Firework". During the song's climax, multiple fireworks explode on stage before Perry ends the show, exiting through the pyramid from which she entered the stage at the beginning.

Commercial performance

Perry closing the show with a performance of "Firework"

Ticket sales

The first leg attracted high public demand, resulting in additional shows in Belfast, Glasgow, and London being announced within hours of tickets being released on general sale.[18] Soon after, Perry added extra dates in Manchester and Birmingham.[19] Extra dates in the United States, Canada and Mexico were also added to the second leg of her tour shortly after the leg's first announcement.[20] Due to vast popularity during the pre-sale period, Perry added more shows to the Oceania leg in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, extending the leg to December.[12][21] Jesse Lawrence from Forbes reported on the North American leg of the tour, saying that her ticket sales averaged at $252.60 on the secondary market throughout the five-month stint in the country. His analysis concluded that the average price was higher than that of her peers, such as Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, adding "with Prismatic holding one of the highest tour average prices of the summer, the secondary market won't have many dates dropping below a $200 average price."[22]

On Pollstar's Mid Year Top 100 Worldwide Tours list, released in July 2014 and ranking tours up until that date, the Prismatic World Tour ranked at number 26 with $22 million in grosses and 249,716 tickets sold for 22 shows so far;[23] the Prismatic World Tour topped the Billboard Hot Tours weekly recap the week of September 18. The tour topped the chart with $31 million in ticket sales from 21 of the tour's North American concerts that occurred in a two-month span beginning on July 15.[24] In Australia, the tour sold more than 350,000 tickets across 23 dates, it broke the record for most tickets sold at the Allphones Arena, selling a total of 89,500 tickets spanning six shows. Paul Dainty of Dainty Group, the promoters of the Australian leg, stated that ticket demand was so high "we could have added another dozen shows everywhere easily."[25]


The Prismatic World Tour was an international success and became Perry's most successful tour to date; the tour was the second highest-grossing, and highest-grossing led by a female, in North America by average box office gross per city in 2014.[26] According to Pollstar, the tour was the fourth best-selling in the world, and the best-selling by a solo female, in 2014 with a gross of $153 million and 1,407,972 attendees;[2] the tour was highly successful in North America, becoming the 25th best-selling North American tour of all-time[27] with sales of $94.3 million, making it the third best-selling tour in North America of 2014.[28] The tour was also highly successful in Australia, selling 350,000 tickets across the country and breaking Allphones Arena's attendance record with over 89,000 tickets sold at Allphones Arena alone;[29] the tour's success continued into 2015. The Pollstar 2015 Mid-Year Top 100 Worldwide Tour list revealed the Prismatic World Tour as the 23rd highest grosser, with a total of $25.8 million from 35 shows, and a total of 373,133 in attendance.[30] However, Pollstar later adjusted its Mid-Year report, stating that the Prismatic World Tour grossed $35.7 million from 35 international dates in the first half of 2015 instead of $25.8 million.[31] In the other hand, one week later, Billboard reported that the Prismatic World Tour grossed over $41.7 million from 27 shows in the first half of 2015.[32] At the end of 2015, the tour placed 27th on Pollstar's "Top 100 Worldwide Tours", grossing $51 million from 43 dates.[3]

Perry's performances at Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena ranked at number 11 on Pollstar's 2014 Top Year End International Boxoffice list.[33] At the 2014 Billboard Touring Awards, the tour won the award for "Top Package" and was nominated for the "Concert Marketing & Promotion" award.[34][35] Perry was the seventh most-searched artist on Ticketmaster in 2014.[36]

Critical reception

Perry performing "This Is How We Do"

