Rybka is a computer chess engine designed by International Master Vasik Rajlich. Around 2011, Rybka was one of the top-rated engines on chess engine rating lists and has won many computer chess tournaments. After Rybka won four consecutive World Computer Chess Championships from 2007 to 2010, it was stripped of these titles after the International Computer Games Association concluded in June 2011 that Rybka was plagiarized from both the Crafty and the Fruit chess engines and so failed to meet their originality requirements. In 2015 FIDE Ethics Commission, following a complaint put forward by Vasik Rajlich and chess engine developer and games publisher Chris Whittington regarding ethical breaches during internal disciplinary proceedings, ruled the ICGA guilty and sanctioned ICGA with a warning. Case 2/2012. ChessBase published a challenging two-part interview-article about the process and verdict with ICGA spokesperson David Levy. Subsequently, ChessBase has published Rybka to produce Fritz 15 released in late 2015 and Fritz 16 released in late 2017.

The word rybka, pronounced in Czech, means little fish in Czech, in many other Slavic languages. Vasik Rajlich was once asked in an interview by Alexander Schmidt, "Did you choose the name Rybka because your program always slipped out of your hands like a little fish?" He replied, "As for the name Rybka – I am sorry but this will remain my private secret." Rybka is a closed-source program, but still some details have been revealed: Rybka uses a bitboard representation, is an alpha-beta searcher with a large aspiration window. It uses aggressive pruning, leading to imbalanced search trees; the details of the evaluation function are unknown, but since version 2.3.1 it has included work by GM Larry Kaufman on material imbalances, much of, worked out in a series of papers in the 1990s. Several members of the Rybka team are strong chess players: Vasik Rajlich, the main author of Rybka is an International Master. GM Larry Kaufman is the 2008 Senior Chess World Champion, from version 2.3 through version 3 was in primary charge of the evaluation function.

Iweta Rajlich, Vasik Rajlich's wife and the main Rybka tester is a Women's GM and IM. Jeroen Noomen and Dagh Nielsen were the authors of its opening book – the latter is one of the world's top freestyle chess players. Both are now less active, Jiri Dufek is in charge of the book. Vasik Rajlich started working on his chess program at the beginning of 2003; the first Rybka beta was released on December 2, 2005. In January 2004, Rybka participated in the 6th Programmers Computer Chess Tournament event, placing 53rd out of 54 competers, losing 5 games, drawing 3, beating the last-place finisher who had 0 points. In April 2004, Rybka participated in Chess War V conducted by Olivier Deville, finishing 23rd in the D Division. In April 2004, Rybka participated in the Swiss System Season 3 by Claude Dubois, scoring 6 wins, 6 losses and 6 draws in the Top 200 to finish 71st. Rybka participated in Chess War VI finishing 42nd in the D Division. Rybka participated in Chess War VII finishing 48th in the C Division.

Rybka participated in AEGT round 3, scoring 89 wins, 28 losses and 15 draws. In December 2005, Rybka participated in the 15th International Paderborn Computer Chess Championship. Rybka won the tournament with a score of 5½ points out of 7, ahead of other engines such as Gandalf, Spike and Fruit. On CCT8 in February 2006, Rybka won with a score of 8 out of 9. In the April 2006 PAL/CSS Freestyle main tournament, an unaided Rybka 1.1 took first place. In the final tournament, Rybka 1.1 finished behind Hydra. In the 6th Leiden ICT in May 2006, Rybka won with a score of 8½ out of 9, ahead of Sjeng and Shredder. At the 14th World Computer Chess Championship in Turin, Italy in May 2006, playing under the name Rajlich, finished second, tied with Shredder, after Junior, the winning 2006 World champion. In the June 2006 PAL/CSS Freestyle main tournament, the Rybka team, playing under the handle Rajlich, tied for first place with Intagrand. In the final, the Rybka team took a point ahead of the field. All 8 qualifiers for to the final were Rybka users.

In the 2006 Dutch open computer chess championship, Rybka 2.2 finished in first place with a perfect score of 9 out of 9. In December 2006, Rybka participated in the 16th International Paderborn Computer Chess Championship. Rybka won the tournament with a score of 6½ points out of 7. In February 2007, Rybka participated in the CCT9 and won with 6/7. In the 7th Leiden ICT in May 2007, Rybka won with a score of 7½ out of 9, ahead of Zappa and HIARCS. Rybka won the 15th World Computer Chess Championship in June 2007 with a score of 10 out of 11; the Rybka team, playing under the handle Rajlich, won the June 2007 PAL/CSS Freestyle final with a score of 6/9. That year it won again the Dutch open computer chess championship, scoring 8/9. In January 2008, Rybka tied for first place in CCT10 with 5.5/7. In October 2008, Rybka won the 16th World Computer Chess Championship, held in Beijing, scoring 8/9. A month Rybka won the 27th Open Dutch Computer Chess Championship, held in Leiden, scoring a perfect 9/9.

