Y? N-Vee was an American female R&B/Hip hop group that formed in the early 1990s as the first act on PMP Records, who by 1994 linked a deal with the RAL division of Def Jam Music Group. PMP would find success with R&B artist Montell Jordan in the following year; the group's first recording was a posse cut for Johnny "J"'s one and only album, I Gotta Be Me. A recording with 2Pac and his affiliate group Thug Life soon followed; the group released their self titled debut album on October 18, 1994, which peaked at No.75 on the Billboard 200 album chart. The group's success was short lived. S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart, including a cover of Rose Royce's 1976 classic "I'm Going Down" from the Car Wash motion picture soundtrack and their biggest hit "Freedom", a one-off female supergroup lead track from the Panther soundtrack that featured Aaliyah, BlackGirl, En Vogue, For Real, TLC, Vanessa L. Williams among others. In 1996 the group appeared in the film Phat Beach starring Brian Hooks.

Former member Natasha Walker appeared on the 2Pac songs "Lord Knows" from Me Against The World and "Check Out Time" from All Eyez On Me. Y? N-Vee

Collingwood Elvis Festival

The Collingwood Elvis Festival is an annual event featuring Elvis impersonators, started in 1995. It is held in Collingwood, Ontario and draws an international selection of performers; the Collingwood Elvis Festival was founded in 1995 by Elvis impersonator Billy Cann as The Canadian National Elvis Tribute and Convention. The festival is the largest of its type in the world and is sanctioned by Elvis Presley Enterprises under an annual Licence Agreement. During the week of the festival, Elvis tribute artists perform in local bars and night clubs, with "Vegas style" shows in the municipal arena; the highlight of the festival is on a main stage in the center of the town. The festival includes a candlelight vigil and an Elvis Tribute Artist Parade; the winner of the first festival was Ray Guillemette Jr. Guillemette has since performed at every Collingwood Elvis Festival except in 2001, when he was hit by a drunk driver and lost his leg, he returned to the festival in 2002, competed again through use of a prosthetic limb.

Hal Niedzviecki's book, Hello, I'm Special: How Individuality Became the New Conformity tells of a former Anglican priest, Rev. Dorian Baxter who went by the name of Elvis Priestly was no longer welcome at the festival due to his performing Elvis funerals for dead fans. Baxter was persuaded by his daughter to enter the festival in 1996. Rosemarie O'Brien, Collingwood Elvis Festival Event Co-Ordinator for the Town of Collingwood, confirmed that Rev. Baxter has never been unwelcome at the festival, but would be required to adhere to the festival's rules and guidelines which precludes any activity that could be interpreted by Elvis Presley Enterprises as derogatory to the image and likeness of Elvis Presley, could therefore, jeopardize the festival's license agreement; the winner for 2016 was Oliver Steinhoff. He was the first German to win at the festival. Previous international winners of the Collingwood Elvis Festival includes Elvis Tribute Artists from the United Kingdom, the U. S. and Germany.

1995 - Ray Guillemette, Jr. Anthony Giavon 1996 - Anthony Giavon, Pasquale Ferro, Vili Verhovsek, Will Chalmers 1997 - Eric Gustafson, Ray Guillemette, Jr. Shawn Barry, Thomas Gilbo 1998 - Shawn Barry, Matt King, Pete Irwin, Leo Days 1999 - Chris Purtee, Roy LeBlanc 2000 - Dean Vegas, Shane Jeffery 2001 - Roy LeBlanc, Paul Ross, Lance Dobinson 2002 - Robin Kelly, Darrin Hagel, Paul Fracassi 2003 - Gino Monopoli, Jeff Bodner, with Zach Peddie, Matthew Lawrence 2004 - Shon Carroll, David Lee Roseberry, Pete Paquette, Marcus Wells, Steven Pelleriti, Paul Fracassi 2005 - Ben Klein, Roy Evans, Glenn Aitchison, David Stewart, with Brenen Katolinsky, Joshua Bravener, Ray Guillemette, Jr. 2006 - Pete Paquette, Irv Cass, Lance Dobinson, David Muggeridge, with Brenen Katolinsky, Brycen Katolinsky, Paul Ross 2007 - Dwight Icenhower, Jay Zanier, Chris Ayotte, Doug McKenzie, with Brenen Katolinsky, Matthew Lawrence, Anthony Giavon 2008 - Pete Paquette, David Muggeridge, James Gibb, John Cigan, with Brenen Katolinsky, Anthony Carbone, Roy LeBlanc 2009 - Chris Ayotte, Thane Dunn, Brent Morrey, Patrick McGuire, with Luca Lavoie, Anthony Carbone, Jay Zanier 2010 - Mark Anthony, Andrew Todd, Kenneth Chan, Tim Hendry, Joey Cundari, Rev.

Matt Martin, with Ethan Chalmers, Anthony Carbone, Ben Klein 2011 - James Gibb, Pete Storm, Matt Cage, Wayne Junior, with Connor Russo, Brycen Katolinsky, Daylin James 2012 - Matt Cage, Ben Portsmouth, Brycen Katolinsky, Anthony Carbone, with Connor Russo, Drake Milligan, Thane Dunn 2013 - Brycen Katolinsky, Jesse Aron, Richard Wolfe, Kevin Bezaire, with Connor Russo, Drake Milligan, Norm Ackland, Jr. 2014 - Cliff Wright, Gordon Hendricks, Brent Freeman, Daniel Barrella, with Hank Poole, Drake Milligan, David Lee Roseberry 2015 - Austin Irby, Bruno Nesci, Norm Ackland Jr. Eric Evangelista, with Benjamin Dalske, Drake Milligan, Corny Rempel 2016 - Ryan Pelton, Oliver Steinhoff, Brycen Katolinsky, Sylvain Leduc, with Benjamin Dalske, Connor Russo, Matt Cage 2017 - Gordon Hendricks, Brycen Katolinsky, Mason Cigan, Dustin Bricker, Connor Russo. 2018 - Tim Hendry, Pete Doiron, Connor Russo. 2019 - Sylvain Leduc, John Cigan, Benjamin Dalske. During the festival there is another event called the Live & Original Music Series which began in 2015.

More of an event at grass-roots level, this is for unknown artists to show their talents and original material. The winner for the L & O Showdown for 2015 was Gina Horswood and for 2016 was Mike Charette; the festival has been financially backed by the town of Collingwood, though the last town-funded festival took place in 2019. A member of the Collingwood council cited increased financial risk to the community due to decreasing attendance and revenues, though the festival still had a positive financial impact of over $700,000 in 2018; the annual upfront expense to the town is around $50,000. The town intends to transfer management of the festival to a private backer for the 2020 edition, but as of July 2019, no transfer had been finalized. Website