The tour has been well received by critics. Colin Stutz of Billboard called the performance in Belfast a "spectacle of costumes and colors".[37] Julian Douglas from The Irish Times wrote that Perry "entertained, thrilled, and serenaded" and "oozed professionalism" despite feeling "under the weather".[38] Emilee Lindner from MTV News felt Perry lived up to her previous "promise" of making the concert a "feast for your eyes and for your Instagram", and noted a recurring cat-theme within the show.[39] Mike Wass from Idolator praised the show's costumes and dubbed the show a "candy-colored visual extravaganza".[40] In a review of the one of the Glasgow shows, Matthew Magee from The Daily Telegraph awarded the tour four out of five stars, stating that Perry "made the kind of natural connection with her Glasgow audience that her peers would die for."[41] Richard Clayton of Financial Times gave the show an excellent review, awarding five out of five stars, and described it as "sonically stonking, visually spectacular and fun, fun, fun."[42] Daisy Wyatt from The Independent criticized Perry's vocal ability and stage presence, she awarded the tour three out of five stars.[43] Rolling Stone reviewer Mark Sutherland praised the tour, calling it "loud, garish, camp and never less than uproariously entertaining" and "a show to damage retinas and blow minds."[44]

Jem Aswad of The Village Voice described the show at Madison Square Garden as "Better Than: Every other multimillion-dollar concert I've seen" and commented that "The Prismatic tour, for all its expense and atom-splitting technology, is above all else fun, smart and crowd-pleasing, and I'll take that over the self-serious bombast that usually accompanies shows of this scale any day of the week."[45] Nate Chinen of The New York Times gave the same show a mixed review, saying that he felt the "music was subordinate to the spectacle", though described it as a "Spectacle of Pop Idol Proportions".[46] Pitchfork Media's Lindsay Zoladz commented on one of the shows at New York City's Barclays Center: "I felt about this concert the way I feel about Katy Perry overall: She throws everything she's got at the wall, and every so often hits a bullseye." Three journalists from Pitchfork gave the show a mixed review.[47] Jason Lipshutz of Billboard reviewed the same show positively, saying "the superstar is at the top of her game, and Prismatic's Brooklyn debut shone bright."[48] August Brown from the Los Angeles Times gave the tour a generally positive review, commenting that the "show at the Honda Center proved that Perry's persona is a lasting one", but "the few stumbles came in the presentation."[49] Consequence of Sound's Michael Roffman named Perry one of the Top Live Acts of 2014, saying that with the Prismatic World Tour, "similar to the late King and the still-truckin' Queen of Pop — Michael Jackson and Madonna, respectively — Perry creates an unforgettable event for her legions of fans."[50]


Year Award Category Result Ref.
2014 Teen Choice Awards Choice Music: Choice Summer Tour Nominated [51]
Billboard Mid-Year Music Awards Best Tour Nominated [52]
TEC Awards Tour / Event Sound Production Nominated [53]
Billboard Touring Awards Concert Marketing & Promotion Award Nominated [54]
Top Package Won
Capital Loves Awards Best Live Show Nominated [55]
2015 Pollstar Awards Major Tour of the Year Nominated [56]
Most Creative Stage Production Won

Broadcasts and recordings

Perry's pre-recorded "Birthday" performance at the Newcastle Metro Radio Arena show was aired live during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards ceremony on May 18, 2014.[57] On May 25, 2014 Perry headlined BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend, which was streamed live on the Radio 1 website, it was also broadcast live on BBC Three, BBC HD and BBC Radio 1. Highlights of the event were also broadcast on BBC Three and BBC HD during the week following the Big Weekend.[58] A recorded live performance of "Legends Never Die" with Ferras at the Staples Center was uploaded to Ferras's official YouTube channel on October 11, 2014.[59] Perry's performance during Rock In Rio on September 27, 2015, was broadcast live in Brazil on Multishow,, and Gshow, and internationally was streamed live online on, and AOL app.[60]

It was announced that the final Sydney shows on December 12 and 13, 2014 would be filmed for a concert movie. Almost a year later, on November 23, 2015, it was broadcast on Network Seven.[61] On March 28, 2015, Epix aired a two-hour concert special of the tour, as part of their "Free Preview Weekend".[62] A short video interlude for "Peacock" was broadcast before Perry performed "Teenage Dream".[63] During the exclusive Q&A with Epix, Perry confirmed that she will be making a DVD of the tour, she also revealed that she would change a couple of things for the DVD.[64] Netflix added the tour's concert movie to its streaming service on June 26, 2015;[65] the tour's concert movie was released on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download on October 30, 2015. All formats also include 30 minutes of exclusive extras.[66]

Set list

Perry performing "Walking on Air"

This set list is from the show on May 30, 2014 in London, England, it does not represent of all concerts for the duration of the tour.[44]

