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Red Skull

The Red Skull is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character is depicted as the archenemy of the superhero Captain America. Portrayed as a Nazi agent and protégé of Adolf Hitler, the character was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, first appeared in Captain America Comics #7; the Red Skull was ranked number 21 on Wizard magazine's Top 100 Greatest Villains Ever list and ranked as IGN's 14th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time. The character has been adapted to a variety of other media platforms, including animated television series, video games and live-action feature films, he was portrayed by actor Scott Paulin in the 1990 direct-to-video film Captain America. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the character was played by Hugo Weaving in Captain America: The First Avenger and by Ross Marquand in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. While considering ideas for an appropriate archenemy for Captain America and artist Joe Simon saw a hot fudge sundae melting and noticed it resembled a human figure.

Inspired, Simon at first considered calling his new villain "Hot Fudge". However, as the cherry on top of the sundae seemed like an exposed skull, he decided on "Red Skull" as a more appropriate moniker. At the 1970 San Diego Comic Con Jack Kirby said, “the Red Skull was created by Eddy Hearn, who created Captain Marvel.... And Eddy Hearn was one of the best writers that DC had.... He was a professional. So he created the Red Skull.” In a 1989 interview with Will Murray, Kirby was asked, “Who invented him?. Kirby replied, “I did.” However, in Comic Book Marketplace, Murray asked the same question to Joe Simon and got this response from Simon, “I did that one. It was just a weird-looking thing, it had no hidden concept.” The original Red Skull was introduced in Timely Comics' Captain America Comics #1, written and drawn by the team of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. The Skull was to appear again in issue #3 of Captain America Comics; as in issue #1, The Red Skull's secret identity is George Maxon, the owner of the Maxon Aircraft Company that makes airplanes for the US Army.

Maxon wears a mask to create the look of the Red Skull and his face is exposed. As the Red Skull, Maxon attempts to rob banks in order to raise money to overthrow the US government. In the comic he says, "Of course you realize the main item in overthrowing the government is money." A new, more lasting version of the Red Skull was introduced in Captain America #7. This Skull claims to be the real one and states that George Maxon was but a pawn posing as the Red Skull. In comics this Red Skull is identified as the Nazi, Johann Schmidt. After an absence from comics for many years, both Captain America and the Red Skull were brought back in 1954 in Young Men Comics #24, in a story entitled "Back From The Dead". Here the Red Skull, thinking Captain America was dead, has left politics and started a big criminal enterprise in the United States. In his next appearance, in issue #27, the Red Skull is once again left for dead; the character was subsequently revived during the Silver Age of Comic Books, first in Tales of Suspense #65 in a Captain America World War II-period story run, was established as a contemporary villain in issue #79.

In that issue it is revealed that the Red Skull, like Steve Rogers, had been in suspended animation since World War II. For decades, the character's true face was hidden, but in Captain America #297 the Red Skull unmasks in front of Captain America and his face, albeit aged, is revealed. In the next issue, the Red Skull retells his story with his face visible in his various ages; when the character is revealed to be alive in issue #350, in a story called "Resurrection", by Mark Gruenwald, the face of Johann Schmidt's original body is hidden again, but the Skull's face is visible, albeit in his cloned copy of Captain America's body. The character's origin was more illustrated in the limited series, Red Skull: Incarnate, with Schmidt's face visible again. Johann Schmidt was a Nazi confidant of Adolf Hitler, he has been affiliated with Hydra and is an enemy of S. H. I. E. L. D; the Avengers, the interests of the United States and the free world in general. He was physically augmented by having his mind placed into the body of a clone of Captain America, the pinnacle of human perfection.

