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Qantas Airways Limited is the flag carrier of Australia and its largest airline by fleet size, international flights and international destinations. It is the third oldest airline in the world, after KLM and Avianca, having been founded in November 1920; the Qantas name comes from "QANTAS", an acronym for its original name, "Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services", it is nicknamed "The Flying Kangaroo". Qantas is a founding member of the Oneworld airline alliance, along with American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, the now-defunct Canadian Airlines; the airline is based in the Sydney suburb of Mascot, adjacent to its main hub at Sydney Airport. As of March 2014, Qantas had a 65% share of the Australian domestic market and carried 14.9% of all passengers travelling in and out of Australia. Various subsidiary airlines operate to regional centres and on some trunk routes within Australia under the QantasLink banner. Qantas owns Jetstar Airways, a low-cost airline that operates both international services from Australia and domestic services within Australia and New Zealand.

Qantas was founded in Winton, Queensland on 16 November 1920 by Hudson Fysh, Paul McGinness and Fergus McMaster as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited. The airline's first aircraft was an Avro 504K, it moved its headquarters to Longreach, Queensland in 1921 and Brisbane, Queensland in 1930. In 1934, QANTAS and Britain's Imperial Airways formed Qantas Empire Airways Limited; the new airline commenced operations in December 1934, flying between Darwin. QEA flew internationally from May 1935; when World War II began, enemy action and accidents destroyed half of the fleet of ten, most of the fleet was taken over by the Australian government for war service. Flying boat services were resumed in 1943, with flights between the Swan River at Crawley in Perth, Western Australia and Koggala Lake in Ceylon; this linked up with the British Overseas Airways Corporation service to London. Qantas' kangaroo logo was first used on the "Kangaroo Route", begun in 1944, from Sydney to Karachi, where BOAC crews took over for the rest of the journey to the UK.

In 1947, QEA was nationalised by the Australian government led by Labor Prime Minister Ben Chifley. QANTAS Limited was wound up. After nationalisation, Qantas' remaining domestic network, in Queensland, was transferred to the nationally owned Trans-Australia Airlines, leaving Qantas with a purely international network. Shortly after nationalisation, QEA began its first services to Tokyo. Services to Hong Kong began around the same time. In 1957 a head office, Qantas House, opened in Sydney. In June 1959 Qantas entered the jet age. On 14 September 1992, Qantas merged with nationally owned domestic airline Australian Airlines; the airline started to be rebranded to Qantas in the following year. Qantas was privatised between 1993 and 1997. Under the legislation passed to allow the privatisation, Qantas must be at least 51% owned by Australian shareholders. In 1998, Qantas co-founded the Oneworld alliance with American Airlines, British Airways, Canadian Airlines and Cathay Pacific, with other airlines joining subsequently.

With the entry of new budget airline Virgin Blue into the domestic market in 2000, Qantas' market share fell. Qantas created the budget Jetstar Airways in 2001 to compete; the main domestic competitor to Qantas, Ansett Australia, collapsed on 14 September 2001. Market share for Qantas neared 90%, but competition with Virgin increased as it expanded. Qantas revived the Australian Airlines name for a short-lived international budget airline between 2002 and 2006, but this subsidiary was shut down in favour of expanding Jetstar internationally, including to New Zealand. In 2004, the Qantas group expanded into the Asian budget airline market with Jetstar Asia Airways, in which Qantas owns a minority stake. A similar model was used for the investment into Jetstar Pacific, headquartered in Vietnam, in 2007, Jetstar Japan, launched in 2012. In December 2006, Qantas was the subject of a failed bid from a consortium calling itself Airline Partners Australia. Merger talks with British Airways in 2008 did not proceed to an agreement.

In 2011, an industrial relations dispute between Qantas and the Transport Workers Union of Australia resulted in the grounding of all Qantas aircraft and lock-out of the airline's staff for two days. On 25 March 2018, a Qantas Boeing 787 Dreamliner became the first aircraft to operate a scheduled non-stop commercial flight between Australia and Europe, with the inaugural arrival in London of Flight 9. QF9 was a 17-hour, 14,498 km journey from Perth Airport in Western Australia to London Heathrow. On October 20, 2019, Qantas Airways completed the longest commercial flight to date between New York and Sydney using Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in 19hr 20mins; the key trends for the Qantas Group, are shown below: Qantas' headquarters are located at the Qantas Centre in the Bayside Council suburb of Mascot, Sydney

Yima, Henan

Yima is a county-level city of Henan, China. It is under the administration of Sanmenxia. Yima is located in the western part of Henan province, it is located in the Xiaoshan Old Tracks, with Yangshao Peak to the north and Balcony Loewe to the south. Since ancient times, it was a key point between Changan, it has great strategic importance, being a battlefield or a place for merchants to trade. Yima was founded. After the People's Republic of China was found, Yima reached county-level status in Henan Province in 1981, it was under the administration of Luoyang. However, since 1986, it has been under the administration of Sanmenxia, it is one of the forty-eight counties in Henan Province trying to expand. It is one of China's top hundred counties, as well as the smallest city in China. Yima has the advantage of being self-sustaining, allowing for massive redevelopment of its industry and increased economic growth. In 2010, the city's per capita GDP was over seventy thousand RMB, about ten thousand US dollars.

