Lyric soprano

A lyric soprano is a type of operatic soprano voice that has a warm quality with a bright, full timbre that can be heard over an orchestra. The lyric soprano voice has a higher tessitura than a soubrette and plays ingenues and other sympathetic characters in opera. Lyric sopranos have a range from middle C to "high D"; this is the most common female singing voice. There is a tendency to divide lyric sopranos into two groups: full. A light-lyric soprano still possesses a youthful quality. There are a wide variety of roles written for this voice, they may sing soubrette and other light roles as well. Source: A full-lyric soprano has a more mature sound than a light-lyric soprano and can be heard over a bigger orchestra; this more mature sound may make a full-lyric less suitable for some of the lighter roles. A full lyric will have a big enough voice that she can take on much heavier roles, using volume in place of vocal weight; this is done. Otherwise full lyric sopranos need be judicious with spinto and other heavy roles to prevent vocal deterioration.

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Falköpings FK

Falköpings FK is a Swedish football club located in Falköping in Västra Götaland County. Falköpings Fotbollsklubb was formed in 1989 when Falköpings BK, Falköpings AIK and BK Rapid decided to merge into a single club under the name FFR; the name Falköpings FK appeared a year in 1990. Key aims within the club's mission statement are: to welcome to FFK anyone who wants to play football. Since their foundation Falköpings FK has participated in the middle and lower divisions of the Swedish football league system; the club plays in Division 4 Västergötland, the sixth tier of Swedish football. They play. Falköpings FK are affiliated to Västergötlands Fotbollförbund. In recent seasons Falköpings FK have competed in the following divisions: 2019 – Division IV, Västergötland Norra 2018 – Division IV, Västergötland Norra 2017 – Division IV, Västergötland Norra 2016 – Division IV, Västergötland Norra 2015 – Division IV, Västergötland Norra 2014 – Division IV, Västergötland Norra 2013 – Division IV, Västergötland Norra 2012 – Division IV, Västergötland Norra 2011 – Division III, Mellersta Götaland 2010 – Division IV, Västergötland Norra 2009 – Division IV, Västergötland Norra 2008 – Division IV, Västergötland Norra 2007 – Division IV, Västergötland Norra 2006 – Division IV, Västergötland Norra 2005 – Division V, Västergötland Östra 2004 – Division IV, Västergötland Norra 2003 – Division IV, Västergötland Norra 2002 – Division IV, Västergötland Norra 2001 – Division V, Västergötland Östra 2000 – Division V, Södra Skaraborg 1999 – Division V, Södra Skaraborg In recent seasons Falköpings FK have had the following average attendances: Falköpings FK – Official Website Falköpings FK Facebook