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Professional Widow

"Professional Widow" is a 1996 song written by singer-songwriter Tori Amos. It was included on her 1996 album Boys for Pele; the eponymous "professional widow" is rumoured to be Courtney Love, widow of Kurt Cobain, whom Trent Reznor blames for the destruction of the friendship between himself and Amos. In 1999, Reznor's band Nine Inch Nails released a single called "Starfuckers, Inc.", with "Starfucker" being a word that appears in "Professional Widow". "Professional Widow" was released in July 1996 as the third single from the Boys for Pele album in the US, containing remixes by house music producers Armand van Helden and MK. The single reached number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. In Italy, the original version peaked at number two in October 1996. An edited version of the Armand's Star Trunk Funkin' Mix of "Professional Widow" was released as a double A-side single with "Hey Jupiter" in Europe and Australia. In December 1996, the single was released as an A-side in Europe, under the expanded title "Professional Widow", which topped the UK Singles Chart in January 1997 and reached the top 20 in Finland, Iceland and Norway.

This release contained additional remixes of the track by Mr. Roy. In an 1998 interview with Music & Media, Amos commented on the song: "It did kick my ass a bit, I know what Van Helden took and what he did and I think he did some clever things. They're two different pieces of work, the original Professional Widow is such a different read and I loved the fact that he didn't try and retain that at all, he went to the other pole." Lyrically the song borrows directly from the short story "The Sphinx" by Edgar Allan Poe. The lyric "what is termed a landslide of principal proportion" is taken from the line "what is termed a land-slide, of the principal portion of its trees". A video was made for the "Star Trunk Funkin' Mix," but it was a collection of clips from other Tori Amos videos edited together, it is the only video from between 1991 and 1998 that does not appear on Tori Amos: Complete Videos 1991-1998. One can see Amos playing "Professional Widow" live on the Welcome to Sunny Florida DVD; the performance features Jon Evans on bass and Matt Chamberlain on drums, while Amos plays the piano.

This version mutes out any instances of "fucker," and the last word, "cock". Boys for Pele version Tori Amos: harpsichord, Bösendorfer piano, vocals Alan Friedman: drum programming George Porter Jr.: bass guitar Manu Katche: drums Steve Caton: guitar CD single "Professional Widow" – 4:31 "Professional Widow" – 8:08 "Professional Widow" – 7:20 "Professional Widow" – 3:44 "Professional Widow" – 6:56 "Professional Widow" – 5:35 "Professional Widow" – 4:3112" single "Professional Widow" – 8:08 "Professional Widow" – 3:44 "Professional Widow" – 7:20 "Professional Widow" 6:56 CD single "Hey Jupiter" – 6:03 "Professional Widow" – 3:45 "Sugar" – 5:43 "Honey" – 4:1912" single "Professional Widow" – 8:08 "Hey Jupiter" – 4:14 "Talula" – 11:27Cassette single "Hey Jupiter" – 6:03 "Professional Widow" – 3:45 CD single "Professional Widow" – 3:45 "Professional Widow" "Professional Widow" – 8:08 "Professional Widow" "Professional Widow" 12" single "Professional Widow" "Professional Widow" "Professional Widow" "Professional Widow" Cassette single "Professional Widow" "Professional Widow" Following the release of Boys for Pele, on which it first appeared, "Professional Widow" has been featured on several releases.

1996 – The LP version is featured on the Escape from L. A. soundtrack. 1996 – The "Merry Widow version", a live version performed on an organ during her 1996 tour, appeared on the Hey Jupiter EP. 1997 – Boys for Pele was reissued in the UK and Australia featuring both the LP version and the full-length Star Trunk Funkin' Mix back-to-back. The track "In the Springtime of His Voodoo" is cut from the album. 2003 – The compilation CD Tales of a Librarian seats the radio edit of the Star Trunk Funkin' Mix between two other Boys for Pele songs. 2005 – The digital version of Boys for Pele was made available on iTunes, featuring the same track listing as the 1997 UK reissue. 2006 – The digital iTunes Essentials collection includes the full length Star Trunk Funkin' Mix in their Tori Amos best-of playlist, categorized as one of "The Basics". 2006 – The box set compilation A Piano: The Collection includes the Star Trunk Funkin' Mix edit as well as the Merry Widow Live Version, but again, not the album version.

