Putten is a municipality and town in the province of Gelderland, Netherlands. It had a population of 24,198 in 2019, it is located in the coastal area of the old Zuiderzee. To the east of Putten lies the Veluwe, the biggest national park of the Netherlands. To the north and west, Putten is surrounded by farmlands. Bijsteren, Gerven, Hell, Huinen, Krachtighuizen, Putten and Veenhuizerveld; the oldest official paper in which Putten is mentioned dates back to 855. Small settlements, were in existence during the Roman era. After the founding of the present main church in the 10th century, the community became the center of several smaller settlements. Parts of Nijkerk and Voorthuizen became part of the Putten area, until in 1530 Nijkerk, also Voorthuizen, became independent communities; until 1356, when a dyke was built, the coastline changed overflowing agricultural land in the west of Putten. The water was still a threat however, the dyke broke through several times; the last major flood was in 1916.

After the Afsluitdijk was built in the north of the Netherlands, the Zuiderzee became a lake and no longer posed a threat. Agriculture has always been a major source of income in Putten; the manufacturing of paper was important in the 17th to 19th centuries. From the end of the 19th century tourism emerged, helped by the arrival of the railway in 1863; this made it easier for people from other towns to holiday in the boarding houses that Putten had built. Among those people from elsewhere were patients who suffered from tuberculosis and similar diseases, they recuperated in several sanatoria. Putten has suffered from military violence. During the 15th, 16th and 17th century Putten was burned down on at least five occasions. One of the biggest Nazi raids held in the Netherlands during World War II took place in Putten. On 1 and 2 October 1944, the majority of the male population was deported from the town and most of them died in concentration camps such as Neuengamme and Birkenau. Following the war, two of the responsible German officers were convicted for this action.

The raids were a retaliation for an attack by the local resistance that killed one Wehrmacht officer near Nijkerk. The first and second of October are commemorated every year in Putten. A war memorial at Putten Church and a memorial garden commemorate the loss of life. Today agriculture is still important in Putten. There are considerable numbers of shops, tourism is important. Tourists are attracted by the beach at the Ring Lake; every Wednesday there is a produce and food market, the biggest in the northwest Veluwe area. Putten lies next to the A28 highway; the town has a train station on the line between Zwolle. There are bus connections. Hendrik van Boeijen, politician Danielle Goldstein, American-Israeli show jumper Ummet Ozcan, Dutch–Turkish DJ and record producer Sander Duits, footballer with about 400 club caps who plays for SDC Putten Official website Website Stichting Oktober 44 }

2018 LFA Primeira

The 2018 LFA Primeira is the third season of the Liga Futebol Amadora Primeira Divisão. The season began on March 3 and finished on August 5, but rescheduled to be finished on July 29. Karketu Dili is the current defending champions. Boavista won their first LFA Primeira title, with one match to spare following a 10–1 away win over Cacusan on 22 July 2018, while its competitor Karketu only drew 1–1 against Ponta Leste on 20 July 2018. Cacusan to be the first team who relegated to 2019 LFA Segunda, with four match to spare following a 0–10 loss against Karketu on 30 June 2018. DIT was the second team got relegated to 2019 LFA Segunda, with two match to spare following a 2–4 loss against Ponta Leste on 13 July 2018. There are 8 teams. FC Zebra and FC Porto Taibesse were relegated to 2018 Segunda Divisao after finished 7th and bottom place of 2017 Primeira Divisao. Atlético Ultramar and DIT F. C. promoted to 2018 Primeira Divisao after securing place as champions and runners-up in 2017 Segunda Divisao.

DIT F. C. returned to top flight after last season relegated to Segunda Divisao and Atlético Ultramar was newly promotion clubs. Carsae FC was renamed to Boavista Futebol Clube Timor Leste in January 2018. Primary venues used in the 2018 LFA Primera: Restricting the number of foreign players to four per team. A team could use four foreign players on the field each game. Name on BOLD was foreign players; as of 14 February 2018 Notes Due to Timor-Leste national under-21 team schedule in April 2018 for their participation in the 2018 Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy, Round 4 and Round 7 was rescheduled from on April 21–22 and May 26–27 in Malibaca Yamato Stadium and Baucau Municipal Stadium, Baucau move to April 5–8 and June 7–10 in Kampo Demokrasia, while Round 6 rescheduled from May 17–20 in Kampo Demokrasia, Dili move to May 26–27 in Malibaca Yamato Stadium and Baucau Municipal Stadium, Baucau Round 5 rescheduled from April 26–29 move to May 17–20 in same place. Rescheduled for Round 8 to Round 14 not yet announced.

On 19 May 2018 Round 6 was rescheduled one more time from May 26–27 in Malibaca Yamato Stadium and Baucau Municipal Stadium, Baucau move to May 25–28 in Kampo Demokrasia, Dili. Schedules for Round 8 to Round 14 was announced at the same time. 2018 LFA Segunda 2018 Taça 12 de Novembro Official website Official Facebook page

Washington D.C. Touchdown Club

The Washington D. C. Touchdown Club was started in 1935 with a passion for charity and sports. In the ensuing years the Club has benefited many local charities as well as providing scholarships to deserving student/athletes; the Touchdown Timmies, the club's trophies, are given each year to athletes who excelled in their respective arenas including professionals and scholastic players. Additionally, the Club provided monies to 15 charitable organizations each year; the name was changed to "Touchdown Club Charities of Washington, DC". It was founded by a group of college football enthusiasts among them Dutch Bergman; the motto is "Children and Community". The Timmie Awards began with a formal dinner at the Willard Hotel in 1937 where All-American Quarterback Marshall Goldberg was honored as Best Player of the Year. Over the past sixty years, the club's dinner awards programs honoring of more than 200 outstanding college players and hundreds of professional high school athletes, have attracted celebrities from many fields and national media attention.

Arthur "Dutch" Bergman was a back with George Gipp on the Notre Dame teams of the 1920s. He was assistant football coach at the University of Minnesota and the University of New Mexico, head coach at Catholic University, winning their first Orange Bowl in 1936, head coach of the Eastern Division titlist Washington Redskins of 1943. Dutch was an Army flyer in World War I, a mining engineer, a top-level Government official, a sports writer, a broadcaster and manager of the D. C. Armory and RFK Stadium; the "Timmie Awards" are the name given to the awards that the club awarded beginning in 1946. In addition to an NFL Player of the Year, they award a Coach of the Year and administered the Washington Redskins team awards, among others; the club was the first to award a "MVP" award to a defensive player, Gene Brito, in 1955. The Philadelphia Maxwell Club awarded a similar honor to Andy Robustelli in 1962; as voted on by the Washington D. C. Touchdown Club1945—Bob Waterfield, Cleveland Rams 1946—Bill Dudley, Pittsburgh Steelers 1947—Sammy Baugh, Washington Redskins 1948—Sammy Baugh, Washington Redskins 1949—Steve Van Buren, Philadelphia Eagles.

A. Tittle, New York Giants1963—Jim Brown, Cleveland Browns1964—Lenny Moore, Baltimore Colts1965—Pete Retzlaff, Philadelphia Eagles 1966—Jim Nance, Boston Patriots,. J. Simpson, Buffalo Bills1974—Joe Greene, Pittsburgh Steelers 1975—Fran Tarkenton, Minnesota Vikings 1976—Roger Staubach, Dallas Cowboys.