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Coil - Nine Inch Nails - Recoiled.jpg
Remix album / EP by Coil and Nine Inch Nails
Released February 24, 2014
Genre Post-industrial
Length 29:56 (Digital), 38:48 (CD and Vinyl)
Label Cold SpringCSR193CD
Coil chronology
Colour Sound Oblivion
Nine Inch Nails chronology
Remix 2014 EP
Halo I–IV
Professional ratings
Review scores
PopMatters6/10 stars[2]

Recoiled is an EP by Coil and Nine Inch Nails. It was released on February 24, 2014, via British record label Cold Spring without the knowledge or permission of Trent Reznor or his record label.[3] It was released posthumously after the deaths of the two original Coil members, Peter Christopherson and John Balance.[4][5][6] Danny Hyde, a former employee and engineer of Coil, was responsible for the leaking of these tracks to torrent sites and licensing them to Cold Spring. The release is composed of variations of previously released remixes, which appeared on the albums Fixed, Further Down the Spiral and the "Closer to God" single.

The EP contains four rare remixes of Nine Inch Nails songs, which surfaced on Internet in 2012 as a bootleg. The songs that are remixed include "Gave Up", from Broken EP (1992) and "Closer", "The Downward Spiral" and "Eraser", from The Downward Spiral (1994). The CD and vinyl version of the album features a previously unheard remix of the song "Eraser".[4][7]

The original bootleg for the EP was also streamed on YouTube, with the title Uncoiled.[4][7]


In a press release, the label stated:

These five lengthy compositions are pre-Ableton/laptop generation type priest song creations... with the use of baby alarms and numerous wires to create bespoke effects. These legendary tracks were always rumored to exist and, only the due diligence of a dedicated NIN forum who hunted them down, are released/unleashed for your listening pleasure.[4][6][7]

Members of the Nine Inch Nails fan-site were able to raise funds to send to Danny Hyde, who revealed the existence of out-takes of commission work Coil had produced for various Nine Inch Nails singles and EPs. Once a suitable amount had been raised, Hyde torrented the tracks to fans via The Pirate Bay. The songs were marketed as "Coil & Nine Inch Nails", despite the fact that Trent Reznor is the sole writer on all tracks and remains uncredited in all release types.[8]

The vast majority of brown splatter vinyl copies suffer from a pressing defect rendering them unplayable. Cold Spring has not addressed this, though they are offering refunds to unhappy customers. There have been fewer reported problems with black vinyl and picture disc editions.

The album artwork was created by a member of EchoingTheSound, and closely resembles Russell Mills' frayed rope design for Further Down the Spiral.

Track listing[edit]

Digital version[edit]

1."Gave Up (Open My Eyes)"5:28
2."Closer (Unrecalled)"7:41
3."The Downward Spiral (A Gilded Sickness)"7:59
4."Eraser (Reduction)"8:48
Total length:29:56

CD version[edit]

1."Gave Up (Open My Eyes)"5:28
2."Closer (Unrecalled)"7:41
3."The Downward Spiral (A Gilded Sickness)"7:59
4."Eraser (Reduction)"8:48
5."Eraser (Baby Alarm Remix)"8:52
Total length:38:48

Vinyl version[edit]

A side
1."Gave Up (Open My Eyes)"5:28
2."Closer (Unrecalled)"7:41
3."The Downward Spiral (A Gilded Sickness)"7:59
B side
1."Eraser (Reduction)"8:48
2."Eraser" (Baby Alarm Remix)8:52
Total length:38:48



Nine Inch Nails

Other personnel

  • Danny Hyde
  • Marius Andrei Dima – photography
  • Abby Helasdottir – design
  • Gregg Janman – mastering
  • Hermetech Mastering – mastering


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