Pyrénées-Atlantiques is a department in the southwest corner of France and of the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine. It takes its name from the Atlantic Ocean, it covers the Béarn. Named Basses-Pyrénées, it is one of the first 83 departments of France created during the French Revolution, on 4 March 1790, it was created out of parts belonging to the former greater province of Guyenne and Gascony, as well as the Béarn-Navarre, i.e. the Basques provinces of Basse-Navarre, Labourd and Soule, Béarn. The 1790 administrative design brought about the end of native laws. All Basque estates representatives from Labourd overtly opposed the new administrative layout since it suppressed their institutions and laws; the representatives of Lower Navarre refused to vote in Paris arguing that they were not part of the Kingdom of France. The brothers Garat, representing Labourd voted yes, thinking that it would give them a say in upcoming political decisions. On 10 October 1969, Basses-Pyrénées was renamed Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

Pyrénées-Atlantiques is part of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of Southwest France. It is bordered by Hautes-Pyrénées, Gers departments and the Bay of Biscay. Principal settlements include Pau, Oloron-Sainte-Marie, Biarritz, Anglet, Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Hendaye. Lac Gentau is located here. Pyrénées-Atlantiques, a border province, has cultivated a number of economic and cultural links with Spain. Two urban concentrations exist in the east and west of the département: Pau, which has 145,000 inhabitants, 344,000 workers in the local area. Both the Gascon Bearnese variant and Basque language are indigenous to the region in their respective districts. Gascon in turn is a dialect of Occitan the main language of southern France, it is more related to Catalan than it is to French. Basque is a language isolate, not related to any known language. Today, the sole official language of the French Republic, is the predominant native language and is spoken by all inhabitants. Pyrénées-Atlantiques is home to a number of professional sports teams, including rugby union football clubs Aviron Bayonnais, Biarritz Olympique and Section Paloise.

The Pau Grand Prix, an auto race first held in 1901, has hosted the World Touring Car Championship, British Formula Three, Formula 3 Euro Series and FIA European Formula 3 Championship. The coat of arms of Pyrénées-Atlantiques combines those of four traditional provinces: Béarn Labourd Lower Navarre Soule Arrondissements of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department Cantons of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department Communes of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department General Council website Archives of the Pyrenees-Atlantiques department website Photography Panoramics 360° website Prefecture official website Pyrenees-Atlantiques at Curlie Pyrenees-Atlantiques Monuments, Villages and Attractions Information on living and visiting Pyrenees Atlantiques

MTV Roadies (season 15)

MTV Roadies Xtreme is the fifteenth season of Indian reality show MTV Roadies. The show is hosted by Rannvijay Singh, it started airing on MTV India from February 18, 2018. The audition was done by the four aspiring gang leaders - Raftaar, Nikhil Chinapa, Neha Dhupia and Prince Narula and this season, Rannvijay Singh serves as a mentor and host; this season the auditions were different from past seasons, the contestants had to get a least of 3 votes from the gang leaders and as a twist Rannvijay had a special power and had 2 votes. Indicates the contestant is male. Indicates the contestant is female. Direct Entries: Shruti Sinha, Vidit Sharma and Priya Sindhu. Total count: Male contestants = 10 Female contestants = 10 It is an online selection process in which participants are given various tasks to perform in order to get shortlisted. Four contestants, namely Mazer and N/A, Iram and Nikav were shortlisted. Iram and Nikav won the Final Battleground challenge and entered in Episode-18. 1st Task: Reck & Roll For this task, gang leaders had to select 2 male roadies each.

1 of the roadies had to break a set of materials into small pieces and the other roadie was tied hanging on top. The tied roadie had to free himself and put as many pieces into a jar, the pair with more number of pieces will win; the winners will get to choose in which gang they want to be in. Neha vs Prince: None of them was able to finish the task. Nikhil vs Raftaar: Team Nikhil won. Rohan chose Nikhil's Gang and Kashish chose Prince's Gang. 2nd Task: ID Shoes Lag Gai For this task, gang leaders had to select 1 male roadie each whom they don't want to be in other gang leader's gang. The 4 roadies will compete to earn immunity from the 1st Vote-out; the task was divided in 3 rounds. Round 1: The roadies have to pull a log of wood tied with a rope along a pulley and drop it on a box to break it and get the flag in it; the first 3 roadies to get the flag move to the next round. Round 2: The 3 roadies have to wrestle in a circle marked on the ground to push a contestant out of the circle; the remaining 2 roadies move to the last round.

