Gilberto Chamba

Gilberto Antonio Chamba Jaramillo is an Ecuadorian serial killer, convicted of murdering nine people in Ecuador and Spain. Known as the "Monster of Machala," he was convicted of several murders in south-west Ecuador, but was released under an amnesty, moved to Spain where he committed a murder, he was sentenced to 45 years in prison in Spain on November 5, 2006. According to several media sources, Chamba told the police each of the steps he took before and after each murder, he owned a taxi with which, from 1988 to 1993, he toured the streets of Machala in search of clients. The clients he looked for all young students; the agents who captured Chamba, doubtful of his guilt, tried to confuse him by taking him to places distant from the actual murder sites. A chronicle in the newspaper Spanish El País presented the testimony of Fausto Téran, a retired policeman who participated in the capture of the "Monster of Machala": According to what Chamba confessed, he did not practice vaginal penetration of his victims.

They were skewered with an instrument similar to a cane, expressly ordered to be manufactured. To many, he threatened them with such violence. Of his ten victims, two were minors; because of the testimony of a sex worker, one of the two women who survived his attack, criminal proceedings could be initiated against Chamba, which led to his sentence of 16 years in prison. However, he served only 7 of these years, as he benefited from a law which lowered the sentences of well-behaved prisoners in half, as well as receiving another year due to the Great Jubilee, when he was given amnesty. On November 9, 2000, after serving his sentence and having his police record cleaned – a benefit only possible in Ecuador –, who until was married and had daughters with his wife Mariela, decided to move to Spain, he took a flight to Amsterdam, from there he traveled to the Barajas airport in Madrid, where two of his sisters were waiting for him. Since Chamba maintained several jobs that varied between masonry and being a doorman building of his neighbours, where he lived with his family and casual girlfriends.

By September 2004, Chamba registered as a parking attendant for the entertainment complex Illa de I'Oci, located near the Faculty of Law, in the town of Lleida. There he served not only as a caretaker, but collaborated with the clerks who cleaned the movie theaters; the six years of apparent tranquility for the Chamba family, which suffered during their confinement in Ecuador, ended when Gilberto was arrested on December 1, 2004, accused of having raped and murdered María Isabel Bascuñana, a student of the local university's Faculty of Law. The last time she was seen alive was the night of November 23, her parents last spoke to her at 10 PM, when she told them that she was not going to have dinner at home. Her body was found two days a few streets away from the cinema, she had a handkerchief tied around her neck, with garbage bags wrapped around her body. She had been brutally raped. Soon after, several theories arose about her death; some speculated that it was a crime of passion, others - revenge, but it was her friends which gave the necessary clues to catch the killer.

Within the investigations carried out by the Mossos d'Esquadra, testimonies from Bascuñana's friends were compiled, which gave enough evidence to arrest Chamba. According to the agents, María told them that Chamba harassed her while she was dropping off or picking up her car from the movie theater; that version was complemented by those of other girls, who indicated that Chamba asked for their phone numbers with the excuse that if something bad happened with their cars he would call them immediately. However, many of them received sexually harassing calls, the only possible explanation was that the parking attendant made the calls; this hypothesis was confirmed. After making records of the incoming and outcoming calls hours before and after the murder, they found that the victimizer had made two calls to phone sex services; the calls lasted between six minutes. That was one of the clues. In addition to this, the agents alleged in the trial to have found garbage bags inside of the glove department of María's vehicle, the same ones that were used to cover her body.

They were similar to the ones used by cleaners in the cinemas to carry the waste connecting this to Chamba, one of the cleaning assistants. At first Chamba was detained for questioning, as his co-workers, who were called to testify in the process, said that they hadn't noticed anything strange the night of the murder and that the Ecuadorian did not skip his shift. In addition, testimonies from neighbours and acquaintances of Chamba, all in his favour and recounted him as a kind man, denied his guilt. However, DNA tests on the sperm residue found on the victim's body directly incriminated Chamba, who argued that the police were making everything up to charge him. According to him, the agents took a sperm sample from a condom he had used and inserted it into María's vagina to indicated him as the culprit; when the corresponding analyzes and tests were carried out, the prosecutor's office dismissed the argument, the main element to incriminating Chamba. He received a sentence of 45 years, divided in 20 years for the murder of María, another 12 for her rape, another 13 for the attempted rape and murder of a Romanian prostitute who testified against him in court after seeing images of him on local media after his arre

Valerie Waugaman

Valerie Waugaman is a former IFBB Figure Professional and appeared as the Gladiator "Siren" on the 2008 American Gladiators revival. Waugaman was raised in Cleveland, she has always excelled in sports. In high school track she held six school records and qualified for the Division I State Meet in three events: hurdles, long jump and high jump, winning the Division I State High Jump Championship, her 30 inches vertical leap helped make her a top player in volleyball. As a volleyball player she was named a Regional All-Star and Conference MVP. Waugaman attended Ohio University on a volleyball scholarship and graduated with a BFA degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Photography. After college, she became the Director of Marketing at Octane Café, a fitness-oriented restaurant in Cleveland. While at the Arnold Classic, Waugaman was inspired by the pro figure women gracing the stage. Soon after, she competed in her first national fitness event in the National Physique Committee "Figure" competition.

In 2005, she earned her professional status and has been competing since in the IFBB Pro Figure Athlete category and has earned three International Pro Figure titles. The exposure in the IFBB has landed her on the covers of fitness magazines: Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Ironman and H2O. In 2008, Waugaman joined the 2008 season of American Gladiators. In February 2008, she announced her retirement from IFFB competition. Waugaman is a motivational speaker and has created a non-profit organization, FitMission, with the goal of educating people about fitness and to inspire them to improve their quality of life, she has her own video series on entitled "Fit Mission Revolution!" 2007 IFBB Houston Pro Figure Contest - 1st Place IFBB Colorado Pro/Am Classic Bodybuilding And Figure Contest - 1st Place IFBB Olympia - 9th Place IFBB Arnold Classic - 5th Place2006 IFBB Shawn Ray Colorado Pro - 1st Place IFBB Olympia - 12th Place IFBB Arnold Classic And Internationals - 8th Place2005 IFBB Sacramento Pro Fitness - 2nd Place IFBB Olympia - 7th Place Europa Super Show - 2nd Place NPC 2005 NPC Junior Nationals - 1st Place Flex Muscle & Fitness M&F Hers Iron Man H2O Oxygen Official web site MySpace American Gladiator Bio Valerie Waugaman on IMDb BodySpace Profile