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Republican National Committee

The Republican National Committee is a U. S. political committee that leads the Republican Party of the United States. It is responsible for developing and promoting the Republican political platform, as well as coordinating fundraising and election strategy, it is responsible for organizing and running the Republican National Convention. Similar committees exist in every U. S. state and most U. S. counties, although in some states party organization is structured by congressional district, allied campaign organizations being governed by a national committee. Ronna McDaniel is the current committee chairwoman; the RNC's main counterpart is the Democratic National Committee. The 1856 Republican National Convention appointed the first RNC, it consisted of one member from each territory to serve for four years. Each national committee since has followed the precedent of equal representation for each state or territory, regardless of population. From 1924 to 1952, there was a national committeeman and national committeewoman from each state and U.

S. possession, from Washington, D. C.. In 1952, committee membership was expanded to include the state party chairs of states that voted Republican in the preceding presidential election, have a Republican majority in their congressional delegation, or have Republican governors. By 1968, membership reached 145; as of 2011, the RNC has 168 members. The only person to have chaired the RNC and become U. S. president is George H. W. Bush. A number of the chairs of the RNC have been state governors. In 2013, the RNC began an outreach campaign toward American youth and minority voters, after studies showed these groups perceived that the Republican Party did not care about their concerns. Candidate won majority of votes in the round Candidate secured a plurality of votes in the round Candidate withdrew Candidate won majority of votes in the round Candidate secured a plurality of votes in the round Candidate withdrewMerrill and Norcross both dropped out after the fifth round, giving the chairmanship to Nicholson by acclamation.

On November 24, 2008, Steele launched his campaign for the RNC chairmanship with the launching of his website. On January 30, 2009, Steele won the chairmanship of the RNC in the sixth round, with 91 votes to Dawson's 77. Source: CQPolitics, Poll Pundit. Candidate won majority of votes in the round Candidate secured a plurality of votes in the round Candidate withdrewOn announcing his candidacy to succeed RNC Chairman Duncan, former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele described the party as being at a crossroads and not knowing what to do. "I think I may have some keys to open the door, some juice to turn on the lights," he said. Six people ran for the 2009 RNC Chairmanship: Steele, Ken Blackwell, Mike Duncan, Saul Anuzis, Katon Dawson and Chip Saltsman. After Saltsman's withdrawal, there were only five candidates during the hotly contested balloting January 30, 2009. After the third round of balloting that day, Steele held a small lead over incumbent Mike Duncan of Kentucky, with 51 votes to Duncan's 44.

Shortly after the announcement of the standings, Duncan dropped out of contention without endorsing a candidate. Ken Blackwell, the only other African-American candidate, dropped out after the fourth ballot and endorsed Steele, though Blackwell had been the most conservative of the candidates and Steele had been accused of not being "sufficiently conservative." Steele picked up Blackwell's votes. After the fifth round, Steele held a ten-vote lead over Katon Dawson, with 79 votes, Saul Anuzis dropped out. After the sixth vote, he won the chairmanship of the RNC over Dawson by a vote of 91 to 77. Mississippi Governor and former RNC chair Haley Barbour has suggested the party will focus its efforts on congressional and gubernatorial elections in the coming years rather than the next presidential election. "When I was chairman of the Republican National Committee the last time we lost the White House in 1992 we focused on 1993 and 1994. And at the end of that time, we had both houses of Congress with Republican majorities, we'd gone from 17 Republican governors to 31.

So anyone talking about 2012 today doesn't have their eye on the ball. What we ought to worry about is rebuilding our party over the next year and in 2010," Barbour said at the November 2008 Republican Governors conference. Michael Steele ran for re-election at the 2011 RNC winter meeting. Other candidates were Reince Priebus, Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman, Ann Wagner, former Ambassador to Luxembourg, Saul Anuzis, former Republican Party Chairman of Michigan, Maria Cino, former acting Secretary of Transportation under George W. Bush. Steele's critics called on him to step down as RNC Chair when his term ended in 2011. A debate for Chairman hosted by Americans for Tax Reform took place on January 3 at the National Press Club; the election for Chairman took place January 14 at the RNC's winter meeting with Reince Priebus winning on the seventh ballot after Steele and Wagner withdrew. Candidate won majority of votes in the round Candidate secured a plurality of votes in the round Candidate withdrew Priebus won re-election with near unanimity in the party's 2013 meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina.