  • At selected dates in Europe, Perry performed "Double Rainbow" before "Unconditionally".[37]
  • At selected dates, such as on July 24 in Brooklyn and on April 28 in Taipei, Ferras joined Perry onstage in order to sing "Legends Never Die".[67]


List of concerts, showing date, city, country, venue, opening act, tickets sold, amount of available tickets, and gross revenue
Date City Country Venue Opening act Attendance Revenue
Leg 1 Europe[68]
May 7, 2014 Belfast Northern Ireland Odyssey Arena Icona Pop 18,553 / 18,553 $1,658,690
May 8, 2014
May 10, 2014 Newcastle England Metro Radio Arena N/A N/A
May 11, 2014 Nottingham Capital FM Arena
May 13, 2014 Birmingham LG Arena
May 14, 2014
May 17, 2014 Glasgow Scotland The SSE Hydro
May 18, 2014
May 20, 2014 Manchester England Phones 4u Arena 21,343 / 24,951[a] $1,796,590[a]
May 21, 2014 Liverpool Echo Arena N/A N/A
May 23, 2014 Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
May 24, 2014 Manchester Phones 4u Arena [a] [a]
May 25, 2014[b] Glasgow Scotland Glasgow Green N/A N/A N/A
May 27, 2014 London England The O2 Arena Icona Pop 53,871 / 63,574 $5,023,470
May 28, 2014
May 30, 2014
May 31, 2014
Leg 2 North America[10][70]
June 22, 2014 Raleigh United States PNC Arena Capital Cities
13,704 / 13,704 $1,461,008
June 24, 2014 Washington, D.C. Verizon Center 26,508 / 26,508 $3,293,503
June 25, 2014
June 27, 2014 Nashville Bridgestone Arena 13,487 / 13,487 $1,567,175
June 28, 2014 Atlanta Philips Arena 12,843 / 12,843 $1,525,349
June 30, 2014 Tampa Tampa Bay Times Forum 13,680 / 13,680 $1,503,644
July 2, 2014 Sunrise BB&T Center 12,888 / 12,888 $1,382,655
July 3, 2014 Miami American Airlines Arena 13,543 / 13,543 $1,432,275
July 7, 2014 Uncasville Mohegan Sun Arena 6,286 / 6,541 $941,786
July 9, 2014 New York City Madison Square Garden 13,846 / 13,846 $2,047,284
July 11, 2014 Newark Prudential Center 25,584 / 25,584 $3,363,432
July 12, 2014
July 15, 2014 Montreal Canada Bell Centre 14,284 / 14,284 $1,332,540
July 16, 2014 Ottawa Canadian Tire Centre 13,260 / 13,260 $1,053,260
July 18, 2014 Toronto Air Canada Centre 44,556 / 44,556 $4,403,610
July 19, 2014
July 21, 2014
July 22, 2014 Pittsburgh United States Consol Energy Center 13,909 / 13,909 $1,440,835
July 24, 2014 Brooklyn Barclays Center 27,823 / 27,823 $3,280,455
July 25, 2014
August 1, 2014 Boston TD Garden 26,227 / 26,227 $3,178,415
August 2, 2014
August 4, 2014 Philadelphia Wells Fargo Center 28,213 / 28,213 $2,952,334
August 5, 2014
August 7, 2014 Chicago United Center 27,851 / 27,851 $3,369,142
August 8, 2014
August 10, 2014 Grand Rapids Van Andel Arena Kacey Musgraves
10,286 / 10,286 $787,474
August 11, 2014 Auburn Hills The Palace of Auburn Hills 13,888 / 13,888 $1,363,889
August 13, 2014 Columbus Nationwide Arena 14,138 / 14,138 $1,391,453
August 14, 2014 Cleveland Quicken Loans Arena 15,376 / 15,376 $1,336,244
