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Production Workshop (PW) is a student-run theater at Brown University. Founded in 1960, it is one of the oldest student-run theaters in the United States. PW stages 7 full-scale productions each year in its main black box theatre. All aspects of PW productions, from acting to designing to running the box office, are managed entirely by undergraduate students.

Theater Spaces[edit]

PW controls two theater spaces located in T.F. Green Hall: the Upstairs Space and the Downstairs Space; the Upstairs Space is a small black box theater. Use of the Upstairs Space is allotted by a lottery held four times a year; the Upstairs Space frequently serves as a venue for full-length plays, musicals, staged readings, performance art, art installations, poetry readings, workshops, and dance concerts, among other projects.

The Downstairs Space, PW's main theater space, is a 35'x55' black box theater with 96 dimmers and an up-to-date sound system. In this space, PW produces 3 plays in the fall semester and 4 plays in the spring semester. Depending on the orientation of the stage, Downstairs Space shows usually have seating for 80-120 audience members.

Production Seasons[edit]

Productions in the Downstairs Space are categorized according to the seasons; the first two shows of the fall semester comprise "Fall at PW". The next three shows (in November, January, and February, respectively) make up "Winter at PW", and the final two shows of the spring semester form the "Spring at PW" season; the board holds a decision meeting for each season, during which the shows for that season are selected by the board. Any undergraduate student who wishes to direct a show in the Downstairs Space may submit a written proposal detailing his or her artistic vision for the project; each production in the Downstairs Space is given access to the space for four weeks, including a week of tech rehearsals and performances. The Downstairs Space is also used by Musical Forum in the third month of each semester for their musical.

Leadership and Meetings[edit]

The PW Board in the winter of 2010.

PW is managed by a board consisting of 10-18 students. New board members are accepted each semester and typically remain on the board for the rest of their undergraduate careers; the board's responsibilities include: selecting and producing shows, managing finances, publicizing shows, purchasing new equipment, allotting grant money, and maintaining the theatre spaces. The board holds open meetings every Sunday in which current shows are discussed, along with the day-to-day issues of running a working theater. In addition to the board, the production managers for any shows currently in rehearsal or performance are required to attend the weekly meeting.

Notable PW Alumni[edit]