In March 2009, Rybka won CCT11 with 7.5/9 and the 17th World Computer Chess Championship, held in Pamplona, with a score of 8/9. In May 2010, Rybka won the International Computer Chess Tournament in Leiden with 8/9. In March 2007, Rybka played an eight-game match against GM Roman Dzindzichashvili with pawn and move odds; the result was 4 -- 4, after four draws and two losses. Whilst Rybka has won an 8 game match in March 2007 with GM Jaan Ehlvest which involved giving pawn odds to the human, GM Larry Kaufman of the Rybka team has p

MacFarlane Homestead Historic District

The MacFarlane Homestead Historic District is a U. S. historic district located in Florida. The district is bounded by Frow Avenue, Brooker Street and Grand Avenue, it contains 32 historic buildings. The district is named after Flora McFarlane, the area's first solo female homesteader and its first schoolteacher. McFarlane, born in New Jersey to British parents, settled 160 acres in the area beginning on March 16, 1891, her home site, located where present-day Douglas Road and Day Avenue meet, no longer exists. In 1925, Flora McFarlane sold the 20 acres that today constitute the historic district to Coral Gables founder George Merrick's company, which turned it into a city subdivision. Many Bahamian immigrant laborers Afro-Bahamians, subsequently built homes there. 2. "The Coconut Grove School," Gertrude M. Kent, Tequesta #XXXI Miami-Dade County listings at National Register of Historic Places

David Longoria

David Longoria is an American trumpeter, songwriter and music producer. Longoria's dance/pop song "Deeper Love", a duet with CeCe Peniston, peaked at No. 14 under Billboard magazine's "Hot Dance Club Play" category in 2005. Longoria produced other records including an instrumental hit Timbuctuwith DJ and producer Keith Marantz under the moniker "Sticks & Stones" which entered the US Billboard "Hot Dance Club Play" category in 1995. Others include "Look Who's Talking" by Dr. Alban which entered the US Billboard "Hot Dance Club Play" category in 2002, Sparks "When Do I Get To Sing My Way" which topped Billboard charts in the US and much of Europe. Longoria produced singer Michael J. Downey's International albums "Bridge of No Return" and "America" including the 2007 Top 10 single "America". In September 2012 Longoria released an instrumental dance pop single titled "Zoon Baloomba", remixed by popular remixers including Ralphi Rosario, Majik Boys, DJ Yannis, European music producer and remixer DJ Mental Blue and others.

Zoon Baloomba entered the US Billboard Dance Music Chart at No. 50 on October 6, 2012. When it debuted it became the first recording on this chart by a trumpeter since Herb Alpert charted his instrumental single "Rise" in 1979. "Zoon Baloomba" climbed the Billboard chart for the following eight weeks, reaching No. 21 on November 18, 2012. Baila!, Longoria's vocal and instrumental album, was released on September 30, 2013. The title song called "All She Does Is Dance" was used for a music video produced as a tribute to the classic film Casablanca. Set in Morocco, it stars Longoria as Wanda Rovira as the female love interest; the music video received a nomination for "Best Independent Music Video" in the 2016 Hollywood Music In Media Awards. In September 2016 Longoria released a contemporary instrumental album on Del Oro Music titled The Journey which includes a song called We Are One, written by Longoria and produced by Longoria and Robert Eibach; the song was recorded in cities across the U. S. and includes performances by more than 700 recording artists from many genres and cultures.

Artists involved include María Conchita Alonso, Larissa Lam, Carol Connors, The Coasters, Dazz Band, Corey Feldman, Malynda Hale, Brenda Holloway, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Dawnn Lewis, Howard McCrary, Chris Montez, Trent Park, Freda Payne, April Diamond, Only Won, Peaches & Herb, Pointer Sisters, The Platters, Keaton Simons, Frank Stallone, Fourever1, Marvin Gaye III, Ava Gold, Fanita James, JJ Totah, Robert Eibach, Christina Gaudet, Florence LaRue. El Viaje, Longoria's international instrumental album, was released on May 15, 2017. In October 2017 American rock band Smash Mouth released their 20th Anniversary of their hit "Walkin' on the Sun" with the Robert Eibach remix featuring Longoria's trumpet solo; the single peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Club Play chart. Longoria composed and performed the theme song for the movie "Bloodline: Now Or Never" called "Now Or Never" featuring April Diamond; the music was co-written and produced by Robert Eibach. The song qualified for the 2018 Academy Awards under "Best Original Song" reaching the short list on the ballot.

In 2016 Longoria composed and performed the score for the short film "Becoming A Man", a coming of age story set in East Los Angeles. The score was acclaimed for its combination of Latin jazz and hip hop styles; this was awarded the Hollywood Music In Media Awards nomination and win under the category of "Best Score- Short Movie" Official site Official charity site Official music site