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Robert Kilwardby

Robert Kilwardby was an Archbishop of Canterbury in England and a cardinal. Kilwardby was the first member of a mendicant order to attain a high ecclesiastical office in the English Church. Kilwardby studied at the University of Paris was a teacher of grammar and logic there, he joined the Dominican Order and studied theology, became regent at Oxford University before 1261 by 1245. He was named provincial prior of the Dominicans for England in 1261, in October 1272 Pope Gregory X appointed him as Archbishop of Canterbury to end a dispute over the election. Kilwardby was provided to the archbishopric on 11 October 1272, given the temporalities on 12 December 1272, consecrated on 26 February 1273. Kilwardby crowned Edward I and his wife Eleanor as king and queen of England in August 1274, but otherwise took little part in politics, he instead concentrated on his ecclesiastical duties, including charity to the poor and donating to the Dominicans. In 1278 Pope Nicholas III named Kilwardby Cardinal Bishop of Santa Rufina.

He resigned Canterbury and left England, taking with him papers and documents belonging to the see. He left the see deep in debt again, after his predecessor had cleared the debt, he was buried in the Dominican convent in Viterbo, Italy. While in theory this was a promotion it was not, as the pope was unhappy with Kilwardby's support of efforts to resist the payment of papal revenues and with the lack of effort towards the reforms demanded at the Second Council of Lyon in 1274. Kilwardby's theological and philosophical views were summed up by David Knowles who said that he was a "conservative eclectic, holding the doctrine of seminal tendencies and opposing...the Aristotelian doctrine of the unity of form in beings, including man." Some sources state that he was the author of Summa Philosophiae, a history and description of the schools of philosophical thought current, but the writing style is not similar to his other works, Knowles, for one, does not believe it was authored by Kilwardby. It has been alleged.

In 1277 he prohibited the teaching of thirty theses, some of which have been thought to touch upon Thomas Aquinas' teaching. Recent scholars, such as Roland Hissette, have challenged this interpretation. Writings on grammar Commentaria Priscianus minor Writings on logic Notulae super librum Praedicamentorum Notulae super librum Perihermeneias Notule libri Priorum Notule libri Posteriorum Comentum super librum Topicorum Notulae super librum Porphyrii De natura relationis Priorum Analyticorum expositio Notuale super librum Sex PrincipiorumWritings on natural philosophy De spiritu fantastico sive de receptione specierum De temporeWritings on ethics Quaestiones supra libros Ethicorum Quaestiones in librum primun Sententiarum Quaestiones in librum secundum Sententiarum Quaestiones in librum tertium Sententiarum Quaestiones in librum quartum Sententiarum De ortu scientiarumDe tempore has been edited and translated by Alexander Broadie, published as On Time and Imagination, Part 2: Introduction and Translation.

A critical edition of De orto scientiarum was published by Albert G. Judy, for The Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies in 1976; the Notuel libri Priorum, has been edited and translated by Paul Thom and John Scott, Oxford: Published for the British academy by Oxford University Press, 2015. Kilwardby was the author of a summary of the writings of the Church Fathers, arranged alphabetically, Tabulae super Originalia Patrum, edited by Daniel A. Callus. Silva, José Filipe. "Robert Kilwardby". In Zalta, Edward N.. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. History of Medieval Philosophy by Jacques Maritain Kilwardby, Robert: Tabula in librum sancti Augustini De civitate Dei, digitized codex at Somni

Statesboro Pilots

The Statesboro Pilots were a minor league baseball team in Statesboro, Georgia that played in the Class D Georgia State League from 1952 to 1955. In 1952, the Statesboro Pilots began the franchise folded following the 1955 season; the Georgia State League itself folded after the 1956 season. The Pilots were 39-56 in 1952, 59-77 in 1953, 57-73 in 1954 and 25-40 in 1955; the team drew 32,146, 38,431, 18,532 and 8,750. The Pilots played home games at Pilots Field. On July 19, 1952, at Pilots Field, Joe Louis Reliford of the visiting Fitzgerald Pioneers, age 12, became the youngest person to play in a professional baseball game. Relaford broke the racial barrier for the segregated Georgia State League. A photo of Reliford in uniform is housed in the Baseball Hall of Fame Library in Cooperstown, N. Y. During the game, playing outfield for one inning, made a catch over the wall, robbing Pilot player Jim Shuster of a home run to end the game, he was congratulated by Pilot fans, who cheered him. Regarding Pilots Field today, according to the Statesboro Herald: "the field, which had wooden stands and wooden box seats, was on the road that runs by the old Georgia State Patrol headquarters, now the Department of Driver Services office, from U.