Round 3: The roadies have to climb a ladder and reach the top to place their flag. One of their leg is tied to a metal weight covered by wooden planks; the roadies have to pull the weight up reaching the top. The one who will reach first, will win the task. Sonu was directly in the danger in the 1st Vote-out. Vidit was in the danger in the 1st Vote-out. Abhishek was in the danger in the 1st Vote-out. Bibek won immunity. Vidit Sharma got Voted Out. 3rd Task: Ice Ice BabyFor this task, gang leaders had to select 1 female contestant as their first choice, the selected girl had to select her best friend for this task. All four girls had to put her hand inside ice to raise flag and see the sequence of artifacts which she had to arrange in perfect order. If she fails, she had to convince other performers to join to raise the flag again but the sequence will be changed. After completing her friend should do the same; the winner, the first choice will get the advantage. Shruti and Minnie won the task. Shruti chose Nikhil's gang which gave him the two powers.i) He had to put Shruti's partner Minnie in one of the other three gangs.

Minnie joined Prince's gang. Ii) He had to put any one female roadie each in the other two gangs. Nikhil put Surbhi in Neha's gang. Bibek Bora quit the show. 4th Task: Daawat-e-Darts For this task, gang leaders had to select 1 female roadie each whom they don't want to be in other gang leader's gang. The 4 roadies will compete to earn immunity from the 2nd Vote-out; the four girls had to sit on a platform and throw darts at the four poles or the board having the names of all the other roadies along with the gang leaders behind the poles. If the dart hit the pole, the girl would herself perform the task. If the dart hit a name on the board, the girl should convince that roadie or gang leader to perform for her; the contestant performing had to spin the wheel having the names of four local delicacies and had to eat that dish on which the arrow landed. When a contestant ate the dish, the concerned girl got one point; the girl who will get 5 points will win the task. Preeti won immunity. Samiksha got 0 points.

Priya and Geetika were in the danger. Special Vote Out 1; the gang leaders had to write the name of the roadie in the danger zone whom they wanted to eliminate. 2. The roadies had to write the name of the roadie whom they wanted to eliminate, along with the name of the gang leader whom they think must have written that name. 3. If their vote matched with the gang leader whose name has been written, only the vote will be counted. 1. No Gang Leader Voted for Geetika, so her 2 votes were cancelled. 2. 5 roadies voted for Priya with Gang Leader name Nikhil and 3 roadies voted for Priya with Gang Leader Neha. 3. 6 roadies voted for Samiksha with Gang Leader name Prince and 2 roadies voted for Samiksha with Gang Leader Raftaar. Samiksha Malik got. 5th Task:Rang DheelaFor this task the gang leaders had to decide who would go against whom, but the competition would be between all 4 of them. Raftaar went against Neha against Nikhil. One gang leader had to decide which roadies would play for the gang leader going against him and vice versa.

The task has 3 phases. Each phase is to be performed by either of the gang leader. Phase 1: The first member has to climb up a structure and pull out bamboos having colored bricks, which will fall down when the bamboo is pulled out. Phase 2: The second member has to duel the second member of the

Dwarf Hotot

Dwarf Hotot is a breed of domestic rabbit characterized by an white coat, except for a circle of another color around each eye. The Dwarf Hotot is one of the more recent breeds to be recognized by the ARBA, gaining acceptance in 1983, it has never been without a strong following, but has never been among the most popular breeds. There’s an unusual story behind this breed’s development; the much larger Blanc de Hotot was produced in the early 1900s in an effort to produce a black-eyed white rabbit for meat and fur. In that era, large rabbits were valued for their commercial value, but in years, big bunnies went out of style and people started pursuing dwarf breeds. In the 1970s, one breeder in East Germany and one in West Germany started working on a Dwarf Hotot independent of one another. One crossed a REW Netherland Dwarf to a Blanc de Hotot; the two strains were united to produce the breed we know today. This "eye of the fancy" has a gentle rollback coat. Unlike the Polish, which as similar body type, the shoulders are supposed to be as wide as the hips, not show any taper.

The head set is not as high on the shoulders as that of a Netherland Dwarf, but should not rest on the table either. The head is broad. Ears are carried in an upright V shape, are disqualified if over 2 ¾ inches in length; the eyes are encircled with narrow bands of colored fur. Ideal eyeband width equals the thickness of two pennies, the bands of color are all around the eye. Weak or streaky eyebands are faulted. For many years, the only accepted variety was white with black eyebands. In the year 2006, chocolate banded Dwarf Hotots were accepted by the ARBA; the black and chocolate banded bunnies are shown together, but the color must be specified on the registration forms. Blue-band Dwarf Hotots have been in development, are in the process of being accepted by the ARBA. "Current Certificates of Development". Domestic Rabbits. 47. August 2019.</ref> The Dwarf Hotot is a fancy breed. At 3 pounds max, they are too small to be of commercial value. Temperaments can range from outgoing to moody, but as a rule they are friendly rabbits and well suited to a pet life.

List of rabbit breeds Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Breed History Different Breeds of Rabbits