He was re-elected to a third term in 2015, setting him up to become the longest serving head of the party ever. After winning in November 2016, President-elect Donald Trump designated Priebus as his White House Chief of Staff, to begin upon his taking office in January 2017. Trump recommended Ronna Romney McDaniel as RNC Chairwoman and she was elected to that role by the RNC in January 2017. A collapsible list

Bernt B. Haugan

Bernt B. Haugan was an American Lutheran minister and temperance leader. Bernt Benjaminsen Haugan was born at Haugan vestre in Skogn parish in Levanger municipality in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway, on September 17, 1862, he and his parents and siblings left for America on April 3, 1872. He attended Red Wing Seminary in Red Wing, the educational center and preparatory school of the Hauge Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Haugan was served out his pastorate within the Hauge Synod. Members of the Hauge Synod were a group of Norwegian-American Lutherans who followed the principles of revivalist Norwegian lay preacher Hans Nielsen Hauge. In 1900, Haugan ran for the office of Governor of Minnesota as a candidate for the Prohibition Party. From 1904 to 1907, Haugan was co-owner and publisher of the Norwegian language newspaper Vot tid, published in Minneapolis. Haugan published several Norwegian language prayer books, his most notable work was a hymnal entitled Vaegterrøsten. Musik til Sange i Vaeteren og andre gode Sange published in Chicago during 1887.

Haugan compiled Folkesange - Songs for All Occasions- Religious Patriotic and Lyric, a compilation of English-language and Norwegian-language songs of religion and popular folksongs of the era. Additionally Haugan published a volume of temperance songs in a book entitled Kamp melodier. Haugan died on December 5, 1931, was buried at Valley View Cemetery in Everett, Washington. Et Beføg hos Presten Over land og Bolge, Reiseskildringer fra Orienten og de Europeiske lande De Syv Djævle Norwegian Lutheran Pastors of America, 1843-1927 Norwegian-American Historical Association The Promise of America Political Graveyard

Chang'e 5

Chang'e 5 is a robotic Chinese lunar exploration mission consisting of a lander and a sample-return vehicle. It is scheduled for launch in 2020, after being postponed due to the failure of the second Long March 5 launch vehicle in 2017. Chang'e 5 will be China's first sample return mission, aiming to return at least 2 kilograms of lunar soil and rock samples back to the Earth. Like its predecessors, the spacecraft is named after the Chinese Moon Chang ` e; this will be the first lunar sample-return mission since Luna 24 in 1976 and - if successful - it would make China the third country to return samples from the Moon. It will launch from the Wenchang Satellite launch centre in Hainan; the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program is designed to be conducted in four phases of incremental technological advancement: The first was reaching lunar orbit, a task completed by Chang'e 1 in 2007 and Chang'e 2 in 2010. The second is landing and roving on the Moon, as Chang'e 3 did in 2013 and Chang'e 4 in 2019.

The third phase is collecting lunar samples from the near side and sending them to Earth, a task for the future Chang'e 5 and Chang'e 6 missions. The fourth phase consists of development of a robotic research station near the Moon's south pole; the program aims to facilitate a crewed lunar landing in the 2030s and build an outpost near the lunar south pole. The probe was planned for launch by a Long March 5 rocket at the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center on Hainan Island, but a failure of this vehicle in 2017 created uncertainty about its ability to carry Chang'e 5; the spacecraft is still planned to be launched with a Long March 5 rocket, the planned landing zone is Mons Rümker in Oceanus Procellarum, located in the northwest region of the near side of the Moon. The location is a large, elevated volcanic mound 70 km in diameter that features a strong spectroscopic signature of basaltic lunar mare material; the mission is reported to consist of four modules or elements: the lander would collect about 2 kg of samples from 2 metres below the surface and place them in an attached ascent vehicle that will be launched into lunar orbit.

The ascent vehicle will make an automatic rendezvous and docking with an orbiter that would transfer the samples into a sample-return capsule for their delivery to Earth. The estimated launch mass is 3,780 kg, the lander is projected to be 1,200 kg and the ascent vehicle is about 120 kg. Chang'e 5-T1 is an experimental robotic lunar mission, launched on 23 October 2014 to conduct atmospheric re-entry tests on the capsule design planned to be used in the Chang'e 5 mission, its service module, called DFH-3A, remained in orbit around the Earth before being relocated via Earth-Moon L2 to lunar orbit by 13 January 2015, where it is using its remaining 800 kg of fuel to test maneuvers key to future lunar missions. The lander will carry landing cameras, a panoramic camera, a spectrometer to determine mineral composition, a soil gas analytical instrument, a soil composition analytical instrument, a sampling sectional thermo-detector, a ground-penetrating radar. For acquiring samples, it will be equipped with a robotic arm, a rotary-percussive drill, a scoop for sampling, separation tubes to isolate individual samples

Dangerous (Natalie Cole album)