S. Highway 301 North toward Brodie International; the location is still visible as the first clearing on the right past the Driver Services parking lot." The address of the Driver Services facility is 19051 US Highway 301 South, Georgia 30461. The Pilots had no alumni make the Major Leagues

Rich Conaty

Richard Brian "Rich" Conaty was a New York City disc jockey. He was an important figure in popular music of the 1920s and 1930s. Conaty is best known for the weekly music radio show he hosted, The Big Broadcast, on Fordham University's FM radio station, WFUV, in the Bronx, New York; the show's title is derived from the 1932 film of the same name starring Bing Crosby, who plays a star singer at a radio station. The show featured jazz and popular music recordings from the 1910s through the 1930s. Conaty founded The Big Broadcast when he was a freshman at Fordham University in January 1973, it ran for over 2200 shows over more than 40 years. In its final form, The Big Broadcast was a four-hour long show that, aside from a variety of recordings, included birthday tributes that featured records of compositions or performances created by artists whose birthday fell during the week of broadcast. Over the years Conaty developed a large record collection. In the course of putting together his program he developed a depth of scholarly knowledge on the music of the period, displayed on air.

Conaty highlighted once-popular artists who have dropped into obscurity. The program was a showplace for his humor self-deprecating; because he started his show at a young age, Conaty had the chance to meet or interview more than a few artists from the 1910-1939 period, some became his close friends. These people included Annette Hanshaw, Bob Effros, Edward Eliscu, Ben Selvin, Vet Boswell, Dolly Dawn, Cab Calloway, Connee Boswell, Arthur Tracy. Bill Challis, Mitchell Parish. Conaty knew radio personalities Joe Franklin, Floyd Vivino, Danny Stiles, Phil Schaap. Conaty's first involvement with radio was in 1971, while he was attending Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School in Queens, New York, when he served as an intern at the Hofstra University radio station, WRHU, he attended Fordham University. In 1983, Conaty was hired by program director Jim Lowe at WNEW-AM, a station which at that time featured a pop-standards format, and, home to well-known DJs specializing in that sort of music, from whom Conaty was able to learn.

For a time he hosted Milkman's Matinee, a show, on for decades. In the early 1980s, he got a chance to fill in as host of Make Believe Ballroom, a show, hosted by the legendary William B. Williams; when WNEW-AM changed format, WQEW attempted fill the market niche on the New York radio dial playing pop standards, Conaty moved The Big Broadcast and his Saturday program, The Big Bandstand, from WFUV to WQEW in December 1992. By the late 1990s it was evident that WQEW would abandon the format, in 1998 the station became Radio Disney. In July 1997, Conaty brought his shows back to WFUV; the Big Broadcast aired in reruns on WFUV during his illness, for about six months after Conaty's death. The old shows have been archived on the Fordham University Library web site, where they can be listened to by the public. Rich Conaty was a longtime friend of Vince Giordano, Conaty played an important role in the founding of Giordano's band, the Nighthawks Orchestra. Conaty was the band's frontman, Conaty and Giordano were for a time partners in the band.

Starting in 2006, Conaty annotated a series of collections of 1920s and 1930s jazz. Like the show, these were titled The Big Broadcast. There were 12 volumes, released annually in the spring; the final CD was released posthumously, with the selection of tracks made by Conaty, while the track annotations were written by friends and fellow 78 rpm record collectors. Those CDs still in print are available from Rivermont Records. Aside from being offered for sale by Rivermont, they were used as membership gifts for listeners joining WFUV. Conaty was raised in Queens, he was married to Mary. He nicknamed his wife "Manhattan Mary", a reference to a 1927 show of the same name and its title song. At the end of his life Conaty lived in New York in New York State's Hudson Valley, he was known in the area for his 1950 Nash Ambassador. Aside from his radio show, Conaty worked as a driver of a bus for adults with disabilities. Conaty died of lymphoma on December 30, 2016 at the age of 62 in Catskill, New York