The "Merry Widow" version featured here is an edit, which fades out some of Amos' dialog heard on the original Hey Jupiter EP. 2016 - the Boys For Pele" 2 CD Deluxe includes remasted album version as well the Star Trunk Funkin' Mix edit & the Merry Widow Live Version. "Professional Widow" – 4:31 "Professional Widow" – 8:08 "Profes

The End of the Party (short story)

"The End of the Party" is a short story by the English writer Graham Greene. It was first published in 1929, has been reprinted many times in anthologies, it is viewed as a classical expression of the English tradition of horror fiction, as it elicits a well-founded and intense sense of impending doom without inserting any scenes of physical violence. The two principal protagonists of "The End of the Party" are nine-year-olds, Peter Morton and Francis Morton; the story makes clear that although they are identical twins, they possess profound psychological differences – Peter, the elder by several minutes, is presented as a healthy child with an intensively protective attitude towards his impaired brother, while Francis is depicted as being challenged by an intense anxiety disorder. The unnamed narrator speculates that Francis suffered psychological trauma during the birth process, when he was separated from Peter. Peter and Francis will be separated again during a game of hide-and-seek, the scheduled climax of a birthday party for a family acquaintance, ten-year-old Colin Henne-Falcon.

Descriptions of the home of the Mortons, where the story begins, the Henne-Falcons, where it ends, make clear that the ambiance of the story is that of the English upper class between the two World Wars. The brief appearance of a child's nurse, other servants, help establish the social setting. Cozy elements such as an egg-and-spoon race, a three-legged race, a birthday cake do little to diminish the mounting horror of the story, as Francis is terrified by the prospect of being required to play hide-and-seek in the dark; as the climactic hide-and-seek game begins, the adults present turn out the lights and the children designated to hide, including Peter and Francis, are required to scatter. Peter senses his brother's terror and, aided by his instinctive grasp of his brother's psychological fears and needs, is able to guess where Francis has hidden himself. A gesture of Peter's hand in the dark, as he reaches out, tells him that his guess has been successful: he touches his younger brother and grasps his hand and crouches close to him, attempting to provide a continuing presence of reassurance.

Faint noises, described meticulously by Greene, show that the game is continuing, darkness continues to enshroud the place of safety where the two brothers are hiding. The game is over, a chandelier is lit, the party's hostess begins to scream with horror; as light floods into the niche where the brothers have hidden themselves, the narrator reports that Francis Morton has lain sprawled and still since the terrified child was startled beyond endurance by the touch of a human hand in the dark. The story's ironic ending makes clear that the nine-year-old did not live long enough to realize that the fingers descending upon his face were those of his protective brother, their separation would now be permanent. Greene published "The End of the Party" near the start of a writing career that would extend over more than six decades; the favorable response to his story may be connected to ongoing concerns in Britain due to the significant headcount of World War I veterans afflicted with "shell shock".

The story was anthologized in the Greene collection, Twenty-One Stories, published in 1954. Greene himself considered this story to be among his best, assisted in its selection among the texts reprinted in the Greene edition of the Viking Portable Library published in 1973 and reprinted since in revised editions. Commentary on "The End of the Party" tends to look at protagonist Francis Morton's impairments from the standpoint of a society that tries to help children with disabilities. A review published in 1999 by New York University encourages readers to develop a sense of empathy for the doomed child; the End of The Party public domain audiobook at LibriVox


Tytanium is the debut solo studio album by American rapper Sonny Seeza, an original member of multi-platinum hardcore rap group Onyx. The album was released on May 19, 2009 through Iceman Music Group and distributed by E1 Distribution; the album was produced by The Alchemist and others. The album features appearances by rappers Steven King, Greg Valentine, Tracy "Sunshiine" Woodall, Killah Priest, Tae G, Cybil. Sonny Seeza said the album "was more a double mix-tape with new songs, it wasn't what it set out to be. Due to company discrepancies and them dropping the ball, I pulled out". "Sonny Seeza Intro" - 0:17 "Romp" - 4:36 "Question #3" - 0:08 "It's Hot Down Here" - 2:57 "Tonight" - 1:51 "In Here I Am" - 3:24 "Dat Muzik" - 2:30 "Find Out" - 2:38 "Highway of Life" - 3:02 "Reelin'Em In" - 2:15 "Lot's of Faith" - 3:04 "Gravy" - 3:01 "See More Gains Intro" - 0:17 "We Got Next" - 2:45 "Where You At?" - 3:43 "OvaAchievas" - 2:18 "Ohh!" - 2:42 "SharkZindaTANK" - 1:49 "CerealWarZ" - 3:49 "Brooklyn" - 3:57 "Automatics" - 3:21 "Fire " - 1:27 "Blow Up" - 0:27 "Ha!

