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Raymond Queneau

Raymond Queneau was a French novelist, critic, editor and co-founder and president of Oulipo, notable for his wit and cynical humour. Queneau was born at 47, rue Thiers, Le Havre, Seine-Inférieure, the only child of Auguste Queneau and Joséphine Mignot. After studying in Le Havre, Queneau moved to Paris in 1920 and received his first baccalauréat in 1925 for philosophy from the University of Paris. Queneau performed military service as a zouave in Algeria and Morocco during the years 1925–26. During the 1920s and 1930s Queneau took odd jobs for income such as bank teller, tutor and some writing in a column entitled, "Connaissez-vous Paris?" for the daily Intransigeant. Queneau was drafted in August 1939 and served in small provincial towns before his promotion to corporal just before being demobilized in 1940. After a prolific career of writing and critique, Queneau died on 25 October 1976, he married Janine Kahn in 1928 after returning to Paris from his first military service. Kahn was the sister-in-law of leader of the surrealist movement.

In 1934 they had Jean-Marie, who became a painter. They remained married until Janine's death in 1972. Queneau spent much of his life working for the Gallimard publishing house, where he began as a reader in 1938, he rose to be general secretary and became director of l'Encyclopédie de la Pléiade in 1956. During some of this time, he taught at l'École Nouvelle de Neuilly, he entered the Collège de ` Pataphysique in 1950. During this time, Queneau acted as a translator, notably for Amos Tutuola's The Palm-Wine Drinkard in 1953. Additionally, he edited and published Alexandre Kojève's lectures on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit. Queneau had been a student of Kojève during the 1930s and was, during this period close to writer Georges Bataille; as an author, Queneau came to general attention in France with the publication in 1959 of his novel Zazie dans le métro. In 1960 the film adaptation directed by Louis Malle was released during the Nouvelle Vague movement. Zazie explores colloquial language as opposed to "standard" written French.

The first word of the book, the alarmingly long "Doukipudonktan" is a phonetic transcription of "D'où qu'ils puent donc tant?" – "From where do they stink so much?". Juliette Gréco popularized the song "Si tu t'imagines", a song by Joseph Kosma, with lyrics by Queneau. Before he founded the Ouvroir de littérature potentielle in 1960, Queneau was attracted to mathematics as a source of inspiration, he became a member of la Société Mathématique de France in 1948. In Queneau's mind, elements of a text, including trivial details such as the number of chapters, were things that had to be predetermined calculated; this was an issue during the writing of A Hundred Thousand Billion Poems known as, 100,000,000,000,000 Poems. Queneau wrote 140 lines in 10 individual sonnets that could all be taken apart and rearranged in any order. Queneau calculated that anyone reading the book 24 hours a day would need 190,258,751 years to finish it. While Queneau was completing this work, he asked mathematician François Le Lionnais for help with issues he was having, their conversation led to a role of mathematics in literature, which led to the creation of the Oulipo.

A work, Les fondements de la littérature d'après David Hilbert, alludes to the mathematician David Hilbert, attempts to explore the foundations of literature by quasi-mathematical derivations from textual axioms. Queneau claimed this final work would prove "a hidden master of the automaton." Pressed by GF, his interlocutor, Queneau confided that the text "could never appear, but had to hide to glorify that without agency." A conference on the matter will be held in Coral Gables, FL. One of Queneau's most influential works is Exercises in Style, which tells the simple story of a man's seeing the same stranger twice in one day, it tells that short story in 99 different ways, demonstrating the tremendous variety of styles in which storytelling can take place. A graphical story adaptation of the book's concept, 99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in Style, was published by the American Matt Madden in 2005; the works of Raymond Queneau are published by Gallimard in the collection Bibliothèque de la Pléiade.

Queneau is buried with his parents in Essonne outside Paris. In 1924 Queneau met and joined the Surrealists, but never shared their penchants for automatic writing or ultra-left politics. Like many surrealists, he entered psychoanalysis—however, not in order to stimulate his creative abilities, but for personal reasons, as with Leiris and Crevel. Michel Leiris describes, in Brisees, how he first met Queneau in 1924, while vacationing in Nemours with André Masson, Armand Salacrou and Juan Gris. A common friend, Roland Tual, brought him over. Queneau felt less accomplished than the other men, he did not make a big impression on the young bohemians. After Queneau came back from the army, around 1926–7, he and Leiris met at the Café Certa, near L'Opera, a Surrealist hang-out. On this occasion, when conversation delved into Eastern philosophy, Queneau's comments showed a quiet superiority and erudite thoughtfulness. Leiris and Queneau became friends while writing for Bataille's Documents. Queneau questioned Surrealist support of the USSR in 1926.