August 16, 2014 Louisville KFC Yum! Center 16,306 / 16,306 $1,607,190
August 17, 2014 St. Louis Scottrade Center 14,395 / 14,395 $1,463,826
August 19, 2014 Kansas City Sprint Center 13,132 / 13,132 $1,219,456
August 20, 2014 Lincoln Pinnacle Bank Arena 13,693 / 13,693 $1,217,100
August 22, 2014 Minneapolis Target Center 13,718 / 13,718 $1,357,694
August 23, 2014 Fargo Fargodome 21,843 / 21,843 $1,660,459
August 26, 2014 Winnipeg Canada MTS Centre 11,858 / 11,858 $956,695
August 28, 2014 Saskatoon Credit Union Centre 12,379 / 12,379 $940,310
August 29, 2014 Calgary Scotiabank Saddledome 12,295 / 12,295 $1,239,040
August 31, 2014 Edmonton Rexall Place 25,112 / 25,112 $2,161,810
September 1, 2014
September 9, 2014 Vancouver Rogers Arena 27,462 / 27,462 $2,680,950
September 10, 2014
September 12, 2014 Portland United States Moda Center Tegan and Sara
13,675 / 13,675 $1,137,015
September 13, 2014 Tacoma Tacoma Dome 19,902 / 19,902 $1,764,933
September 16, 2014 Anaheim Honda Center 23,374 / 23,374 $2,619,670
September 17, 2014
September 19, 2014 Los Angeles Staples Center 28,791 / 28,791 $3,606,823
September 20, 2014
September 22, 2014 San Jose SAP Center 25,173 / 25,173 $2,963,031
September 23, 2014
September 25, 2014 Glendale Gila River Arena 13,145 / 13,145 $1,423,994
September 26, 2014 Las Vegas MGM Grand Garden Arena 12,886 / 12,886 $1,742,965
September 29, 2014 Salt Lake City EnergySolutions Arena 13,860 / 13,860 $1,218,622
September 30, 2014 Denver Pepsi Center 12,784 / 12,784 $1,283,904
October 2, 2014 Dallas American Airlines Center 27,453 / 27,453 $3,520,503
October 3, 2014
October 5, 2014 Memphis FedExForum 13,136 / 13,136 $1,177,517
October 6, 2014 Tulsa BOK Center 12,388 / 12,388 $1,285,851
October 8, 2014 New Orleans New Orleans Arena 13,718 / 13,718 $1,274,571
October 10, 2014 Houston Toyota Center Becky G
24,268 / 24,268 $2,692,788
October 11, 2014
October 14, 2014 Monterrey Mexico Monterrey Arena Becky G N/A N/A
October 15, 2014
October 17, 2014 Mexico City Palacio de los Deportes 39,212 / 40,368 $3,726,052
October 18, 2014
Leg 3 Oceania[71]
November 7, 2014 Perth Australia Perth Arena Betty Who 29,153 / 29,153 $3,822,000
November 8, 2014
November 11, 2014 Adelaide Adelaide Entertainment Centre 18,426 / 18,426 $2,264,770
November 12, 2014
November 14, 2014 Melbourne Rod Laver Arena 100,923 / 100,923[c] $13,360,900[c]
November 15, 2014
November 18, 2014
November 19, 2014
November 21, 2014 Sydney Allphones Arena 93,841 / 93,841[d] $12,177,000[d]
November 22, 2014
November 24, 2014
November 25, 2014
November 27, 2014 Brisbane Brisbane Entertainment Centre 60,159 / 60,159[e] $7,350,110[e]
November 28, 2014
November 30, 2014 Tove Lo
December 1, 2014
December 4, 2014 Melbourne Rod Laver Arena [c] [c]
December 6, 2014
December 7, 2014
December 10, 2014