He has been killed in the past, only to return time and time again to plague the world with schemes of world domination and genocide. Johann Schmidt was born in a village in Germany to Martha Schmidt, his mother died in childbirth, his father blamed Johann for her death. Johann's father tried only to be stopped by the attending doctor; the doctor took Johann to an orphanage. Johann ran away from the orphanage when he was seven years old and lived on the streets as a beggar and thief; as he grew older, he worked at various menial jobs but spent most of his time in prison for crimes ranging from vagrancy to theft. The Skull's real name of Johann Schmidt was not revealed in his Golden Age and Silver Age appearances; as a young man, Schmidt was from time to time employed by a Jewish shopkeeper, whose daughter Esther was the only person who had treated Schmidt kindly up to that point. Seized with passion for Esther, Schmidt tried to force himself upon her. In unthinking fury, Schmidt murdered her

Walid Harfouch

Walid Harfouch is the Head of Euronews in various countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. He is the president of the Coordination Council of the Ukrainian version of Euronews. In 2001, he was appointed as the first goodwill ambassador of the United Nations, as commissioned to fight SIDA in Ukraine, he founded the public association SOS Racism! Today, he is a well-known show business personality in Ukraine, he has worked with his brother Omar Harfouch to organize international beauty pageants, such as Elite Model Look and Miss Europe. He is the founder of one of SuperNova. Along with his brother Omar, he is the editor of the magazine PaparaZZI. Harfouch was born on April 1971, in Tripoli, Lebanon, his father, Adnan Harfouch, was a professor of Arabic literature, his mother, Najwa El Hajj, was a school director. Omar is his elder brother, he has an elder sister, Hind. In 1988, Harfouch finished his education at the College des Freres, in 1990, his brother Omar invited him to come to Ukraine.

Together, they were among the first people to reside in the city of Dnipro. In 1991, Harfouch was admitted into the Faculty of Journalism at the Dniepropetrovsk State University. In 1995, Harfouch and his brother Omar left Dniepropetrovsk and travelled to Kyiv where they founded one of the first FM radio stations, SuperNova; the collaboration with Radio France International has allowed them to appear on SuperNova in various broadcasts and radio news in French and Arabic, as well as Russian and Ukrainian. The station collaborated directly with the French Institute in Ukraine, as well as the French embassy in Ukraine. Super-Nova broadcast live coverage of the Cannes International Film Festival. At one point, SuperNova broadcast the program Depoutatsky Tchas where a lot of representatives of the Ukrainian parliament participated. Harfouch became a quasi-celebrity in the public eye as a result of these activities. Between 1998-2000, Harfouch and his brother represented the interests of the Elite agency in Ukraine.

They became the official organizers of the international competition known as Elite Model Look. In 2002, Harfouch and his brother founded Miss@NetWorld. In 2006, they acquired the rights to Miss Europe; that same year, in Kiev, the international final of the competition was broadcast in more than 20 countries around the world. At the end of the year, they founded a new competition, Miss CEI, with contestants from the Balkan countries and the CIS; the competition became a popular television program. In 1995, a public appeal, A Girl for Boy, was organized by Harfouch's station, SuperNova, with the assistance of Ukrainian artists; the objective was to provide an elephant in the Kiev Zoo, with a mate. The funds raised allowed the transport of a female elephant from Germany to the zoo. In 2000, Harfouch became the first goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations, commissioned to fight SIDA in Ukraine, he was responsible for the creation and installation of a bronze statue to commemorate victims of SIDA.

It was inaugurated in 2001 in Kiev by Kofi Annan secretary-general of the United Nations. After this event, the song "Protect the Life", produced by Harfouch and composed by his brother Omar, became known as the anthem for the fight against SIDA in Ukraine. In 2007 Harfouch created an organization known as SOS! Racism!, becoming its secretary general. SOS! Racism! was responsible for many public events, such as The Anti-Racism March", characterized by its great number of participants, caused debate in Ukraine. As a result of this march, SOS! Racism! has prepared, with the support of Ukrainian deputy Anna German, a new bill to stiffen penalties for racism, anti-semitism, xenophobia. In 2003, Walid and Omar Harfouch began editing the magazine PaparaZZI. In 2005, the magazine published an article that caused a scandal concerning the expenses of Andrey Loustchenko, the son of the Ukrainian president at the time. In 2005, Harfouch published a book, Sex Murder and Millions with the publisher Gallimard-Edition Folio.