He remained on cordial terms with André Breton, although he continued associating with Simone Kahn after Breton split up with her. Breton demanded that his followers ostracize his former girlfrie

2003–04 OPJHL season

The 2003–04 OPJHL season is the 11th season of the Ontario Provincial Junior A Hockey League. The thirty-five teams of the North, South and West divisions competed in a 49-game schedule. Come February, the top eight teams of each division competed for the Frank L. Buckland Trophy, the OPJHL championship; the winner of the Buckland Cup, the Aurora Tigers, went on to win both the Dudley Hewitt Cup as Central Canadian Champions and the 2004 Royal Bank Cup as National Champions. Huntsville Wildcats fold mid-season. Peterborough Bees change name to Peterborough Stars. Milton Merchants change name to Milton Icehawks. Hamilton Kiltys change name to Hamilton Red Wings Note: GP = Games played. For the national championship, please go to the 2004 Royal Bank Cup. Divisional Quarter-final Wellington Dukes defeated Peterborough Stars 4-games-to-1 Bowmanville Eagles defeated Syracuse Jr. Crunch 4-games-to-none Cobourg Cougars defeated Bancroft Hawks 4-games-to-3 Kingston Voyageurs defeated Trenton Sting 4-games-to-1 Aurora Tigers defeated Lindsay Muskies 4-games-to-none Newmarket Hurricanes defeated Pickering Panthers 4-games-to-none Stouffville Spirit defeated Thornhill Rattlers 4-games-to-2 Collingwood Blues defeated Oshawa Legionaires 4-games-to-none Georgetown Raiders defeated Bramalea Blues 4-games-to-none Hamilton Red Wings defeated Streetsville Derbys 4-games-to-none Oakville Blades defeated Burlington Cougars 4-games-to-none Milton Icehawks defeated Mississauga Chargers 4-games-to-1 St. Michael's Buzzers defeated Buffalo Lightning 4-games-to-none Wexford Raiders defeated Ajax Axemen 4-games-to-none North York Rangers defeated Vaughan Vipers 4-games-to-none Markham Waxers defeated Couchiching Terriers 4-games-to-noneDivisional Semi-final Wellington Dukes defeated Kingston Voyageurs 4-games-to-3 Bowmanville Eagles defeated Cobourg Cougars 4-games-to-none Aurora Tigers defeated Collingwood Blues 4-games-to-none Newmarket Hurricanes defeated Stouffville Spirit 4-games-to-1 Georgetown Raiders defeated Milton Icehawks 4-games-to-none Oakville Blades defeated Hamilton Red Wings 4-games to-2 St. Michael's Buzzers defeated Markham Waxers 4-games-to-none North York Rangers defeated Wexford Raiders 4-games-to-2Divisional Final Bowmanville Eagles defeated Wellington Dukes 4-games-to-3 Aurora Tigers defeated Newmarket Hurricanes 4-games-to-none Oakville Blades defeated Georgetown Raiders 4-games-to-1 St. Michael's Buzzers defeated North York Rangers 4-games-to-1Semi-final St. Michael's Buzzers defeated Bowmanville Eagles 4-games-to-2 Aurora Tigers defeated Oakville Blades 4-games-to-2Final Aurora Tigers defeated St. Michael's Buzzers 4-games-to-2 Hosted by North Bay Skyhawks in North Bay, Ontario.

Aurora Tigers won the event. Round Robin Aurora Tigers defeated Soo Thunderbirds 3-1 Aurora Tigers defeated Fort William North Stars 4-0 Aurora Tigers defeated North Bay Skyhawks 5-1Final Aurora Tigers defeated North Bay Skyhawks 5-1 Hosted by Grande Prairie Storm in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Aurora Tigers won the event. Round Robin Grande Prairie Storm defeated Aurora Tigers 4-2 Aurora Tigers defeated Nanaimo Clippers 4-2 Aurora Tigers defeated Kindersley Klippers 5-0 Aurora Tigers defeated Nepean Raiders 3-1Semi-final Aurora Tigers defeated Nepean Raiders 7-2Final Aurora Tigers defeated Kindersley Klippers 7-1 Rd 7 #201 Michael Vernace - San Jose Sharks 2004 Royal Bank Cup Dudley Hewitt Cup List of OJHL seasons Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League Superior International Junior Hockey League Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League 2003 in ice hockey 2004 in ice hockey Official website of the Ontario Junior Hockey League Official website of the Canadian Junior Hockey League

Antonio Solario

Antonio Solario known as "Lo Zingaro" was an Italian painter of the Venetian school, who worked in Naples, the Marche and England. His career is obscure pieced together from surviving works, at one time his existence was doubted, he is referred to as Antonio de Solario or Antonio da Solario, He was born and trained in Venice, signed the Withypool Altarpiece "Antonius Desolario, Venetus 1514". This work and other references to works in England by John Leland a few decades are the evidence for his putative English visit; the altarpiece is in the Bristol City Art Gallery who own the main panel. There is a similar but smaller panel of the Madonna and Child with a Donor in the National Museum of Capodimonte at Naples. All include charming small landscapes seen through windows in a wall behind the figures, he is first recorded at Fermo in 1502, last in Montecassino in 1518. In Naples, his main work were twenty large frescoes illustrating the Life of St Benedict in the cloister of the monastery of Santi Severino e Sossio, which are open to the elements though covered and are now decayed.