It ranks alongside moderately developed countries. In 2010, it was ranked first economically in Henan Province; the city is known as a "The Home of Martial Arts". Yima is in the western part of Henan, it has a north latitude of 34°42′–34°46′, an east longitude of 111°50′47″–111°50′49. It is 183 km away from Zhengzhou in the east, 65 km away from Sanmenxia City in the west; the southern, western and northeastern parts are near Mianchi county's towns. Such towns include Xiaopotou, Duncungou, Zhanggou, Chiwu, Duancun, Xuzhuang, Baohou, Wuzhuang, etc. On the southeast corner, there are neighboring villages, such as Xin'an county's iron gates and Yiyang county's salt towns. In the east, there is Huanglian Slope. In the west, there is East Thani Creek; the length is 14 km. In the south, there is a new district doing business in the southern ridge. In the north, there is a mesa; the width is 9 km. The total area is 112 km2. Yima is located on the southern edge of the North Subtropics. There are abundant sunshine.

The average annual temperature is 12.4 °C. During July, the hottest month of the year, the annual temperature is 25.5 °C. In the coldest months, the average temperature is -2.1 °C. The average annual amount of sunshine is 2250.4 hours, with an average annual sunshine rate of 51%. In the spring and summer months, there are northwest winds. In the autumn and winter months, there are southeast winds. There are rich animal and plant resources, with a rainfall of 666.9 mm. Yima City is 50 km long. To its east is Zhengzhou, 180 km away. To its west is Sanmenxia, 60 km away via Xi'an Longhai Railway. Lianhuo highway, labeled as National Highway 310, is 290 km long; the highway passes through intersections in a criss-cross across the Octagon channel. Transportation is convenient. Yima has a long and magnificent culture, being one of the cradles of ancient China, it has many historical sites, along with a famous ancient culture. Hongqingsi GrottoesChu Pit SiteXiang Yu killed 200,000 Qin prisoners and threw their corpses into a hole.

It is located twenty villages west of LiXingWan village. It is known as a mass grave. In 206 BC, Xiang Yu massacred 200,000 prisoners right at this spot. In "History - Xiang Yu's notes", it says that "at night, the Chu army killed 200,000 Qin soldiers in southern Xin'an", in present-day Yima; the site is with an area of around 70-80 Mu. To the south, there was the river Jian. In the east and west, there was only flat plains; the hole's north was along LiXingWan Village. To the right, there was White Dragon Temple. In 1913, the Longhai Railway was built to run through the hole. Thus, the original shape no longer exists. Empress' PalaceThe Old City of Qin Xin'anYima's Ginkgo FossilsIn recent years, archaeologists discovered the site, which contains the world's oldest Ginkgo fossils. One of those fossils was dated to be from 1.8 million years ago, whose date was confirmed in the International Organization of Palaeobotany's sixth and seventh conference

Kid Boots

Kid Boots is a musical with a book by William Anthony McGuire and Otto Harbach, music by Harry Tierney, lyrics by Joseph McCarthy. The show was staged by Edward Royce. Produced by Florenz Ziegfeld, the Broadway production, opened on December 31, 1923 at the Earl Carroll Theatre and moved to the Selwyn Theatre, where it ended on February 21, 1925, for a total of 489 performances; the cast starred Mary Eaton, with George Olsen and his orchestra. The show was billed as “A Musical Comedy of Palm Beach and Golf” and was set at the Everglades Club in Palm Beach, Florida, it was a showcase for Eddie Cantor. He gives golf lessons on the side, with crooked balls so the clients need more instruction. He’s a bootlegger and a busybody, he can’t be fired, because he has something on everyone at the club. The most famous song to come out of the show was “Dinah” by Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young and Harry Akst, added to the finale during the run for Eddie; the song gave vocalist Dinah Shore, discovered by Eddie Cantor in 1940, her stage name and the theme song for her long running radio and television shows.