Dangerous is a 1985 album by American singer Natalie Cole released on May 15, 1985 through the Atco Records-distributed Modern Records label. The album reached peak positions of number 140 on the Billboard 200 and number 48 on Billboard's R&B Albums chart. "Dangerous" - 3:47 "Billy the Kid Next Door" - 4:39 "Secrets" - 4:11 "Nobody's Soldier" - 4:06 "Opposites Attract" - 3:43 "A Little Bit of Heaven" - 4:01 "Your Car" - 4:04 "Love is On the Way" - 4:51 "The Gift" - 3:11 Natalie Cole – lead vocals, backing vocals, vocal arrangements Paul Foxsynthesizer Charles Judge – synthesizer, bass guitar, arrangements Rory Kaplan – synthesizer Jamie Sheriff – synthesizer Stephen Mitchell – synthesizer, drum machine, arrangements Greg Wright – synthesizer, arrangements Michael Rochelle – synthesizer, programming Greg Phillinganes – synthesizer Randy Kerberkeyboards, piano Robbie Buchanan – additional synthesizer David Joyce – keyboards, backing vocals Michael Boyd – guitar Paul Jackson Jr. – rhythm guitar, guitar Josh Sklair – rhythm guitar, guitar Sheldon Sondheim – additional rhythm guitar Roland Bautista – rhythm guitar, synth guitar Dean Parks – guitar, rhythm guitar Nathan East – bass guitar Keith Nelson – bass guitar Freddie Washington – bass guitar Craig Burbidge – programming Larry Talbert – programming John Robinsondrums Robert Jacobs – electronic drums Robert Shipley – drums Paulinho da Costapercussion Steve Forman – additional percussion Gary Skardinatambourine, arrangements Jerry Heyflugelhorn solo Ron Brownsaxophone David Majal Li – saxophone Fred Wesleytrombone Ray Browntrumpet Nolan Smith – trumpet Marti Sharron – arrangements, BGV arrangements Gene Page – arrangements, string arrangements, rhythm arrangements Alex Brown – backing vocals, BGV arrangements Portia Griffin – backing vocals, BGV arrangements Van Ross Redding – backing vocals, BGV arrangements Eddie Cole – backing vocals, saxophone solo, arrangements Katrina Perkins – backing vocals Sissy Peoples – backing vocals Though the song "A Little Bit of Heaven" only reached number 81 on the Billboard Hot 100, it was used as a recurring love theme for Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo on the television soap opera Santa Barbara

East African Currency Board

The East African Currency Board was established in 1919 to supply and oversee the currency of British colonies in British East Africa. It was established after Britain took control of mainland Tanzania from Germany at the end of World War I, oversaw the territories of Uganda and Tanzania. Zanzibar joined the currency area in 1936, it operated out of premises at London SW1, one time the offices of the Crown Agents. For most of its existence, the EACB's main function was to maintain the local shilling at par with the shilling in the United Kingdom; this was done by ensuring. The East African Currency Board was replaced in 1966 by the independent central banks of these countries: Bank of Uganda, Central Bank of Kenya and Bank of Tanzania. Arnaldo Mauri, The Currency Board and the rise of banking in East Africa, Dept. of Economics, University of Milano, WP n. 10/2007, in SSRN

Kevin Eubanks and The Tonight Show Band

Kevin Eubanks and the Tonight Show Band was the house band of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. It served as the house band of The Jay Leno Show and was the house band of the first incarnation of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno from 1995 to 2009 and for the first few months of the second incarnation of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2010; the band was active between 1995 and 2010, as Kevin Eubanks took over The Tonight Show Band for the departing Branford Marsalis in 1995. Eubanks had been a member of Marsalis's band since Leno's debut in 1992. Eubanks and the band moved, along with host Jay Leno, to The Jay Leno Show when it moved to prime time in 2009, performing under the title Kevin Eubanks and the Primetime Band. However, in February 2010, Eubanks announced that both he and the band would be leaving the show shortly after The Tonight Show with Jay Leno returned in March, Kevin Eubanks final appearance was on May 28, 2010. Rickey Minor replaced Eubanks beginning June 7, 2010, bringing with him his own band of musicians and forming Rickey Minor and The Tonight Show Band Leader: Branford Marsalis, Kevin Eubanks Guitar: Kevin Eubanks Saxophone: Branford Marsalis Ralph Moore Trumpet: Kye Palmer, Lee Thornburg, Chuck Findley, Sal Marquez Trombone: Matt Finders Keyboard: Gerry Etkins, Kenny Kirkland Bass: Derrick "Dock" Murdock, Robert Hurst, Stanley Sargent Drums: Marvin "Smitty" Smith, Jeff "Tain" Watts Percussion/Vocals: Vicki Randle