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Rosine Vieyra Soglo (born March 7, 1936) is a Beninese politician. She is a member of the National Assembly of Benin and has also served as a member of the Pan-African Parliament.[1][2] Soglo is married to Nicéphore Soglo, who was President of Benin from 1991 to 1996.[3]

Early life and education[edit]

Soglo was born on March 7, 1936 in Ouidah into an Afro-Brazilian family. In 1946, she moved to France to attend school. After graduation, Soglo went into law and became a bailiff from 1965 to 1968.[4]


In 1992, Soglo created the Benin Rebirth Party;[5] the following year, the political party La Renouveau issued a signed statement by Soglo to the media encouraging supporters of her husband, Nicéphore Soglo, to join the Benin Rebirth Party.[4]

In 2007, Soglo joined the Alliance for a Dynamic Democracy coalition with Antoine Idji Kolawolé and Bruno Amoussou; the ADD ran during the March 2007 parliamentary election and obtained 20 seats.[6]

Leading up to the April 2011 parliamentary election, Soglo was the head of the ADD.[7] However, during the 2011 elections, she joined the Union Makes the Nation coalition and promised to improve the quality of Benin's government and habitability.[8]

In the April 2015 parliamentary election, Soglo was re-elected to the National Assembly as a Benin Renaissance candidate in the 16th constituency;[9] as the oldest member of the National Assembly (doyenne d'âge), she presided over the initial proceedings of the National Assembly when it began meeting on 19 May 2015, prior to the election of the President of the National Assembly.[10]

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