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Rachis depicted on a gold coin, 744–749.
Altar of Ratchis in Cividale, dedicated to the memory of his father Pemmo
Ratchis on an 11th manuscript of the Codex Matritensis Leges Langobardorum

Ratchis (also spelled Rachis, Raditschs, Radics, Radiks) was the Duke of Friuli (739–744) and King of the Lombards (744–749). His father was Duke Pemmo, his Roman wife was Tassia. He ruled in peace until he besieged Perugia for reasons unknown. Pope Zachary convinced him to lift the siege, and he abdicated and entered the abbey of Montecassino with his family. After the death of Aistulf in 756, he tried once again to reign over the Lombards, but he was defeated by Desiderius and retired to a cloister.[1]


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Duke of Friuli
739 – 744
Succeeded by
Preceded by
King of the Lombards
744 – 749