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Randy Lennox
Randy Lennox Headshot.jpg
Nationality Canadian
Occupation President, Bell Media
Board member of CARAS, Music Canada, Canada's Walk of Fame, Roy Thompson Hall, Massey Hall, Smilezone Foundation

Randy Lennox is a Canadian media executive who is the president of Bell Media.

Prior to joining Bell, he was the president and CEO of Universal Music Canada, Canada's largest music record label, where he signed and championed internationally renowned Canadian artists. In 2017 he was awarded the Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award at the 2017 Juno Awards and named Canadian media executive of the year by Playback magazine.

Lennox has been described by U2's Bono as a "music maven turned telecommunications mogul," and "a man without whom American and Canadian music would certainly not be the same" by Gene Simmons of Kiss. [1]

Early life[edit]

Lennox had an early passion in music. At 10, he was playing guitar and his favourite band was The Beatles. At this same age, he would listen to the radio and evaluate the CHUM charts, calling the station and offering his own rankings. This interest in the music industry continued through his teenage years, with Lennox working at Toronto's iconic Sam The Record Man store.[2]


Music industry[edit]

In 1998, when Universal Music Canada merged with Polygram Canada Inc, Lennox was serving as Universal Music's General Manager.[3] Following the merger, Lennox was appointed as the amalgamated company's President at age 36 years old.[4][5][6] In January 2001 his role was expanded and he was appointed the Universal Music Canada's Chief Executive Officer.[7]

Under Lennox's leadership, Universal Music Canada was named ‘Record Company of the Year’ for 16 consecutive years at Canadian Music Week.[8]

Lennox has produced or executive produced a number of prominent albums,[9][10] including:

Under Lennox Universal Music Canada signed Justin Bieber, Drake, Hedley, Nickelback, The Tenors, The Weeknd, Shawn Mendes and The Tragically Hip among others while promoting long-time Canadian music icons like Shania Twain, Diana Krall, and Bryan Adams.[11]

Lennox is also the talent chair and executive producer of Canada's Walk of Fame and is the chair of the Massey & Roy Thompson Hall’s Board.[12]

With Bell Media[edit]

In August 2015, Randy Lennox was named as Bell Media's first president of entertainment production and broadcasting. As part of an effort by Bell to employ "IP-based thinking", Lennox oversaw a number of content-oriented initiatives and partnerships, including partnering with U.S. radio company iHeartMedia to launch a Canadian version of its online radio service iHeartRadio, acquiring a stake in the theatre production Bat Out of Hell The Musical, and partnering with Sol Guy's talent incubator DIAS.[13][14]

Lennox oversaw larger investments by Bell Media properties into original productions, including The Beaverton for The Comedy Network, Cardinal for CTV, and Frontier for Discovery Channel. Lennox emphasized that the company was "accentuating quality productions through partnership[s]" in order to become more competitive in Canada and internationally, citing its distribution deal with Netflix for Frontier, and his practice of focusing on innovation and "[looking] at the creator, not the creation" when evaluating pitches. He explained that "someone who's made three films and they're 40 does not have more credibility than someone who walks in here at 22 with a great idea. Everything is seen with the same objectivity in my eyes."[15][16]

On February 27, 2017, Lennox was promoted to president of Bell Media, after Mary Ann Turcke left to join the NFL.[17] Lennox oversaw other new projects, such as Bell's co-development of a new reality music competition franchis, The Launch, with Big Machine Records' Scott Borchetta,[18] which was subsequently picked up by Sony Pictures Television for international distribution and format rights.[19]

Charitable involvement[edit]

Along with industry veterans Bob Ezrin and Gary Slaight, Lennox organized Young Artists for Haiti, a supergroup that recorded a cover of K'naan's "Wavin' Flag" as a charity single in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.[20][21][22]

Lennox is a director of the Smilezone Foundation, an organization that donates play zones to hospitals and paediatric care facilities, and sits on the board of CARAS MusiCounts.[23][24]

Awards and recognition[edit]

In February 2002, MacLean’s Magazine named Lennox as one of their ‘Most Influential Canadians.[25]

On March 11, 2010, Lennox was inducted into the Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame as part of Canadian Music Week.[26][27] That year Lennox also won a Juno Award for "Single of the Year" for producing Wavin' Flag, a single that raised over $1 million in disaster relief funds for Haiti.[28]

In 2014, Lennox was named International Label Executive of the Year by the Worldwide Radio Summit.[29]

In November 2015, Lennox was named one of the 50 most influential people living in Toronto by Toronto Life magazine.[30]

In January 2017 it was announced that CARAS would be presenting Lennox with the Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award at the 2017 Juno Awards in recognition of his contribution to the growth and development of the Canadian music industry.[31]

In December 2017, Lennox was named Canadian Media Executive of the year by Playback Magazine.[32]


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