Undead or Alive

Undead or Alive: A Zombedy is a 2007 comedy-horror film of the Western genre directed by Glasgow Phillips, written by Phillips and Scott Pourroy, starring Navi Rawat, Chris Kattan and James Denton. The film was acquired by Image Entertainment, a deal that included both theatrical and home video rights. Before his capture, Geronimo had cursed white men. At a house in a small town a man named Ben Goodman acts suspiciously and attacks and eats his wife and daughter's brains. Luke, a cowboy living in the town, plans to marry a saloon girl. On arriving at the saloon to propose to her, he encounters Elmer Winslow, who has just arrived in town, discovers that his "princess" is a prostitute, he picks a fight with Elmer until Sheriff Claypool, who owns the saloon, jails them and steals $500 which Elmer is carrying. In the adjacent cell is Ben, awaiting his hanging the next morning. Elmer and Luke lock Deputy Cletus in the cell, where he is bitten by Ben. Luke and Elmer find the prostitute having sex, they make a getaway.

When the sheriff releases Cletus from the cell he is bitten by him. The next morning assemble a posse to pursue the two fugitives. Luke and Elmer are ambushed in their sleep by Sue, Geronimo's niece, kidnapped and taken to New York to be educated and has now returned to take her revenge on the soldiers who killed her uncle. After a difficult start they become friends, despite Elmer revealing. Sheriff Claypool and Cletus, now zombies, attack the other members of the posse, who become zombies, they are ambushed by Elmer and Sue, who realise they cannot be killed and flee. Meanwhile, the townspeople cut Ben down from the gallows, not realising that hanging cannot "kill" him, he attacks the townspeople. The town's minister manages to escape by locking himself in an upstairs room at the saloon, now besieged by a horde of zombies; the following morning he climbs out of the window to get water, but is pursued by zombies and bitten by the prostitute. Elmer and Sue are captured by soldiers, former colleagues of Elmer's, who take them to their fort on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

There they discover that the posse has arrived first and turned all the garrison into zombies, who attack the party and turn all the other soldiers into zombies. They discover. During the night, while hiding in the fort, Sue reveals that the only way to be cured of the zombie curse is to eat the living flesh of the medicine man who created the curse, they shoot several cookware objects out of a homemade blunderbuss at the sheriff and the zombies to no avail. Elmer gets bitten by him. After destroying most of the zombies by blowing up the magazine, he becomes a zombie and throws Cletus off the cliff, before biting Luke. Sue kills Sheriff Claypool, but is attacked by Elmer and Luke; the next scene shows Luke looking normal again, after having eaten Sue's flesh. The "eating the living flesh" cure also works for relatives of the person who created the curse. Sue tasted like gingerbread; the duo ride off into the sunset as Cletus chases them. An epilogue shows Ben digging up his family, now zombies themselves, from the cemetery and the three of them skipping into town.

The film was shot in New Mexico for Odd Lot Entertainment. Gary Jones created the make-up and masks for the film; the film premiered on 15 March 2007 as part of the South by Southwest Festival and was released on 11 December 2007 over Image Entertainment on DVD. The score was composed by Bulgarian music producer Ivan Koutikov. Hal Ozsan and Poets and Pornstars – Monkey Poets and Pornstars – Get your Kicks David Baker – Twists and Turns Three Bad Jacks – Crazy in the Head Slick Pelt – Cowboy Song Colin Blades – Best Friend Three Bad Jacks – Hellbound Train Terence JayUndead or Alive Slick Pelt – Danger Chris Gerolmo – I'm your Danger Undead or Alive on IMDb Undead or Alive at Rotten Tomatoes

Bulbophyllum boonjee

Bulbophyllum boonjee known as the maroon strand orchid, is a species of epiphytic orchid, endemic to tropical North Queensland. It has crowded, flattened pseudobulbs, pale green leaves and up to four small, bell-shaped maroon flowers with darker stripes. Bulbophyllum boonjee is an epiphytic herb with crowded, pale green pseudobulbs 4–8 mm long and 3–5 mm wide; each pseudobulb has 15 -- 40 mm long and 3 -- 4 mm wide. Between two and four bell-shaped maroon flowers with darker stripes, 4–5 mm long and 6–7 mm wide are arranged on a thread-like flowering stem 10–15 mm long; the dorsal sepal is 3–4 mm long and 1–2 mm wide, the lateral sepals a similar length but twice as wide. The petals are 2 -- 1 -- 2 mm wide; the labellum is about 2.5 mm long and less than 1 mm wide, curved with small lumps on the upper surface. Flowering occurs between February. Bulbophyllum boonjee was first formally described in 1984 by Bruce Gray and David Jones and published The Orchadian; the maroon strand orchid grows on thin branches of rainforest trees on the Atherton Tableland and Mount Lewis in Queensland.

This orchid is classed as "vulnerable" under the Queensland Government Nature Conservation Act 1992