ISO 233

The international standard ISO 233 establishes a system for romanization of Arabic and Syriac. It has been supplemented by ISO 233-2 in 1993; the table below shows the consonants for the Arabic language. ISO 233-2:1993 is an ISO schema for the simplified transliteration of Arabic characters into Roman characters; this transliteration system was adopted as an amendment to ISO 233:1984. It is used in library context, was introduced because ISO 233 was not meeting the indexing purposes, which are essential for the consistency of library catalogs. According to ISO 233-2, Arabic words are vocalized prior to romanization. ISO 233-2 is used in French libraries and in North African libraries, is recommended by ISSN for establishing key titles when cataloguing serials. ISO 233-3:1999 is dedicated to "Persian language – Simplified transliteration". ISO/R 233 is an earlier standard, withdrawn. Arabic transliteration DIN 31635 List of ISO transliterations Transliteration of Non-Roman Scripts -A collection of writing systems and transliteration tables, by Thomas T.

Pedersen. PDF reference charts include ISO 233. ISO 233:1984 ISO 233-2:1993 ISO 233-3:1999

Heather Robson

Heather Jean Robson was a New Zealand badminton and tennis player. Born on 6 May 1928 in Auckland, to Effie Redwood and John Addis Redwood, Robson was educated at St Cuthbert's College. In 1953 she married Jeffrey Ellis Robson, who played international badminton for New Zealand; the couple went on to have one child. In tennis Robson won both the New Zealand women's doubles and mixed doubles titles, she competed at Wimbledon twice, in 1954 and 1957. In 1954 she reached the third round of the singles, third round of the doubles, third round of the mixed doubles. Three years she progressed to the second round of the singles, quarter-finals of the doubles, fourth round of the mixed doubles; as a badminton player Robson won seven New Zealand singles championships, won nine national women's doubles and three mixed doubles titles, playing with her husband. In 1954 she reached the semi-finals of the singles at All England Badminton Championships and won the Irish singles title. At various times, Robson served as president of Auckland Tennis, Auckland Badminton, Badminton New Zealand.

And Badminton Oceania. In 1988 Robson received a meritorious service award from the Badminton World Federation, she was appointed a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit, for services to racquet sports, in the 2001 New Year Honours. In 2013 the Badminton World Federation presented Robson with its lifetime achievement award. Robson died in Auckland on 11 October 2019