ToddWorld is an American-Canadian animated children's TV program created by Todd Parr and Gerry Renert through their California based company SupperTime Entertainment. The show was produced by Mike Young Productions, an award-winning animation studio based in California; the series aired on TLC, Discovery Kids and ¡Sorpresa! in the United States, in the United Kingdom on CBeebies, in Australia on ABC Kids. The series continued to air on TLC and Discovery Kids until 2008, now airs on Qubo and Ultra Kidz. Todd is a blue boy with five stands of hair, he likes to eat macaroni and cheese in the bathtub. He is an energetic and bright young boy who enjoys both creative hobbies and sports, he likes to read and make new things, his playful and kind personality leads him to make new friends with ease, his curiosity in getting to know others makes him open-minded when it comes to what makes people different. He is attached to his pet dog Benny, feels lonely if he isn't around. There are times when Todd can be selfish if he wants something, but he always learns right from wrong and makes up for it.

At times he is the voice of reason in the group, but is just as to act as zany as Pickle. His catchphrases include "Neato Mosquito", "Leaping Lima Beans", "Mighty Macaroni", "Awesome Possum", "Hi, I'm Todd, this is my world!" Benny is Todd's talking dog, energetic and playful with a big appetite. He can be lazy at times, sleeps in a lot; however he likes to hang out with the group valuing his bond with Todd above all else, to the point of acting childishly if he feels their time together is being tampered with, or worrying over Todd's opinions of him if he should mess up. While Benny acts cool outwardly, he shows that he, like the others, has his own concerns and worries. Pickle is one of Todd's best friends, he has green skin with purple polka-dotted pants. He has three pet worms called "the Worminis" named Rupert and Francesca, who love to do acrobatic tricks, he lives in a circus tent with a menagerie of circus animals. Pickle is goofy and off-the-wall, he is all about having fun and has many talents thanks to growing up in a circus, but he can be clumsy sometimes.

He is curious about new experiences and people, although he may act suspiciously of them at first or worry over silly things until he realizes that he should have just asked. His energetic and friendly personality allows him to bond with his friends and other people, he may not be the brightest of the group, but he is capable of helping out or coming up with some zany ideas. Sophie is another one of Todd's friends, she has two red pigtails on her head. She is a creative girl who loves to invent new things. It's easy for her to come up with ideas or plans, but she can be a bit stubborn if her plans don't work. However, it allows her to keep pushing for new ideas and solve problems, she cares for others, with an empathy that allows her to befriend anyone. She is sweet and friendly and loves having fun, tries not to judge others if she is able to help it, she lives in an apartment building with her cat Mitzi, her pet goldfish Banana, three adopted puppies named Oswald and Inky. Stella is a fashionable and attention loving young girl, a total girly girl, is obsessed with glitter, sparkles and hair accessories.

She is a caring friend, showing that she will do what she can to make someone feel better and is empathetic. She is mature and creative, but she is not above begging or manipulating someone with tears if she wants something. However, she doesn't do this often. "Todd Builds a Fort / Stella's Different Ears": Todd wants to build a fort with his friends but has to learn to be open to others’ ideas. / Stella feels ashamed she's the only one with two different colored ears, but learns it's okay to be different in the end. Music Video: "A Special Shining Star" by Cyndy Bragg. "Todd Time / Rock My World": Todd's desire to do things on his own is misinterpreted by his friends, who think there's something wrong with him. / When Pickle forms a band that plays loud and out-of-tune music, his friends don't like it but learn to respect Pickle's musical choices and support his efforts. Music Video: "Your Own Drum" by Cyndy Bragg. "Prickly Partner / Pickle's Smelly Socks": Sophie helps Ralph the Porcupine manage his quills so that he can square dance with her.