The New York Times reported that on closing night, "ust before the finale, George Olsen's band marched down the aisle and serenaded the company, ending with'Auld Lang Syne.' " During the run in New York City, inventor Lee DeForest filmed Cantor in the DeForest Phonofilm sound-on-film process, in a short film known as A Few Moments With Eddie Cantor, Star of "Kid Boots". In 1926, Paramount Pictures released a feature film version directed by Frank Tuttle, starring Cantor, Clara Bow, Billie Dove. Interpolated into the show: If You Do What You Do He’s the Hottest Man in Town Alabamy Bound Dinah A Few Moments With Eddie Cantor, Star of "Kid Boots" short film made in the sound-on-film Phonofilm process, with Cantor performing an excerpt of Kid Boots Kid Boots at Internet Broadway Database A Few Moments With Eddie Cantor, Star of'Kid Boots' at IMDB Kid Boots at IMDB

Smita Gondkar

Smita Gondkar is an Indian actress who works in Marathi and Hindi films. She featured in the Marathi music video "Pappi De Parula". Smita Gondkar has worked in the United States with Disney Cruise Line alongside people from 55 nations, she is a professional stunt biker. She was the only female semi-finalist on the show MTV Stunt Mania in 2009, she started her career with Marathi films like Mumbaicha Dabewala, Satya-More Than Human, Hip Hip Hurrah and Bayko No 1. The 2017 Ambarnath Marathi Film Festival nominated her for Best Actress for her performance in Gadbad Gondhal, she is doing the Marathi film Light Ek Kaloakh. Her romantic Marathi film Gadbad Gondhal is due to release in 2018, she is one of the finalist of Season 1 of Colors Marathi's reality show Big Boss Marathi, she was 2nd runner-up in the show. Mr & Mrs Unwanted Main Hoon Rajinikanth as Madhu Just Gammat Maya Mumbaicha Dabewala Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Wanted Bayko No 1 Smita Gondkar on IMDb Smita Gondkar at Bollywood Hungama

USRC Active (1816)

Active was a revenue cutter in commission in the United States Revenue Cutter Service from 1816 to 1825. She was the third Revenue Cutter service ship to bear the name; the Revenue Cutter Service purchased Active at Baltimore, Maryland, in August 1816. Although she worked in New York City for a short time in 1817, Active served on the Chesapeake Bay for most of her career. During her first year of service, another USRC Active, chartered in 1812, was in commission, meaning that in 1816-1817 the Revenue Cutter Service had two ships named Active in commission at the same time. In the early nineteenth century, new laws in the United States prohibited the slave trade between the United States and foreign countries and required the enforcement of Neutrality Acts from 1815 to 1823 during troubles with European nations, creating new missions for the Revenue Cutter Service. Active was part of the service's efforts to suppress piracy. Active was blown aground in 1823. By long in need of repairs and replacement, she was decommissioned sometime in 1825.

United States Coast Guard Historian's Office: Active, 1816

Anna Butkevich

Anna Butkevich is a Ukrainian TV and radio presenter and actress. Anna Butkevich was born on February 1985 in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, she graduated from the Faculty of Law of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University named after Oles Honchar. In 2015, she debuted in show business, took part in the clips "Это всё она" by a Russian singer Sergey Lazarev and "Your style" by the group "Kazaky". In the same year she became the face of the brand Andre Tan. In 2016, she became the face of the jewelry house "The House of Moussaieff". Since 2016,she is the author and presenter of the popular radio show "Without makeup", her guests were such Ukrainian celebrities as Andriy Shevchenko and Wladimir Klitschko, Iryna Bilyk and Ivan Dorn and Nastya Kamensky, Masha Efrosinina and many others. In 2016, she debuted in the cinema as an actress, having starred in the ironic comedy "Future in the past" directed by Alexander Shapiro; the premiere of the film took place at the Kyiv International Film Festival "Molodist" in October of the same year.

In 2017 she was a presenter on the red carpet of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, starred in the main role in the short feature film "Talk to me" directed by Kateryna Lesyk, took part in the shooting of the popular TV series "Female Doctor". In 2018, she took part in the popular TV show "Give me back the beauty" as an expert, starred in a new feature film with the working title "Present continuous" directed by Alexander Shapiro, she brings up her daughter. Анна Буткевич стала лицом всемирно известного ювелирного дома Анна Буткевич в клипе Сергея Лазарева "Это все она" Ведущая "Евровидения 2017" до сих пор не получила гонорар Анна Буткевич стала ведущей шоу "Верните мне красоту" Анна Буткевич главная героиня фильма "Future in the Past" Анна Буткевич на Lux FM"