These were painted in the first years of the century. Sometimes Solario's color is crude, he shows weakness of draughtsmanship in hands and feet, his tendency is that of a naturalist the heads lifelike and individual, the landscape backgrounds better invented and cared for than in any contemporary. His works are sometimes confused with those of his contemporary, Andrea Solario, a Milanese follower of Leonardo da Vinci. While not related to this painter, Antonio met and was influenced by Andrea; the portrait of Charles II d'Amboise in the Louvre, who now attribute it as a copy of a work by Andrea, is a case in point. The only biography of Solario written by a local personage, was penned by Bernardo de' Dominici, the "Neapolitan Vasari", who wrote an confused and error-ridden Vite dei Pittori, Scultori, ed Architetti Napolitani, it states that Solario was born in about 1382 in Abruzzo. He is called the son of a tinker, after a romantic interlude, became son-in-law of Colantonio, the leading artist in the mid-15th century Naples.

Dominici claims Solario died in 1455. The erroneous chronology was not clarified until the twentieth century. Davies, National Gallery Catalogues: Catalogue of the Earlier Italian Schools, National Gallery Catalogues, London 1961, reprinted 1986, ISBN 0-901791-29-6 Marks and Williamson, eds. Gothic: Art for England 1400-1547, 2003, V&A Publications, London, ISBN 1-85177-401-7 Nicola Spinosa, The National Museum of Capodimonte, Electa Napoli, 2003, ISBN 88-510-0007-7

Channon Roe

James Channon Roe is an American actor. He began his television career in the mid-1990s, he first appeared on TV series My So-Called Life as Billy in 1994. Roe began his acting career including The Low Life and Junked. Roe was born in Pasadena, but raised in Corona del Mar before training as an actor at the Joanne Baron / D. W. Brown Acting Studio and at the British Academy of Dramatic Arts at Stanford. Channon Roe is an avid surfer, is involved with activist groups Green Peace, Heal the Bay, Surfrider Foundation. Channon has been a vegetarian for over 20 years and drives a Mercedes 1983 Vegetable Oil Conversion by Love Craft. Roe began his television career in the mid-1990s, he first appeared on TV series My So-Called Life as Billy in 1994 and his acting career in independent films including "The Low Life" and "Junked". In 1996, Roe starred as the lead character "Cash", Primogen of the Gangrel Clan of vampires, in the cult television series Kindred: The Embraced. Bio-Dome and Soldier Boys soon followed in Person's Unknown, alongside Naomi Watts, Kelly Lynch, Joe Mantegna and directed by George Hickenlooper, Academy Award-nominated Boogie Nights.

Channon Roe has appeared in over 35 television series to date, including recurring performances such as Dirt starring Courteney Cox as Jeff Stagliano, the Indie Director who impregnates a disturbed Shannyn Sossamon, Windfall as Jeremy. Roe has appeared on The OC, 24, Prison Break, Bones, CSI: Miami, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Going to California, Without a Trace, NYPD Blue, Diagnosis Murder, Touched by an Angel, The Pretender, Fugitive and HeadCase. In 2008, Roe completed filming on two new projects, Under a pilot for A&E Television alongside Henry Thomas and Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia as Petty Officer 1st Class Kevin Derricks for Fox. Persons Unknown – Lewis Soldier Boyz – Brophy Bio Dome – Roach Boogie Nights – Joe The Surfer Girl – Kevin Can't Hardly Wait – Jake Junked – Jimmy The 40-Year-Old Virgin – Video Joe Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia – Petty Officer 1st Class Kevin Derricks The Harsh Life of Veronica Lambert - Zippy Hangover 2 - Stefan Lefrontier Chasing Mavericks - Bob Pearson Channon Roe on IMDb

M4 Motorway (Syria)

The M4 Motorway is a highway in Northern Syria which runs parallel with its northern border with Turkey. The M4 runs from Latakia to Saraqib, it connects Arihah and Jisr al-Shughur. Its length is 120 km. Assuming that it shares some 60 km. with the Motorway M5, it arrives until Aleppo, from there, it has been expanded as a two-lane expressway that continues further east into the Iraqi border reaching its destination at Mosul. In October 2019, the highway became a warzone, as Turkish-backed Syrian rebel forces advanced into the Kurdish-controlled region of Rojava. Civilians had been killed near the motorway. Turkish media reported that it was the goal of Turkey's Operation Peace Spring to reach the M4 highway in the Turkish occupation of northern Syria. Transport in Syria

Bastilla solomonensis

Bastilla solomonensis is a moth of the family Noctuidae first described by George Hampson in 1913. It is found on the Solomon Islands, the Bismarck Islands, New Caledonia, New Guinea, Kei Island, the Moluccas, Java and the Philippines; the wingspan is about 60 mm. The larvae feed on Breynia species. Bastilla solomonensis bicacuminata Bastilla solomonensis hebridesia Bastilla solomonensis jovia Bastilla solomonensis papuana Herbison-Evans, Don & Crossley, Stella. "Dysgonia solomonensis". Australian Caterpillars and their Butterflies and Moths. Retrieved 5 December 2019