/ Todd's friends try roundabout ways to tell Pickle his socks are smelly but learn it's more effective to be direct and just tell him right away. Music Video: "Join Us, Join In" by Taura "Aura" Jackson "It's OK to Lose Your Mittens / Stella's Special Club": After Benny loses Todd's favorite mittens, he fears Todd won't love him anymore. / Stella's exclusive club turns out to be no fun at all when she imposes strict rules and refuses to include everyone. Music Video: "A Special Shining Star" by Cyndy Bragg. "Worm's Eye View / Pickle's Problem": Stella's negative opinion of worms is challenged when she spends a day with one of the Worminis. / Pickle's mysterious behavior is explained when he reveals he's too ashamed to show his friends that he needs to wear glasses to read. Music Video: "Join Us, Join In" by Taura "Aura" Jackson "Venus Ice Cream Trap / Platyroo": When Hector, the ice cream vendor, mistakenly believes that a new and unusual plant tried to bite him and his friends defend the misundersto

Hideaki Anno

Hideaki Anno is a Japanese artist, anime creator, screenwriter, producer and businessperson. He is best known for creating the popular anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, his style has become defined by his incorporation of postmodernism and the extensive portrayal of characters' thoughts and emotions through unconventional scenes presenting the mental deconstruction of those characters. Anno's other directorial efforts include Gunbuster, Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, Kare Kano, Love & Pop, Shiki-Jitsu, Cutie Honey, Re: Cutie Honey, Rebuild of Evangelion, Shin Godzilla. Anime directed by Anno that have won the Animage Anime Grand Prix award have been Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water in 1990, Neon Genesis Evangelion in 1995 and 1996, The End of Evangelion in 1997. Anno was born in Yamaguchi. Anno is an agnostic and has stated that he has found Japanese spiritualism to be closest to his personal beliefs. Anno is a vegetarian. Anno began his career while attending Osaka University of Arts as an animator for the anime series The Super Dimension Fortress Macross.

Wrapped up in producing the DAICON III and IV Opening Animations with his fellow students, he was expelled from Osaka University. Anno did not gain recognition until the release of his work on Hayao Miyazaki's 1984 film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Running short on animators, the film's production studio posted an ad in the famous Japanese animation magazine Animage, announcing that they were in desperate need of more animators. Anno, in his early twenties at the time, read the ad and headed down to the film's studio, where he met with Miyazaki and showed him some of his drawings. Impressed with his ability, Miyazaki hired him to draw some of the most complicated scenes near the end of the movie, valued his work highly. Anno went on to become one of the co-founders of Gainax in December 1984, he worked as an animation director for their first feature-length film, Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise, became Gainax's premiere anime director, leading the majority of the studio's projects such as Gunbuster and Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.

However, Anno fell into a four-year depression following Nadia — the series was handed down to him from NHK from an original concept by Hayao Miyazaki and he was given little creative control. In 1994, the minor planet 9081 Hideakianno was named after him by his old friend Akimasa Nakamura. Anno's next project was the anime television series Neon Genesis Evangelion. Anno's history of clinical depression was the main source for many of the psychological elements of the series and its characters, as he wrote down on paper several of the trials and tribulations of his condition. During the show's production, Anno became disenchanted with the Japanese "otaku" lifestyle. For this and other reasons, Evangelion's plot became dark and psychological as the series progressed, despite being broadcast in a children's television timeslot. Anno felt that people should be exposed to the realities of life at as young an age as possible, by the end of the series all attempts at traditional narrative logic were abandoned, with the final two episodes taking place within the main character's mind.

The show did not garner high ratings in Japan at its initial time slot, but after being moved to a more adult-oriented venue, it gained considerable popularity. Budgeting issues at Gainax forced Anno to replace the planned ending of Evangelion with two episodes set in the main characters' minds. In 1997, Gainax launched a project to re-adapt Evangelion's scrapped ending into a feature-length film. Once again, budgeting issues left the film unfinished, the completed 27 minutes of animation were included as the second act of Evangelion: Death and Rebirth. In response, Anno received several letters both of encouragement and criticism, including death threats and letters of disappointment from fans who thought Anno had ruined the series for them; the project culminated in The End of Evangelion, a three-act film that served as a finale to Neon Genesis Evangelion. In September 1999, Anno appeared on the NHK TV-documentary "Welcome Back for an Extracurricular Lesson, Senpai!", answering some Evangelion-related questions, including the origin of the name Evangelion, teaching children about animation production.

