Rant (The Futureheads album)

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The Futureheads - Rant.jpg
Studio album by The Futureheads
Released 2 April 2012
Genre A cappella
Length 32:21
Label Nul Records
Producer Dave Curle
The Futureheads chronology
The Chaos
(2010)The Chaos2010

Rant is the fifth studio album by Sunderland-based indie rock band The Futureheads. It was released on 2 April 2012 in the United Kingdom. Unlike the band's four previous records, the album was recorded entirely a cappella and features near to none instrumentation apart from vocals. The bonus track 'Hanging Johnny' was included with the digital pre-order release from the band's website, and is 1:18 in length.

Track listing[edit]

Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Review scores
BBC Music(positive)[2]
Digital Spy3/5 stars[3]
Drowned in Sound(7/10)[4]
musicOMH4/5 stars[5]
The Independent3/5 stars[7]
This Is Fake DIY(6/10)[8]
1."Meantime (A Capella Version)"3:16
2."Meet Me Halfway"3:04
3."Robot (A Capella Version)"2:00
5."Thursday (A Capella Version)"4:11
6."Sumer Is Icumen In"1:51
7."The Keeper"1:40
8."The No. 1 Song in Heaven"4:25
9."The Old Dun Cow"2:52
11."Man Ray (A Capella Version)"2:20


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