Ha!" - 3:55 "Let's Just" - 1:08 "Drunk & High" - 2:52 "Find Out" - 0:39 "Hidden Track": CerealWarZ - 5:06 The track "CerealWarZ" uses dialogue from a popular 70s commercial for the breakfast cereal "Life". In the ad two brothers refuse to try the new cereal, offer it to their younger brother Mikey. To their surprise, Mikey eagerly eats it; the commercials feature the catchphrase "He likes it! Hey Mikey!"

Fremantle Volunteer Sea Rescue Group Inc

The Fremantle Volunteer Sea Rescue Group Inc, or Fremantle Sea Rescue, is a volunteer lead marine search and rescue service based in Fremantle, Western Australia. It operates continuously and responds to 700 incidents a year, it is one of 39 sea rescue services recognised by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, who between them cover over 13,000 kilometres of the Western Australian coast. Fremantle Sea Rescue was established in 1977. Prior to 1975 there was no formal sea rescue service operating in WA. Following an incident in 1972 when two people drowned after their boat hit a submerged object, at the insistence of East Fremantle Yacht Club, yacht clubs in the Perth area formed the Volunteer Sea Search and Rescue Association in 1975, it was from this organisation. In 1999 FSR was based at Challenger Harbour. In 2004 three Perth sea rescue groups, Fremantle included, had issues over insurance cover provided by the government authority Fire and Emergency Services; the issue deepened further in 2012 when it appeared that FSR may have had to withdraw their fleet from service.

In November 2016 FSR moved into the vacant signal station on top of Cantonment Hill giving them views across Gage Roads to the popular holiday destination of Rottnest Island. FSR receives on average 33,000 calls per year, which results in them rescuing between 600 and 700 vessels. Official website

Juniper EX-Series

Juniper EX-Series is a series of Ethernet network switches designed and manufactured by Juniper Networks. These switches run on Juniper's network operating system, JUNOS. Juniper's CEO and present Chairman, Scott Kriens said that the product launch marked the beginning of a transcending chapter in Juniper's history, declaring, "The switch is on"; the EX series was launched 12 years after the company's founding in 1996. The Juniper EX2200 line of 1Gb Ethernet switches are compact gigabit switches, they are small and energy efficient making them environmentally great for office use. PoE variants in the EX2200 family support high-power 802.3at PoE+ on all ports, up to a maximum of 405 Watts, the maximum power budget for the switch. The power budget is the lowest of all EX series PoE switches, notably insufficient to run high-power Powered Devices on all ports simultaneously, they come in a variety of forms including a 24 port plus 4 SFP PoE and non-PoE, a 48 port plus 4 SFP PoE and non-PoE, the EX2200-C, a 12 port plus 2 SFP Poe and non-PoE models.

The 4 SFP ports allow link aggregation and uplink to aggregation switches without sacrificing the base ports. This model does not have dual power supplies. However, as of September 24, 2012, it supports Juniper's virtual chassis technology; the EX2200-24T/24P has a data rate of 56 Gbit/s while the EX2200-48T/48P has a data rate of 104 Gbit/s. The Juniper EX2200-C is a compact and energy efficient switch in a 1 U high and 10.8 inch wide formfactor. The EX2200-C does not have dual redundant power supplies nor does it have fans and instead the small unit stays cool with a heat sink that sits on the back of the unit; the PoE version is fanless. The EX2200-C is a small 19" rack mountable or desktop switch with 12 gigabit ports with a choice of PoE or non-PoE; the switch has 2 SFP uplink ports for virtual chassis, link aggregation or as uplinks to aggregation switches. The EX2200-C has a data rate of 28 Gbit/s; the Juniper EX2300 series is the successor to EX2200. In addition to the features of the EX2200 the most notable feature is the four SFP ports being updated to SFP+ ports.