On April 15, 2015, Anno spoke about his feelings regarding Rei. He claimed: "The truth is. In the midst of making Eva, I realized that I had forgotten her, her existence. For example, in episode seven, I added one shot with Rei. I had no attachment to her at all. I think, okay, because in episode eight, she didn't appear. Not in a single shot." After Evangelion, Anno directed the 1998 anime series Kareshi Kanojo no Jijō, the first Gainax television series to be directly adapted from previously-written material. During the production of Kare Kano, Anno became frustrated with the restrictions placed on the show by TV Tokyo after the Pokémon seizure incident and has not directed television anime since then; the director has made forays into live-action films, beginning with Lo

2015 Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks season

The 2015 Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks season is the 49th in the club's history. Coached by Shane Flanagan and captained by Paul Gallen, they competed in the NRL's 2015 Telstra Premiership. Round 1 - Cronulla Sharks vs Canberra Raiders Tries: Anthony Tupou, Sosaia Feki, Ricky Leutele Round 2 - Cronulla Sharks vs Brisbane Broncos Tries: No Tries Round 3 - Melbourne Storm vs Cronulla Sharks Tries: Jeff Robson, Valentine Holmes, Andrew Fifita Round 4 - Cronulla Sharks vs Gold Coast Titans Tries: Valentine Holmes, Michael Ennis Round 5 - Sydney Roosters vs Cronulla Sharks Tries: Jack Bird, Valentine Holmes, Luke Lewis Round 6 - Cronulla Sharks vs Newcastle Knights Tries: Jack Bird, Luke Lewis, Ben Barba, Chris Heighington Round 7 - Cronulla Sharks vs South Sydney Rabbitohs Tries: Michael Gordon, Luke Lewis, Jayson Bukuya Round 8 - Penrith Panthers vs Cronulla Sharks Tries: Sosaia Feki, Ricky Leutele, Valentine Holmes Round 9 - Cronulla Sharks vs New Zealand Warriors Tries: Luke Lewis, Andrew Fifita Round 10 - Gold Coast Titans vs Cronulla Sharks Tries: Valentine Holmes, Luke Lewis, Jack Bird Field Goal: Valentine Holmes Round 12 - St George Illawarra Dragons vs Cronulla Sharks Tries: Valentine Holmes Round 13 - Cronulla Sharks vs Sydney Roosters Tries: Luke Lewis Round 15 - Newcastle Knights vs Cronulla Sharks Tries: Jack Bird, Valentine Holmes, Luke Lewis, Ben Barba Round 16 - North Queensland Cowboys vs Cronulla Sharks Tries: Luke Lewis, Sam Tagataese, Andrew Fifita, Ricky Leutele Round 17 - Manly Sea Eagles vs Cronulla Sharks Tries: Andrew Fifita, Sosaia Feki Round 18 - Cronulla Sharks vs St George Illawarra Dragons Tries: Sosaia Feki, Luke Lewis, Valentine Holmes, Andrew Fifita, Ben Barba Round 19 - Canberra Raiders vs Cronulla Sharks Tries: Valentine Holmes, Ricky Leutele, Andrew Fifita Field Goal: Valentine Holmes Round 20 - Canterbury Bulldogs vs Cronulla Sharks Tries: Michael Gordon, Paul Gallen, Valentine Holmes Round 21 - New Zealand Warriors vs Cronulla Sharks Tries: Valentine Holmes, Ricky Leutele Round 22 - Cronulla Sharks vs North Queensland Cowboys Tries: Ricky Leutele, Jack Bird, Michael Gordon, Gerard Beale, Wade Graham Round 23 - Cronulla Sharks vs Melbourne Storm Tries: No Tries Round 24 - Cronulla Sharks vs Wests Tigers Tries: Valentine Holmes, Luke Lewis, Sosaia Feki, Michael Ennis, Wade Graham, Michael Gordon Round 25 - Parramatta Eels vs Cronulla Sharks Tries: Sosaia Feki, Ricky Leutele, Luke Lewis, Jayson Bukuya, Michael Ennis Field Goal: Valentine Holmes Round 26 - Cronulla Sharks vs Manly Sea Eagles Tries: Wade Graham, Gerard Beale Week 1 Finals - Cronulla Sharks vs South Sydney Rabbitohs Tries: Jack Bird, Wade Graham, Anthony Tupou, Sam Tagataese Week 2 Finals - North Queensland Cowboys vs Cronulla Sharks Tries: No Tries