December 12, 2014 Sydney Allphones Arena [d] [d]
December 13, 2014
December 15, 2014 Brisbane Brisbane Entertainment Centre [e] [e]
December 19, 2014 Auckland New Zealand Vector Arena 24,157 / 24,157 $3,046,890
December 20, 2014
Leg 4 Europe[14][72]
February 16, 2015 Barcelona Spain Palau Sant Jordi Charli XCX N/A N/A
February 17, 2015 Montpellier France Park&Suites Arena
February 20, 2015 Lyon Halle Tony Garnier
February 21, 2015 Milan Italy Mediolanum Forum
February 23, 2015 Prague Czech Republic O2 Arena
February 24, 2015 Kraków Poland Tauron Arena
February 26, 2015 Vienna Austria Wiener Stadthalle
February 27, 2015 Bratislava Slovakia Ondrej Nepela Arena
March 1, 2015 Zürich Switzerland Hallenstadion 13,000 / 13,000 $1,183,140
March 2, 2015 Munich Germany Olympiahalle N/A N/A
March 4, 2015 Antwerp Belgium Sportpaleis 18,396 / 19,920 $1,045,430
March 5, 2015 Cologne Germany Lanxess Arena N/A N/A
March 7, 2015 Herning Denmark Jyske Bank Boxen
March 9, 2015 Amsterdam Netherlands Ziggo Dome
March 10, 2015
March 12, 2015 Hamburg Germany O2 World Hamburg 7,936 / 11,664 $537,228
March 13, 2015 Berlin O2 World 12,491 / 12,515 $753,185
March 15, 2015 Riga Latvia Arena Riga N/A N/A
March 18, 2015 Helsinki Finland Hartwall Arena
March 20, 2015 Oslo Norway Telenor Arena
March 22, 2015 Stockholm Sweden Ericsson Globe
Leg 5 Asia[15]
April 18, 2015 Guangzhou China Guangzhou Sports Arena The Dolls N/A N/A
April 21, 2015 Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena
April 22, 2015
April 25, 2015 Tokyo Japan Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium
April 26, 2015
April 28, 2015 Taipei Taiwan Taipei Arena Ferras
May 1, 2015 Macau Cotai Arena The Dolls
May 2, 2015
May 7, 2015 Santa Maria Philippines Philippine Arena
May 9, 2015 Jakarta Indonesia Indonesia Convention Exhibition
May 11, 2015 Singapore Singapore Indoor Stadium
May 14, 2015 Bangkok Thailand IMPACT Arena
Leg 6 Latin America[73]
September 22, 2015 Lima Peru Hipódromo de Monterrico Gala Brie 15,635 / 15,635 $1,397,180
September 25, 2015 São Paulo Brazil Allianz Parque AlunaGeorge 35,564 / 35,564 $2,218,220
September 27, 2015[f] Rio de Janeiro Parque dos Atletas N/A N/A N/A
September 29, 2015 Curitiba Pedreira Paulo Leminski Tinashe 16,076 / 16,076 $1,115,000
October 3, 2015 Buenos Aires Argentina Hipódromo Argentino de Palermo Tinashe
17,623 / 17,623 $1,745,600
October 6, 2015 Santiago Chile Explanada del Estadio Nacional Tinashe
Consuelo Schuster
23,438 / 23,438 $1,955,240
October 9, 2015 Bogotá Colombia Parque Deportivo 222 Tinashe
18,796 / 18,796 $1,409,520
October 12, 2015 San Juan Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum Tinashe 15,218 / 15,653 $1,691,275
October 15, 2015 Panama City Panama Plaza Figali 6,928 / 8,000 $968,479
October 18, 2015 Alajuela Costa Rica Parque Viva 16,199 / 16,199 $1,423,310
Total 1,515,864 / 1,537,369