In 2002, Walid founded a public relations agency known as BTL or Super Nova Agency, which organized various large-scale publicity campaigns. The agency's clients include Hotel Premier Palace, Coca-Cola, the Yalta Life Rally, Red Bull among others. One of the organization's main activities was lobbying and public relations for large clients in Europe. Due to his active public life, Harfouch has appeared on many television programs and talk shows. In 2008, he became an editor for the program Shuster Live. In 2006, he played a small role in the film Stariki Pokovinly, produced by the well-known Ukrainian, Andrey Benkendorf. In August 2007, he was appointed as a general producer for the television channel TET. From August 2009 to February 2010, Harfouch was head of the foreign press department for the candidate, president of Ukraine, Victor Ianoukovytch. From April 2010 to June 2013, he was appointed as a vice president of NTU, the first Ukrainian television channel. Since October 2010, Harfouch has been the president of the Coordination Council of the Ukrainian version of Euronews.

In August 2011, he started the Ukrainian version of Euronews with the support of the vice prime minister of Ukraine, Borys Kolesnikov, with the advice of Ukrainian deputy Anna German. In June 2013, Harfouch became the head of Euronews in various CIS countries. Http:// Walid Arfush joins Euronews in the CIS region Euronews looks to CIS Walid Arfush Joins Euronews as Development Manager for the Commonwealth of Independent States region

Lockheed Martin shooting

The Lockheed Martin shooting occurred on July 8, 2003, at the Lockheed Martin plant in Meridian, Mississippi. The gunman, Douglas Williams, was a 48-year-old divorced father of two, he was an assembly line worker at the plant. He shot 14 of his co-workers with a shotgun, before committing suicide; the incident was the deadliest workplace shooting in the United States since December 2000, when Michael McDermott killed seven co-workers at Edgewater Technology in Wakefield, Massachusetts. On the day of the shooting, Williams attended a mandatory ethics and diversity class together with 13 others. According to some colleagues, Williams arrived at the plant in a agitated state and made threats to kill other workers. Others, who said they talked to him prior to the shooting, stated that he "gave no indications that anything was wrong". Williams only stayed at the meeting for a few minutes. After having a normal conversation with his colleague Al Collier, who described it as a "friendly little talk", Williams stormed out of the room, saying "Y'all can handle this."

Telling his supervisor, Jeff McWilliams, that he would take the matters into his own hands, Williams went to retrieve several guns from his pickup truck. At 9:30 a.m. Williams entered the room, yelling "I told y'all to stop fucking with me! Didn't I tell y'all not to fuck with me?", began shooting. He first killed Mickey Fitzgerald, who tried to calm him down, with a shot in the face, before turning his attention towards a group of four workers on the floor. Remarking "There's four right there", Williams killed Sam Cockrell, who he believed had made complaints about him to the management. Steve Cobb, the plant manager, as well as Brad Bynum, Chuck McReynolds, Brenda Dubose, whose head and hand were grazed by bullet fragments, were wounded by ricochet. Williams went out of the room, but returned after a short while and and calling for Jack Johns, the production manager, continued shooting. Williams left the annex and headed for the main factory, searching for other employees who had reported him to the management for making racist threats.

There, he was apprehended by his colleague Pete Threatt, who tried to take away his gun, but Williams pushed him out of the way, lowered the shotgun with the words "Get out of my way or I'll kill you, too" and moved on. While Threatt tried to make the others aware of the gunman, screaming for people to take cover, Williams walked through the plant and shot five other people, most of them at point-blank range, he killed Charles J. Miller, Thomas Willis, Lynette McCall at their work stations and wounded Henry Odom and Randy Wright, before his girlfriend and co-worker, Shirley J. Price, began pleading with him to stop shooting. Williams committed suicide in front of her by shooting himself in the torso, his rampage had lasted ten minutes. Three more weapons were found in his car by police: a.22 Magnum Derringer, a.45-caliber Ruger P90 pistol, a.22-caliber rifle with a scope. Six people were killed in the shooting, they are: DeLois Bailey, 53, succumbed to her wounds on July 15 Sam Cockrell, 46, of Meridian, Mississippi Micky Fitzgerald, 45, of Little Rock, Mississippi Lynette McCall, 47, of Cuba, Alabama Charles J. Miller, 58, of Meridian, Mississippi Thomas Willis, 57, of Lisman, Alabama Brad Bynum, 29 Steve Cobb, 46 Al Collier, 49 Brenda Dubose, 55 Chuck McReynolds, 62 Henry Odom, 57 Charles Scott, 65 Randy Wright, 55 As five of the six people killed by Williams were black and coworkers described him as making racist remarks, it was believed that the murder might have been racially motivated.

