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A stretch of Robie Street, running north from its junction with Quinpool Road (bottom), past the Halifax Commons (right).

Robie Street is a north-south artery, street and provincial road that runs for 7 kilometres within the Halifax Peninsula area of the Halifax Regional Municipality, from Memorial Drive in the North End Halifax, to Gorsebrook Avenue in the South End. The street in most places is 4 lanes wide with a centre median from Gorsebrook Ave to Cunard Street. From Cunard to Almon Streets, it is a 2-lane street.

From Livingstone Street to Memorial Drive it is a 2 lane street. From Almon Street to the MacKay Bridge Ramps it is 4 lanes undivided. Massachusetts Avenue (effective May 21, 2007, formerly and still commonly referred to as Robie Street Extension) connects Robie Street from Livingstone Street to the MacKay Bridge. On the Halifax Peninsula street grid system the civic numbers range from 820 to 3899.[1]

The street was named for Simon Bradstreet Robie (1770–1858), a prominent Nova Scotia judge and politician.[2] There also streets named after Judge Robie in Truro and Amherst, Nova Scotia. At first Robie was mainly a residential and commercial street, but in 1882, the Nova Scotia Cotton Manufacturing Company was constructed at Robie and Almon and was followed by a series of other factories creating an industrial distinct in the north end of Robie.

Notable places[edit]

Major intersections[edit]

  • Inglis Street
  • South Street
  • University Avenue
  • Coburg Road
  • Spring Garden Road
  • Jubilee Road/Veterans Memorial Lane
  • Quinpool Road/Bell Road/Cogswell Street (Willow Tree)
  • Cunard Street
  • North Street
  • Almon Street
  • Young Street
  • Lady Hammond Road
  • Leeds Street


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Coordinates: 44°39′6.60″N 63°35′33.82″W / 44.6518333°N 63.5927278°W / 44.6518333; -63.5927278