Rettendon murders

The Rettendon murders occurred on 6 December 1995 in the village of Rettendon in Essex, when three drug dealers were shot dead in a Range Rover down a small farm track. The incident was followed by a major police investigation – Operation Century – and has been the subject of many books and feature films. On 6 December 1995, Rettendon was the scene of the triple murder of Tony Tucker, Patrick Tate and Craig Rolfe, three drug dealers shot dead in a Range Rover down a small farm track; the three men were found the following morning by his friend Ken Jiggins. Friend of the victims, only surviving member of the main alliance, Carlton Leach now lives in Essex and has written and talked about the murders and his memory of his late associates. Operation Century produced no arrests or evidence leading to a criminal prosecution. A prosecution, brought in connection with the murders was based on police operations subsequent to the closure of Operation Century. Two men, Jack Whomes and Michael Steele, were convicted of the murders on 20 January 1998 after an Old Bailey trial, sentenced to life imprisonment.

The key witness was police informer Darren Nicholls, who gave evidence against his former friends at their trial. Questions were raised over the reliability of mobile phone records used to corroborate the informant's testimony. Over the last two decades the pair have unsuccessfully challenged their convictions; the films Essex Boys, starring Sean Bean. List of criminal enterprises and syndicates Major crimes in the United Kingdom Leach, Carlton. Muscle. Blake Publishing. ISBN 978-1-904034-48-3 O'Mahoney, Bernard. Bonded by Blood: Murder and Intrigue in the Essex Ganglands. ISBN 9781845961640 Rugby and Thompson, Tony. Bloggs 19: The Story of the Essex Range Rover Triple Murders. Sphere. ISBN 9780751522419 BBC: The Essex murders

Donnalyn Bartolome

Donnalyn Jereos Bartolome is a Filipina YouTube video blogger as well as a singer, songwriter and actress. Donnalyn Jereos Bartolome was born in Yokosuka, Japan on July 9, 1994. Bartolome started posting videos on YouTube when she was 13 years old after moving away from the Philippines; the videos were intended for her friends only. But she began to build a following, she posted everything from makeup tutorials to song covers. She moved to Facebook where her fame began to grow. At the age of 18, living in Japan with her family, she met David Hulbert, founder of iDOLTap Productions, who wanted to cast her in a film, they became friends and together they wrote an independent film titled Big Sister, loosely based on Bartolome's real life experiences. She shot to fame after the release of her single "Kakaibabe", a track on the Diary ng Panget soundtrack, "LM4M", a song produced by Jon Bonus, she released the album Happy Break Up with lead single "Happy Break Up". She was featured in Jireh Lim's "Magkabilang Mundo" music video along with the late Tado Jimenez, which became the most viewed OPM music video on YouTube after "Gayuma".

She was featured in Ryan Bang's video "Shopping", which features Kristine Santamena, Jayson Gainza, Aiko Climaco and James Reid. Other appearances include a cameo as a teacher in Sugar High’s “Sugar Sugar”, she is playing a lead actress role for her upcoming film Jacqueline Comes Home. Rodney Torres did a photo shoot for Donnalyn Bartolome for this film. 2014: Kakaibabe 2015: Happy Break Up 2018: Surprise 2019: HBD 2013: "MasaRAP!" 2013: "Sugar Sugar" 2013: "Trip Lang" 2014: "Magkabilang Mundo" 2015: "Shopping" 2018: Cry No Fear 2018: Jacqueline Comes Home