Raymond IV, Count of Toulouse

Raymond IV, sometimes called Raymond of Saint-Gilles or Raymond I of Tripoli, was a powerful noble in southern France and one of the leaders of the First Crusade. He was the Count of Toulouse, Duke of Narbonne and Margrave of Provence from 1094, he spent the last five years of his life establishing the County of Tripoli in the Near East. Raymond was a son of Pons of Almodis de La Marche, he received Saint-Gilles with the title of "count" from his father and displaced his niece Philippa, Duchess of Aquitaine, his brother William IV's daughter, in 1094 from inheriting Toulouse. In 1094, William Bertrand of Provence died and his margravial title to Provence passed to Raymond. A bull of Urban's dated 22 July 1096 names Raymond comes Nimirum Tholosanorum ac Ruthenensium et marchio Provintie Raimundus. Raymond was religious, wished to die in the Holy Land, so when the call was raised for the First Crusade, he was one of the first to take the cross, he is sometimes called "the one-eyed" after a rumour that he had lost an eye in a scuffle with the doorkeeper of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre during an earlier pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

The oldest and the richest of the crusaders, Raymond left Toulouse at the end of October 1096, with a large company that included his wife Elvira, his infant son and Adhemar, bishop of Le Puy, the papal legate. He ignored requests by his niece, he marched to Dyrrhachium, east to Constantinople along the same route used by Bohemond of Taranto. At the end of April 1097, he was the only crusade leader not to swear an oath of fealty to Byzantine emperor Alexius I. Instead, Raymond swore an oath of friendship, offered his support against Bohemond, mutual enemy of both Raymond and Alexius, he was present at the siege of Nicaea and the Battle of Dorylaeum in 1097, but his first major role came in October 1097 at the siege of Antioch. The crusaders heard a rumour that Antioch had been deserted by the Seljuk Turks, so Raymond sent his army ahead to occupy it, offending Bohemond of Taranto who wanted the city for himself; the city was, still occupied, was taken by the crusaders only after a difficult siege in June 1098.

Raymond took the tower over the Bridge Gate. He was ill during the second siege of Antioch by Kerbogha which culminated in a controversial rediscovery of the Holy Lance by a monk named Peter Bartholomew; the "miracle" raised the morale of the crusaders, to their surprise they were able to rout Kerbogha outside Antioch. The Lance itself became a valuable relic among Raymond's followers, despite Adhemar of Le Puy's skepticism and Bohemond's disbelief and occasional mockery. Raymond refused to relinquish his control of the city to Bohemond, reminding Bohemond that he was obligated to return Antioch to the court of Emperor Alexius, as he had sworn to do. A struggle arose between Raymond's supporters and the supporters of Bohemond over the genuineness of the Lance, but over the possession of Antioch. Many of the minor knights and foot soldiers preferred to continue their march to Jerusalem, they convinced Raymond to lead them there in the autumn of 1098. Raymond led them out to besiege Ma'arrat al-Numan, although he left a small detachment of his troops in Antioch, where Bohemond remained.

As Adhemar had died in Antioch, along with the prestige given to him by the Holy Lance, became the new leader of the crusade. Bohemond however, expelled Raymond's detachment from Antioch in January 1099. Raymond began to search for a city of his own, he marched from Ma'arrat, captured in December 1098, into the emirate of Tripoli, began the siege of Arqa on 14 February 1099 with the intent of founding an independent territory in Tripoli that could limit the power of Bohemond to expand the Principality of Antioch to the south. The siege of Arqa, a town outside Tripoli, lasted longer. Although he captured Hisn al-Akrad, a fortress that would become the important Krak des Chevaliers, his insistence on taking Tripoli delayed the march to Jerusalem, he lost much of the support he had gained after Antioch. Raymond agreed to continue the march to Jerusalem on 13 May, after months of siege the city was captured on 15 July. Raymond was offered the crown of the new Kingdom of Jerusalem, but refused, as he was reluctant to rule in the city in which Jesus had suffered.

He said that he shuddered to think of being called "King of Jerusalem". It is likely that he wished to continue the siege of Tripoli rather than remain in Jerusalem. However, he was reluctant to give up the Tower of David in Jerusalem, which he had taken after the fall of the city, it was only with difficulty that Godfrey of Bouillon was able to take it from him. Raymond participated in the battle of Ascalon soon after the capture of Jerusalem, during which an invading army from Egypt was defeated. However, Raymond wanted to occupy Ascalon himself rather than give it to Godfrey, in the resulting dispute Ascalon remained unoccupied, it was not taken by the crusaders until 1153. Godfrey blamed him for the failure of his army to capture Arsuf; when Raymond went north, in the winter of 1099–1100, his first act was one of hostility against Bohemond, capturing Laodicea from him. From Laodicea he went to Constantinople, where he allied with Alexius I, Bohemond's most powerful enemy. Bo

U-Pick Live

U-Pick Live is a program that aired on Nickelodeon from October 14, 2002 to May 27, 2005 on weekday afternoons from Nickelodeon Headquarters in New York City's Times Square. Starting at 5:00 p.m. EST to 7:00 p.m. EST; the show allowed viewers to pick via internet voting the Nickelodeon shows cartoons, that would air. The hosts of the show took part in sketches and gags including members of the studio audience and celebrity guests. Interviews with celebrity guests and musical performances were frequent features, it was U-Pick Friday from 1999 to late 2000, hosted by Henry and June of KaBlam!. The concept of U-Pick originated with the Nick in the Afternoon block in 1994. After U-Pick Live's cancellation, the concept of user-chosen programming would not return until its comeback as part of The'90s Are All That in 2011. Brent Popolizio as himself Candace Bailey as herself Jeff Sutphen as Pick Boy, a "Super Hero" that "picks" people from the audience. Pick Boy is naïve. Pick Boy became a target to many polls at such as "What kind of hairstyle should Pick Boy Have?".

