Scytovirin is a 95-amino acid antiviral protein isolated from the cyanobacteria Scytonema varium. It has been cultured in E. coli and its structure investigated in detail. Scytovirin is thought to be produced by the bacteria to protect itself from viruses that might otherwise attack it, but as it has broad-spectrum antiviral activity against a range of enveloped viruses, scytovirin has been found to be useful against a range of major human pathogens, most notably HIV / AIDS but including SARS coronavirus and filoviruses such as Ebola virus and Marburg virus. While some lectins such as cyanovirin and Urtica dioica agglutinin are thought to be too allergenic to be used internally in humans, studies so far on scytovirin and griffithsin have not shown a similar level of immunogenicity. Scytovirin and griffithsin are being investigated as potential microbicides for topical use

Focus Media

Focus Media Information Technology Focus Media Holding is a Chinese company which operates the largest out-of-home advertising network in that country, consisting predominantly of digital signage screens, claims to own the country's largest Internet advertising agency. The company was founded in 2003, its stock has been traded on the U. S. market since its IPO in July 2005. In May 2013, the company went private; as of March 31, 2007, it reported that its network included: 83,256 screens showing advertising in sites including office buildings and outdoor 40,736 screens in retail outlets, including 842 supermarkets, 1,196 hypermarkets and 1,897 convenience stores 124,542 poster frames in elevatorsIn March 2007, Focus acquired Allyes Information Technology Company, China’s largest online ad agency. Focus sells advertising in cinemas and until 2008 operated a mobile telephone advertising business. In December 2008, Focus reached an agreement with SINA Corporation that SINA would acquire most of Focus's digital out-of-home business, but the deal was abandoned in September 2009.

In May 2013, Focus Media was taken private in a $3.7 billion transaction by a consortium consisting of The Carlyle Group, FountainVest Partners, CITIC Capital, China Everbright as well as existing shareholders Jason Jiang and Fosun International. The company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange by backdoor listing. In November 2011, Muddy Waters Research reported massive fraud at the company, it alleged that the company has been fraudulently overstating the number of screens in its LCD network by 50%, has claimed to acquire, write down, dispose of companies that it never purchased, has written at least 21 acquisitions down to zero and given them away for no consideration, has been used by insiders as their counterparty in trading in and out of subsidiary Allyes, with several individuals earning a total of at least $70.1 million, while shareholders lost $159.6 million. Focus denied the allegations; the Company was subsequently taken private by a private equity consortium in May 2013. Official website