Dark culture

Dark culture called dark alternative scene, includes goth and dark wave culture, electro subculture and parts of the neofolk and post-industrial subcultures. In this context the "culture" is not to be understood as closed subculture, but as social environment, a milieu, which comprises people with similar interests and preferences. Dark culture's origin lies in followers of dark wave and independent music, but over the decades it has developed to a social network held together by a common concept of aesthetics, self-representation, individualism; the musical preferences of the dark scene are characterized by a mix of styles ranging from futurism, early music and folk music to punk rock, rock and ambient music. Common interests include music and fashion as well as philosophy, new religious movements, or themes perceived by society as negative or taboo. Against backdrop of individualism, confrontation in particular with themes such as death, sadness, melancholy and psychopathology takes place.

The scene is not to be understood as a aesthetically closed and homogenous group. It is composed of many different currents, some of which may be diametrically opposed in their musical or fashion ideals; the lowest common denominator is the color black with all its associated symbolism. It is seen as an expression of seriousness and mysticism, but of hopelessness and emptiness, melancholy, as well as its association with mourning and death; the dark scene is a community which defines itself through its internal symbols, the characteristic fashions of the different currents, as well as through its media and meeting places events and dance clubs

Better Residents Association

The Better Residents Association is a minor South African political party formed by disgruntled African National Congress members in 2011. Formed as the Bushbuckridge Residents Association, the party changed its name in order to contest elections in all provinces. In February 2017, the party's president, Delta Mokoena, began a 10-year prison sentence for vigilantism, he was convicted in 2013 of threatening to burn a resident and his house if the man, whom he accused of having a thief as a son, did not leave the area. The party has been accused of'causing a reign of terror', making use of kangaroo courts, torturing suspected criminals, banishing residents it accused of being witches or Satanists; the party won its first seats at local government level in the 2011 municipal elections, after the 2016 municipal elections holds seats in the Bushbuckridge and Bela-Bela local municipalities. The party won one seat in the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature in the 2014 general election, although it lost it in the 2019 election