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The Sigma Designs RealMagic ISA MPEG decoder card

RealMagic (or ReelMagic), from Sigma Designs, was one of the first fully compliant MPEG playback boards on the market in the mid-1990s.

RealMagic is a hardware-accelerated MPEG decoder that mixes its video stream into a computer video card's output through the video card's feature connector, it is also a SoundBlaster-compatible sound card. [1]


Sigma design's Realmagic superseded by

  • Realmagic Hollywood+
  • Realmagic XCard
  • Realmagic NetStream2000 - 4000

Several software companies in 1993 promised to support the card, including Access, Interplay, and Sierra.[1] Software written for RealMagic includes:

Note: the above titles were on a REELMAGIC demo CD that came with the hardware; the CD also contained corporate promotion videos, training videos, news footage of JFK and the Apollo moon mission. Also included in the bundle, was a complete version of The Horde - published by Crystal Dynamics (1994)

Other software includes:


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