Despite his popularity, Pick Boy was kicked off the show when he was voted the most in a poll asking "Who should be kicked off from the show forever?". Pick Boy was brought back to the show next season. After U-Pick Live ended, Pick Boy made many appearances in ads, 2006–2007 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, ME:TV, he made an appearance at the Democratic National Convention in August 2008 for Nickelodeon's Kids Pick the President campaign and at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. Antonio Neves as himself, best known by fans on the show for playing the Nicktoon tapes and using extreme stunts to deliver the tape, he appears as Antonio's Floating Head. Garbagio as himself, best known by fans on the show for wrestling random objects. Wears a modified Mil Mascaras wrestling mask. Tom Lamberth as Cow, a guy in a cow suit that might just stand there and moo, or do various strange things. There was another cow, more realistic. Kenneth Harton as Professor Pickens made inventions such as Pick-Bot 2000. Logan Sekulow played "Logan the Intern" on a number of the final season programs.

He was best known for his dance off with Brent and he sang with Brent on a number of skits. Sekulow, the son of Christian activist and attorney Jay Sekulow, has since starred in his own Christian-oriented talk show, The Logan Show. Noah Segan as Henry Julia McIlvaine as June The Prize Wall—A member of the studio audience picks one of 14 and 5/8 doors to try to get the Bucket of Bucks. All the other doors have other possible prizes behind them. Prizes could be anything from electronics to random junk such as a plunger. Candace's Corner—Candace talks to the viewers about various subjects, though she is interrupted by other members of the cast. Brent and Candace go outside to Times Square to do various things picked online by viewers. Boys vs. Girls – Brent and boys from the audience compete against Candace and girls from the audience in various messy, games. Celebrity guests engage in a lightning-round style barrage of silly questions and commands from audience members. Acting silly with kids takes celebrities off guard and brings out a side of them we do not see.

Ten Seconds with Brent—What the title suggests. Brent would be cut off in the middle of an important sentence. Once, he got a "cookie-on-a-string" to distract the stagehand who managed the timer preventing him from starting it for about thirty seconds. On one occasion, he was given only three seconds. Antonio delivering a tape of the chosen Nickelodeon show to where it will be played. Garbagio "wrestling" various objects. Pick-Bot 2000, robotic co-host Obstacle course races in the hallways of the studio. Pick Boy runs through walls of shaving cream, etc. Mr. Chi Chi, chimpanzee attorney at law Pantsing Candice. On one episode they had to cut to break. Sometimes during a cut-in after a commercial break, it would feature Brent in front of the camera talking with Candice behind him. While he was talking, his arms were wrapped behind Candice. Candice put her arms through his arm pits and she moved her arms to correspond to what he was saying; this is revealed. Candice backs away revealing the illusion; this happened 6 times during the run of U pick.

The First occurred on the thanksgiving special. Best of U-Pick Live episodes aired featuring highlights of previous shows. Producers: Jonathan Judge, Mitchell Goldstein, Jeremy Slutskin The series was directed by Joe Perota Slime Time Live would transfer viewers from STL to U-Pick Live near Slime Time Live's end. Once there was a blizzard that came to New York and Slime Time Live was in charge of U-Pick Live for that particular day; the Executive Producers of U-Pick Live were Kevin Weist. In the premiere of the new The Fairly OddParents episode "Timmy's Big Super Hero Wish", they hosted a contest where the child who wins would become Pick Boy's new sidekick and added to the show. Despite this no such character was added. U-Pick Live on IMDb U-Pick Live at

Mortuary temple

Mortuary temples were temples that were erected adjacent to, or in the vicinity of, royal tombs in Ancient Egypt. The temples were designed to commemorate the reign of the Pharaoh under whom they were constructed, as well as for use by the king's cult after death. Mortuary temples were built around pyramids in the Old Middle Kingdom. However, once the New Kingdom pharaohs began constructing tombs in the Valley of the Kings, they built their mortuary temples separately; these New Kingdom temples were called "mansions of millions of years" by the Egyptians. The mortuary temples were used as a resting place for the boat of Amun at the time of the Beautiful Festival of the Valley, during which the cult statue of the deity visited the west bank of Thebes; the first mortuary temple was built for Amenhotep I of the 18th dynasty during the New Kingdom. Several other rulers of this dynasty built temples for the same purpose, the best known being those at Deir el-Bahari, where Hatshepsut built beside the funerary temple of Mentuhotep II, that of Amenhotep III, of which the only major extant remains are the Colossi of Memnon.

Rulers of the 18th Dynasty either failed to build here at all or, in the case of Tutankhamun, Ay and Horemheb, their construction was not completed. The 19th Dynasty ruler Seti I constructed his temple at. Part of his "Glorious temple of Seti Merenptah in the field of Amun which resides at the West of Thebes" was dedicated to his father Ramesses I, whose short reign prevented him from building his own, was completed by his son Ramesses II. Ramesses II constructed his own temple, referred to as the Ramesseum: "Temple of a million years of Usermaatre Setepenre, linked with Thebes-the-Quoted in the Field of Amun, in the West". Much during the 20th Dynasty, Ramesses III constructed his own temple at Medinet Habu