Astro convention

Astro is a contract bridge bidding convention used to intervene over an opponent's one notrump opening bid. The name is derived from the initials of the surnames of its inventors - Paul Allinger, Roger Stern and Lawrence Rosler. Astro employs a 2-level overcall in a minor suit when intervenor holds an unbalanced hand with at least nine cards in two suits, at least one of, a major; the minor suit overcalls are artificial and carry the following meanings: 2♣ shows at least 5-4 or 4-5 length in hearts and a minor suit, 2♦ shows at least 5-4 or 4-5 length in spades and another suit. When playing Astro but not holding the prescribed two-suited hand, the following calls are available over the 1NT opening by the opponents: an overcall of 2♥ or 2♠ is natural showing a single-suited hand Double is for penalties For purposes of subsequent bidding, the major suit indicated by the Astro Intervenor is termed the “anchor major”. Depending upon action taken by the responder to the 1NT opener, Advancer may: Pass when weak and holding six cards in the minor bid by the Intervenor, or Raise the anchor major: to the 2 level with at least 3-card support, preferably with an honour, no game intentions, or raise to the 3 level with at least 4-card support and inviting game, cognizant of vulnerability and the point range of the 1NT opening, or raise to the 4 level with at least 4-card support for game-try, or Bid an artificial and forcing 2NT to show some support in the anchor suit, game interest but no potential to bid further, or Bid a new suit take-out or new suit jump, to show a 6-card or longer suit, or Make a negative bid of 2 in the neutral suit to indicate having no other options less than 3 cards headed by an honour in the anchor suit and at least a doubleton in the neutral suit.

Intervenor rebids include: Pass after a neutral response with five cards in the neutral suit, or a bid of the anchor major to show 5 cards, or a bid of the second suit at the 3-level to show 6 cards and good playing strength. In the following variations of Astro, the overcalls indicate more specific information about suit combinations: 2♣ shows a long heart suit with or without a long minor 2♦ shows spades and a minor suit 2♥ shows hearts and spades 2♣ shows hearts and clubs 2♦ shows hearts and diamonds 2♥ shows hearts and spades 2♠ shows spades and a minor suit 2NT shows both minors 2♣ shows clubs and spades 2♦ shows diamonds and spades 3♣ shows clubs and hearts 3♦ shows diamonds and hearts Double shows hearts and spades against a strong 1NT opening. Responder to the 1NT opener may: Double with holdings in the anchor suit and in the minor overcalled, or Cuebid the anchor suit when the hand is unsuited to defense, or Pass, waiting, or Bid a natural 2NT, invitational to game. Several other bidding conventions use a variety of schemes to compete against a 1NT opening.

List of The Legend of Qin episodes

Below is a list of the Episodes for the Chinese CG animated TV series, The Legend of Qin. See the List of The Legend of Qin Characters for their roles and alternative names; the title for the season is: 百步飞剑 Bai Bu Fei Jian, Ge Nie's signature move. It consists of only 10 episodes; the title for the season is Night Ends - Daybreak(Tianming). It consists of 18 episodes; the title for the season is: 诸子百家 Zhu Zi Bai Jia, the word "Hundred" here means many instead of an accurate number. The expression is the classical description for the diverse intellectual life of the Warring States period of Chinese history; the third season was finished in 2009 and aired in 2010, it consists of 34 episodes. The title for the season is 万里长城 and it consists of 37 episodes. Birdsong in Hollow Valley: 2014 This special consists of three episodes which tells the story of Baifeng and his friend Moya who were assassins for General Ji Wuye, but who turn against him after Baifeng falls for a female assassin, Nong Yu. Under Luosheng Tang This special tells of a young Taoist who joins the Yin-Yang School to find his sister.

Lady Xiang Descends This special is a story about a wounded man who finds himself caught up in the lives of twin sisters and the man that they both fell in love with. List of The Legend of Qin characters The Legend of Qin animated film Seasons 1-4 YouTube by Chasle H Season 5 YouTube by Mooncakes Season 5 titles YouTube by 国漫频道 | Chinese Anime