  • Baz Halpin – director
  • Harry Sandler – tour manager
  • Cindy Chapman – assistant tour manager
  • Jay Schmit – production manager
  • Kim Hilton – production coordinator
  • Kavi Agrawal – production coordinator
  • Bradford Cobb – tour producers
  • Steven Jensen – tour producers
  • Martin Kirkup – tour producers
  • Ngoc Hoang – tour producers
  • Alan Doyle – stage manager
  • John Czajkowski – tour accountant
  • David Mendoza – set construction
  • Michael Curry Designs – set construction
  • Aaron Ford – set construction
  • Patrick Seeley – set construction
  • Tamra Natisin – personal assistant
  • Armando Alarcon – personal trainer
  • Greenberg Traurig – legal representative
  • Jay Cooper – legal representative
  • Steve Plinio – legal representative
  • Bernie Gudvi – business manager
  • Jeff Hinkle – business manager
  • Sandy Cohen – business manager
  • Emma Banks– booking agent
  • Mitch Rose– booking agent
  • Jbeau Lewis– booking agent
  • Christian Carubi – booking agent
  • Tina Walters – travel agent
  • Debbie and Nancy Rosenblatt – travel agent
  • Lyndsay Thomson – travel agent
  • Tracy Lonsdale – travel agent
  • RJ Durell – choreographer
  • Nick Florez – choreographer
  • Katie Schaar – assistant choreographer
  • Todd Delano – hair and make-up
  • Clyde Haygood – hair and make-up
  • Larry McDaniel – hair and make-up
  • Darren Scott – hair and make-up
  • Erin Lareau – wardrobe
  • Lisa Nishimura – wardrobe
  • Laura Spratt – wardrobe
  • Abby Franklin – wardrobe
  • Marina Toybina – wardrobe
  • Tony Villanueva – wardrobe supervisor
  • Baz Halpin – production design
  • Kathy Beer – lighting director
  • John Chiodo – lighting crew chief
  • Baz Halpin – lighting design
  • Eric Marchwinski – lighting design
  • Julian Lavender – lighting design
  • John Huddleston – lighting design
  • Bart Buckalew – lighting technology
  • Tony Cerasuolo – lighting technology
  • Chris Donati – lighting technology
  • John Dall – lighting technology
  • Jamie Catt – lighting technology
  • Nick Barton – lighting technology
  • Alex Murphy – lighting technology
  • Tiffany Hudson – lighting technology
  • Chuck Melton – head rigger
  • Ricky Baiotto – riggers
  • Albert Pozzetti – riggers
  • Jake Harrelson – riggers
  • Patrick Leonard – riggers
  • Duane Burda – backline crew chief
  • Dan Lefevre – head chef, catering crew chief
  • Robert Moore – automation
  • Richard Kent – automation
  • Simon Parsons – automation
  • Rick Berger – automation
  • Michael Berger – automation
  • Eric Pelletier – automation
  • Luke Larson – carpenter
  • Dewey Evans – carpenter
  • Jimmy George – carpenter
  • PJ Smith – carpenter
  • Mike Ryder – carpenter
  • Vadim Melline – carpenter
  • Aaron Ford – carpenter
  • Pete Keppler – engineer
  • Eric Racy – engineer
  • Manny Barajas – engineer
  • Ben Rothstein – engineer
  • Shaun Barnett – pyrotechnics and lasers
  • Marc Webber – pyrotechnics and lasers
  • Ryan Hagan – pyrotechnics and lasers
  • Dan Ivory-Castle – pyrotechnics and lasers
  • Ian MacDonald – pyrotechnics and lasers
  • Michael Morey – pyrotechnics and lasers
  • Alex Oita – pyrotechnics and lasers
  • Lightborne – video design
  • Ben Nicholson – video design
  • JT Rooney – video design
  • Todd LePere – video design
  • Omar Montes-Rangel – video engineer, video director
  • Eugene McAuliffe – video engineer
  • Live Nation – promoter
  • SJM Concerts – promoter
  • AEG, OCESA / Zignia Live – promoter
  • Dainty Group – promoter
  • The Blonds – costume design
  • Roberto Cavalli – costume design
  • Discount Universe – costume design
  • J&M Costumers – costume design
  • Nicolas Jebran – costume design
  • Alexis Mabille – costume design
  • Marco Marco – costume design
  • Fausto Puglisi – costume design
  • Jeremy Scott – costume design
  • Silvia's Costumers – costume design
  • Straight-Laced @ Runway Archives & Showroom – costume design
  • Todd Thomas – costume design
  • Valentino – costume design
  • Johnny Wujek – costume design
  • LaDuca Shoes – costume design
  • Leah Adler – dancer
  • Khasan Brailsford – dancer
  • Lockhart Brownlie – dancer
  • Bryan Gaw – dancer
  • Loriel Hennington – dancer
  • Malik LeNost – dancer
  • Scott Myrick – dancer
  • Cassidy Noblett – dancer
  • Tracy Shibata – dancer
  • Britt Stewart – dancer


  • Kris Pooley – musical director
  • Max Hart – keys
  • Casey Hooper – guitar
  • Nathan Spicer – guitar
  • Adam Marcello – drums
  • Joshua Moreau – bass
  • Lauren Ball – background vocals
  • Cherri Black – background vocals
  • The Last Night – remixer
  • Jack Rayner – remixer

Credits adapted from The Prismatic World Tour program.[74]


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