Rustam Haidar

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Emir Faisal's delegation at Versailles, during the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. Left to right: Rustum Haidar, Nuri as-Said, Prince Faisal, Captain Pisani (behind Faisal), T. E. Lawrence, unknown person, Captain Tahsin Kadry.

Rustam Haidar (Arabic: رستم حيدر‎) (born 1889 in Baalbek; died 22 January 1940)[1] was an aide to Emir Faisal who served as the Defense and Finance Ministers of Iraq. A Shiia, he was targeted by other leading politicians for his faith.[2]

On January 18th 1940, Hussein Fawzi Tawfik shot Rustam Haidar three times;[3] he died four days later in hospital from his wounds.[1]


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