Mayor of Karachi

Mayor of Karachi is the Mayor who heads the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation which controls the Local Government system of Karachi. The position of mayor is a ceremonial one; the current Karachi Local Government System follows Sindh Local Government Act 2013 The Karachi Local Government consists of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, subdivided into of 6 District Municipal Corporations which are headed by Chairmen and Deputy Chairmen. The districts or Zila of Karachi Local Government as of Sindh local government act 2013 are District Central, District West, District East, District South and Korangi; each district is further divided into Union Committees which are headed by Chairmen and vice chairmen. Each Union committee is further sub divided into four wards; the Local government elections directly elect the UC chairmen/vice chairmen panel and the 4 ward members of each UC. the seats are reserved for women, non Muslim minorities, youth members and labours in a Union Committee all of which are indirectly elected by the direct election of chairman/vice chairman panel.

The chairman of a Union committee belongs to the City council/KMC and elects the Mayor/deputy mayor candidate, while the Vice Chairman of Union Committee elects the chairman/Vice chairman of District Municipal corporation and works in District municipal corporation office. The historic and iconic building of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation houses the offices of mayor and deputy mayor of the city and the city council Hall with 304 members; the foundation of the building was laid in 1927 and the construction was completed on 1930. The cost of building was 1,725,000 RS. KDA Scheme 1 in Gulshan-e-Iqbal'Camp Office' is the official residence for the Deputy Mayor of Karachi. 1979 - 2005:Though the LBEs were, by law, held on a non-party basis, in reality the political parties were at the heart of the process. Political parties were supporting candidates, the media was extensively reporting party involvement.2016 elections: were party based officially. Party Legend Mayor results 2005 * All counsellors participated in direct voting process for mayor election for CDGK).

The election took place on 6 October 2005. Naimatullah Khan was fielded by Tameer-i-Karachi Ittehad of the combined opposition parties. * The 308 directly and indirectly elected members of Union Committee of KMC voted for Mayor of Karachi on 24 August 2016. Waseem Akhter comfortably defeated 6 party alliance formed to contest against the city's dominant political force, the MQMPTI Karachi leader Faisal Vawda submitted petition for the disqualification of Karachi mayor-elect Waseem Akhter few hours before his oath taking ceremony in the Sindh High Court. Sindh High Court withdrew his production orders and all sessions judges in Karachi were stopped from administering the oath after not getting clearance from the Sindh High Court. Faisal Wavda petition was rejected and second production orders were issued. Waseem Akhter was crowned mayor of Karachi on 30 August 2016. Ceremony was held at Polo Ground. City District Government Karachi Karachi Metropolitan Corporation Mayor of Hyderabad History of Mayors at CDG Karachi Official Page


KidzMondo is an indoor theme park designed for children aged 2 to 14 years and their parents founded by a visionary business man, Ali Kazma. KidzMondo is a miniature replica of a real city where children get to role-play as adults in various occupations and professions. KidzMondo is an indoor theme park following the conceptual approach of educational entertainment or playful learning, it is an ideal forum where social rules and values are promoted and ingrained in children to prepare them to behave as good adult citizens would in real life. KidzMondo aims to complement local school curricula and seeks to teach children basic citizenship values and rules, enlightening them about the society they live in today, it is an established fact that children learn best through play and experiencing real hands on activities. The range of playful activities inside KidzMondo is created and constructed to help and advance physical growth while stimulating intellectual growth; the KidzMondo Educational Curriculum improves the development of skills and attitudes all the while motivating creative thinking and enhancing self-esteem and self-confidence levels.

Children can choose between 120+ different professions which are practiced in replica of the most representative establishments in an actual city. KidzMondo provides children with a relevant and tangible learning experience, appealing to the need to address and encourage interest. Children will be safe surrounding, they will be attracted to go through the different establishments, while providing them with a mental and physical voyage of investigation and adults' role play. KidzMondo's constitution and its ideas of equality, respect for all, the rights for self-expression and creativity are essential; as the children explore the world of KidzMondo, they will be learning valuable lessons in what it means to be a citizen "kidizen", as well as civic and social responsibility, essential self-reliance, fiscal maturity. These lessons will stay with them well into their adult life, serve to prepare the future generation for the tremendous challenges that lie ahead. Since the Theme Park operates as though it were a city, the visiting children are expected to act according to the following Constitution: 1.

All Kidizens are United in play. 2. Kidizens have the right to be Free. 3. Kidizens be Curious about the World. 4. Kidizens have the right to be Creative. 5. Kidizens have the right to be treated with Respect. 6. Kidizens are always Polite and Kind. 7. Kidizens have the duty to Respect others including their elders. 8. Kidizens have a duty to help others. 9. Kidizens have a duty to Protect the environment. 10. Kidizens have their duties guarded by the constitution of KidzMondo. Four characters help make the concept of KidzMondo more entertaining to children, they represent the pillars of the KidzMondo constitution through their actions and values. Born on Science Day Kozmo is a loveable 10-year-old boy with big brown eyes and chestnut brown messy hair, he loves sports and going on all kinds of adventures the ones where the entire family can join in. He is caring and extroverted, he is fascinated by everything and everyone. He is spontaneous like most 10-year-old boys. Born on Flowers Day Ëena is a 6-year-old average sized "little miss perfect".

She knows. She is a curious girl, always asking questions for deductive reasoning, she considers herself responsible for everyone and as a result she is the glue that holds the entire family together. It is her passion to advise them on the right course of action. A Roman Sheepdog born on Friendship Day, Dogzilla is the original guardian of KidzMondo, he was too late to leave the city when the Roman children abandoned it in ancient times and was locked in. Dogzilla was able to live for over 2000 years through the magic of KidzMondo, guarding the city against any invaders; when the founders arrived, he was happy to see someone. He decided to dedicate his life to serving the founders, protecting the city and all its inhabitants. A large and wise middle-aged tortoise born on World Turtles Day, Leeloo is Ëena's personal assistant, she is organized and has everything arranged in order. The only problem is that she is always daydreaming; when she does wake up she is slow and only cares about one thing, how to assist Kozmo and Ëena to the best of her ability.

The architectural layout of the KidzMondo city is much like any real city in the world with a central plaza, clock tower, fire station, police station and many other functional establishments spread throughout the two-story buildings. However, the size of the buildings is all scaled down to cater to children and provide a more realistic experience for them. KidzMondo has been working with safety consultants from around the world and has employed the latest technologies to ensure the safety and security of the children, they have managed to meet international standards for amusement parks by equipping the city with the latest technologies. Upon arrival, each child will be given a security bracelet called a "KidzBand." It is an RFID security bracelet consisting of wireless technology that uses radio frequencies to identify and track kids inside the city at any time. In addition to the hundreds of CCTV came