However, police stated that the shooting was more random, as most of the injured were white. One of Williams' cousins said he was not a racist and had black friends; the cousin described him as depressed. He said that Doug Williams had expressed concern "about something to do with a meeting at work", it was said that Williams was angry at everybody. He felt mistreated. Wakefield massacre Workplace violence 6 dead in shooting at Mississippi defense plant, USA Today Six dead in Mississippi shooting, ABC News 6 dead in shooting at Mississippi aircraft plant, Sun. Star

Medici column

The Medici column is a monument in Paris, located in front of the Bourse de commerce. It has been listed since 1862 as a monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture, is the only remnant of the former Hôtel de Soissons; the column was built in 1575 by Jean Bullant at the request of Catherine de' Medici. It is believed it may be a tribute to Henri II, killed after a prediction was made by Nostradamus. Catherine had a love for astrology and when Nostradamus left Paris, she asked to have the column built so that Cosimo Ruggieri could use it; the fluted column is 28 meters high. Inside are 147 spiral steps, it used to have a glass roof. Now the platform is covered with an iron frame; the four corners of the columns top match the four points of a compass. The column was not an original part of the plan when Catherine de' Medici was planning the building of her home, Hôtel de Soissons, to which the column connected

Joint Ministerial Committee (UK)

In the United Kingdom, the Joint Ministerial Committee, is a consultative body established by a memorandum of understanding between the UK Government and devolved administrations in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The JMC seeks to act as a focus for the coordination of the relationships between these administrations; the terms of reference for the JMC are: "To consider non-devolved matters which impinge on devolved responsibilities, devolved matters which impinge on non-devolved responsibilities." "Where the UK government and the devolved administrations so agree, to consider devolved matters if it is beneficial to discuss their respective treatment in different parts of the UK." "To keep the arrangements for liaison between the UK government and the devolved administrations under review." To consider disputes between the administrations." The current membership of the JMC is as follows: Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland Mark Drakeford, First Minister of Wales Arlene Foster and Michelle O'Neill, First Minister and deputy First Minister of Northern IrelandThe following may attend sessions of the JMC: Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom or First Secretary of State The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs The secretaries of state for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Other Secretaries of State when issues relating to their remit are discussed. The JMC last met on 30 January 2017 and prior to that in October 2016 and December 2014, it met before that during Tony Blair’s premiership. Under proposals outlined by Theresa May in October 2016, the JMC will meet on an annual basis and will rotate between London, Edinburgh and Belfast, it will publish an annual report on its work and proceedings. There are three types of JMC meeting formats. Council of Australian Governments, Similar body in Australia First Ministers' conference, Similar body in Canada National Governors Association, Similar body in the United States of America Devolution of powers to Scotland and Northern Ireland Memorandum of understanding and supplementary agreement JMC Annual Reports

David Richards (record producer)

David Richards was an English-born Swiss-based record producer and musician. In the Mountain Studios in Montreux, owned by the rock band Queen, in Attalens he engineered and co-produced many albums by Queen, David Bowie and other artists. Richards played keyboards on some records, he dealt with live music recording in such events as Montreux Jazz Festival. Richards died on 20 December 2013 after a long battle with an undisclosed illness. Albums produced by David Richards: Roger Taylor - Strange Frontier Chris ReaShamrock Diaries Jimmy Nail - Take It or Leave It Feargal Sharkey – Feargal Sharkey Chris Rea – On the Beach Queen – A Kind of Magic Iggy PopBlah-Blah-Blah Magnum – Vigilante Virginia Wolf – Virginia Wolf David Bowie – Never Let Me Down The Cross – Shove It Freddie Mercury and Montserrat CaballéBarcelona Queen – The Miracle Queen – Innuendo David Bowie – The Buddha of Suburbia David Bowie – Outside Queen – Made in Heaven William Fierro - UNO Others: Yes – Going for the One Queen – Live Killers Roger Taylor – Fun in Space Queen – Live Magic Brian MayBack to the Light Duran Duran - Duran Duran Duran Duran - Thank You Brian May – Another World Samael – Eternal David Bowie -Welcome to the Blackout David Richards' Full Discography