EX2300 is compatible with the Juniper Fusion concept. The Juniper EX2500 line of 10Gb Ethernet switches address high-performance server access requirements with twenty-four 10 GbE SFP+ ports that deliver wire-speed performance and 700 nanosecond latency; the EX2500 Series will support 480 Gigabit per second throughput in a 1 rack-unit footprint. The EX2500 Series has both fan redundancy as standard features; the EX2500 Series comes with dual, load-sharing power supplies, as well as redundant, variable-speed fans to protect from single power supply or fan failure. The EX2500 is a rebranded OEM product which does not run JunOS; the EX2500 reached End of Sale in late 2012 The Juniper 3200 switches are 24-port or 48-port boxes with 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet ports supporting power over Ethernet. They can support 1G Ethernet and 10G Ethernet uplinks. Juniper's EX3300 Ethernet switches are cost-effective enterprise access solutions for data center environments that support converged data and video.

Models come with 24 or 48 10/100/1000BASE-T ports and four GbE/10GbE SFP/SFP+ uplink ports. The EX3300 switches support IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet or 802.3at PoE+. Optimized for the data center, the switches offer front-to-back and back-to-front cooling options, can be configured with a DC power supply. Up to 10 EX3300 switches can be interconnected and operated as a single device using Juniper’s Virtual Chassis technology; the Juniper EX3400 series is the successor to EX3300. In addition to the features of the EX3300 it adds two 40 G QSFP+ ports and two slots for power supplies instead of the fixed PSU in the EX3300. EX3400 is compatible with the Juniper Fusion concept; the Juniper 4200 series is built on modular chassis used for data centers and large corporate offices. They come in 24-port and 48-port models and support PoE as well as 1 Gig Ethernet and 10Gig Ethernet uplinks, they have a 24-port fiber option. These switches are stackable, 10 of them can be linked to create a single virtual switch supporting up to 480 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, forty 1G Ethernet or twenty 10G Ethernet ports.

EX4200 Virtual Chassis can be expanded by using optical ports and/or ethernet ports, thus allowing to manage device as a single switch if locations are separated. Optical modules support up to 80 kilometers range. All EX4200 family switches support power over Ethernet; the T series supports 802.3af PoE on a subset of ports. The PX series switches support 802.3at PoE+ on all ports. The total PoE power budget varies between models. Successor of the EX4200, similar in functionality/options. Can be used in as a leaf in a leaf and spine topology with the QFX5100. Complies to new ECC regulations which appears to be one of the reasons the EX4200 is being replaced; the Juniper EX4500 series consists of models which differ in the direction of the airflow used for cooling and the support for Converged Enhanced Ethernet. All models have forty 10G Ethernet SFP + ports. Two slots are available; the roadmap for these switches includes the ability to stack them together and with switches of the EX4200 series. The EX4550 series can be seen as an intermediate model between the EX4500 and the EX4600 with more similarities to the EX4500 since it is not an ELS switch.

Fixed platform. Virtual Chassis configuration consisting of up to 10 switches. Backplane 960 Gbit/s. EX4600 Ethernet Switches off

Elena Highton de Nolasco

Elena Inés Highton de Nolasco is an Argentine lawyer, judge and a member of Supreme Court of Justice of Argentina since 2004. Highton was born at Lomas de Zamora in Buenos Aires Province, she qualified as a lawyer and notary in 1966 at the University of Buenos Aires. Her postgraduate studies were at Harvard Law School and the University of Nevada. From 1967 she practised as a lawyer and in 1973 she became an official defence lawyer for incapable defendants. In 1979 she became a judge, joining the national Appeals Court in 1994, she taught extensively at UBA, has written several books on civil law. In June 2004, Highton joined the Supreme Court, she was the first woman to join the Court, although Carmen Argibay's appointment had been announced earlier. When it came to Senate approval, 51 of the senators present voted for her appointment and five were against. In August 2005 she was appointed vice-president of the Court; the International Association of Women Judges awarded her Human Rights Award during a conference held in Seoul on 18 May 2010.

Highton and her husband Alberto Mario Nolasco have two sons