Rector of the University of St Andrews

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Rector of University of St Andrews
Srđa Popović, current Rector
Srđa Popović

since 2017
Member of University Court
Appointer Elected by all the matriculated students of the University
Term length 3 years
Constituting instrument Universities (Scotland) Act 1858
Formation 1858 (in modern form)
First holder Sir Ralph Anstruther, 4th Bt.

The Lord Rector of the University of St Andrews is the president of the University Court of the University of St Andrews; the University Court is the supreme governing body of the University. The Rector is elected every three years by the matriculated students of the University.[1][2] The current office of Rector, sometimes termed Lord Rector, was instituted by the Universities (Scotland) Act 1858, passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom. The Universities (Scotland) Acts regulate the governance of the ancient universities of Scotland, and require the election of a Rector for the universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and St Andrews.[3]

Since 1970 the Rector has appointed a student as Rector's Assessor, who is a full voting member of the University Court, and also serves as a member of the Students' Representative Council. As of April 2017 the Rector's Asssessor was Dylan Bruce.[4][5]

To this day it is only the four ancient universities of Scotland: University of St Andrews, University of Glasgow, University of Aberdeen, and University of Edinburgh, as well as the University of Dundee, that elect a rector, whereas modern universities do not.[2]

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